qt send email example

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Using QT or MFC? (Transfer)

I have used QT and MFC to develop software. I 'd like to share with you the differences I have experienced when using them. I am not a professional writer. This article may seem less organized than professional magazines and websites. However, I

Qt vs MFC (war between QT and MFC)

Qt vs MFC (war between QT and MFC)Classification: Other articles qt mfc 428 people read comments (0) collect reportsI can see it on the Internet and discuss it with you. All Blue text are reprintedI have used QT and MFC to develop software. I 'd

Qt vs MFC

I can see it on the Internet and discuss it with you. In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of QT and MFC are not listed one by one. The fact that I used QT before using MFC may affect my objectivity. (MFC is highly efficient, but a

Gnome/GTK + and KDE/QT

Although there is competition in the business aspect, the developer relationship between GNOME and KDE is not getting worse. On the contrary, they are all aware of the importance of supporting each other? If KDE and gnomeSharing applications is not

Qt gui@ Learning Log

Day 1:QT class:It is best to understand a class from its Class code implementation.This diagram shows that there are several important classes that need to be studied: qt/qevent/qobject/qwidget/.Qapplication: (more complex and very common)

Qt Study Notes (4) dialog box-QT built-in dialog box

In the previous section, we have clearly understood the sub-classes of qdialog, such as qcolordialog and qfontdiog. These dialogs are called built-in dialogs and standard dialogs. This section describes how to use the standard dialog box. 1.

C # email sending server (sending with a pseudo-others' email address)

Amount: the home page has been removed. Okay, I'm writing more details. I originally wanted to be a mailbox server of my own. I checked some of the received messages after the Protocol, but it felt too insecure, so I went to speed up the Mailbox

How to customize menus in QT

  The style of a menu is determined by the menu items above it. Therefore, to customize a menu, you need to customize each menu item. In QT, the menu item is a qaction class, but if you use it directly: its style is determined by the system. We can

Add a wonderful article on QT transplantation.

Introduction and content of Floating Point Problems in QT Transplantation Author: lanxinyuchs http://lanxinyuchs.iteye.com/blog/1037265 Floating Point ProblemsInter Xscale is a new high-performance, low-power microarchitecture compatible with the

Design of QT-based SMS analog receiving and receiving platform

In this article, we will briefly describe how to design a platform to simulate the SMS sending and receiving effect in QT. The following shows the session module as follows: The title of the interface is displayed in "session" first, and the

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