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Install and use the embedded tool QT

QT is a product of trolltech. Trolltech is a Norwegian software company that mainly develops two types of products: a cross-platform application interface framework and an application platform for Embedded Linux development, can be applied to PDA

The Book of qt4 (1.5 QT overview)

The Book of qt4 (1.5 QT overview) The Book of qt4 Translation Qt programming Art --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original Name: The Book of QT 4: The art of building QT applications The Book of

Introduction to QT and QT Creator

The article original in Qter Open source community (www.qter.org), author Yafeilinux, reprint please indicate the source!I. Introduction to QT and QT CreatorQt is a cross-platform application and UI development framework. With Qt you only need to

Three programming environments built under QT in Windows

Respect the author, support the original, if you need to reprint, please attach the original address: http://blog.csdn.net/libaineu2004/article/details/17363165Learn about the supported platforms, compilers, and debuggers from the QT

Introduction to Qt and Qt Creator, and introduction to qtcreator

Introduction to Qt and Qt Creator, and introduction to qtcreator This article was originally published in The Qter open-source community (www.qter.org) by yafeilinux. For more information, see the source! I. Introduction to Qt and Qt Creator Qt is a

Detailed process of building an embedded QT Environment

I have been searching for information on the embedded qt4 development environment for a long time. This is the most complete introduction I have seen. Thank you for sharing it! Original please connect: http://blog.chinaunix.net/space.php? Uid = 22915

Ubunntu 12.04 installs Qt 4.5.3 (build for QT 4.5.3 development environment) __ubuntu12.04

windows: Refer to the following documentationhttp://download.csdn.net/detail/trustguan/4943897 ex-continued The following is the establishment of QT development platform, my platform is Ubuntu 12.04, the need for the QT version of two (started

Use of qwt to draw scientific charts based on QT

Article 1 Qwt is an open-source project based on the lgpl copyright Protocol. Its goal is to provide a set of 2D form libraries to display data in the technical field. The data source is provided in floating point groups or ranges, the output can

Qt international programming [to be reviewed]

From: http://www.sudu.cn/info/article/articleInfo.php? Aid = 286993.   Since QT returns unicode encoding, for example, if you directly enter Chinese Characters in lineedit, the returned result is ??, In QT, qtextcodec can be directly used to convert

Log the pits that are encountered by the QT Linux static compilation

QT under the static compile Qt, according to my experience, if according to the kind of windows under the Official SDK installed directly after the file to compile is not feasible, need to download QT source package directly, At present, the source

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