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Qtp (UFT) Extension plug-in used on chrome

Currently, the UFT plug-in customized using the EA tool provided by HP cannot work on chrome.The project does need to run on chrome.UFT must load an extension on chrome to operate chrome.Read the extended content that UFT loads in chrome. It is actually some JS that interacts with UFT.All UFT chrome operations are performed by Chrome extension JS above.Therefore,

QTP Automation Test Practice: "Software test automation-QTP Series Lectures 46" = = The ultimate study of JScript in QTP

Last lecture we briefly introduced how to execute JavaScript in the next QTP, in fact, that is, the use of QTP encapsulation method to perform JavaScript, mainly to take care of the novice so a brief introduction of this piece of content, may be for some of the test experts are insignificant, But today this lecture is sure to make your eyes bright, it should be said that this course is the climax of the lea

Qtp11.5 test mobile phone-UFT mobile

Document directory Hybrid object support in hp uft mobile Qtp test mobile phone-UFT Mobile: Http://www.learnqtp.com/mobile-testing-with-uft-qtp-11-5/ HP recently announced its official mobile test automation solution-UFT mob

List of resources related to qtp Automated Testing

Websites and blogs 1. qtp professional website Http://www.advancedqtp.com/ Http://knowledgeinbox.com/ Http://www.learnqtp.com/ Http://relevantcodes.com/ Http://www.intellipro.co.uk/ Http://www.softwareinquisition.com/ Http://www.qtp10.com/ 2. HP official qtp Homepage Https://h10078.www1.hp.com/cda/hpms/display/main/hpms_content.jsp? Zn = BTO CP = 1-11-127-24 ^ 1352_4000_100 __ 3. Home Page of

Three ways to Uft scripts to call external VBS functions

The first method: Executefile, using this function to dynamically load the external VBS, so that the test script can call the VBS file of all functions, the call statement is written below, the order cannot be reversed, otherwise it will be an error. This method is suitable for any version of QTP, but there is a drawback that code debugging can not be traced to the function of the external VBS, it is somewhat inconvenient.Executefile FileFile String t

Examples of use of automated test tools QTP

.hp.com/us/en/software-solutions/unified-functional-automated-testing/index.html#.UNMOQ2_FWS8. QTP on the official website has been renamed UFT (Unified Functional testing) unified functional testing, or download Thunder download version 11.0: Http://kuai.xunlei.com/d/EIWJMUDNHFBA.Installation issues that are encountered after the download is completed are primarily prompted to install the component compute

In php echo and header ("content-type: text/html; charset = uft-8"); why cannot it be used together?

In php echo and header (content-type: texthtml; charsetuft-8); why can't they be used together? In php, add the header ("content-type: text/html; charset = uft-8"); in this sentence, the android client does not receive the data sent to the android client with echo; if the above statement is removed to handle garbled text, what is garbled text received by the android client? Can you give me some advice? It is best to provide more details. thank you for

Uft start error when installing Lr11 and UFT12 at the same time

This period of time to learn the performance test idea, and then went to the Internet to find some information to learn, and put Lr11 installation package is also under the good. What the? It's been 2015 years, and it's been installed Lr11? — . -^, because there is cracked version ... Learn what you know.The process of installing LR went well, all the way to the end. But the recording script always can not play out IE browser interface to ... This is another problem, not to repeat it here. Ok, t

With the UFT-8 site, to see the source files, are traditional Chinese, normal? What should I do?

With the UFT-8 site, to see the source files, are traditional Chinese, normal? Normal? What is the cause? Does it affect website weight and indexing? In this case, the solution -------------------- UTF8 is generally used, as for traditional Chinese characters .. Hurry up and get rid of it. you have to think about it for a while. ------ Solution ------------------ traditional Chinese characters? It seems garbled. ------ Solution ---- With the

Qtp: qtp cannot recognize any object on win7/64bit Solution

Issue: After install qtp 10/11 on win7/64bit, you may find qtp cannot recognize any object. Solution: For qtp10, please install qtpweb_00037 and qtp_00644 patches. Http://support.openview.hp.com/downloadAPatch.jsp? Patchname = qtpweb_00037.exe prodname = qtp prodrelease = 10.0 Http://support.openview.hp.com/downloadAPatch.jsp? Patchname = qtp_00644.exe

Why is the result of converting json_decode to a uft-8 string null?

Why is the result of converting json_decode to a uft-8 string null? 0) {// $ str = mb_convert_encoding ($ str, "GBK", "UTF-8"); $ jo = json_decode ($ str); // Chinese, the transfer is nullprint_r ("\ n ++ \ n ". $ jo. "\ n ===\ n"); $ msg_id = $ jo-> msg_id; // An error is returned here .} Echo '';?> Reply to discussion (solution) Json format is incorrect. you can echo the json string to be converted by j to see if it complies with the stan

Application of UFT FSO to Excel

' Define Excel objects, Excel workbook objects, sheet objectsDim Exlapp,exlworkbook,exlworksheet' Define File system objectsDim FSO' Create ExcelSet Exlapp=CreateObject("Excel.Application")' Create file ObjectSet FSO=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")' Determine if the current path has an Excel fileIf FSO. FileExists("C:\test.xlsx")Then' If an Excel file exists, execute the codeSet Exlworkbook=exlapp. Workbooks.Open("C:\test.xlsx")Else' If the Excel file does not exist, execute the codeS

Php and mysql uft-8 Chinese encoding garbled several solutions _ PHP Tutorial

Php and mysql uft-8 Chinese encoding garbled several solutions. PHP page to UTF-8 encoding problem 1. add a line at the beginning of the code: Copy the code as follows: header (Content-Type: texthtml; charsetutf-8); 2. PHP file encoding problems Click editor PHP page to UTF-8 encoding problems 1. add a line at the beginning of the code: The code is as follows: Header ("Content-Type: text/html; charset = utf-8 "); 2. php file encoding problems Clic

Php supports gb2312, uft-8 Chinese and English character truncation Function

Php tutorial support gb2312, uft-8 Chinese and English character truncation Function // Intercept the gb2312 Chinese StringFunction mysubstr ($ str, $ start, $ len ){$ Tmps tutorial tr = "";$ Strlen = $ start + $ len;For ($ I = 0; $ I If (ord (substr ($ str, $ I, 1)> 0xa0 ){$ Tmpstr. = substr ($ str, $ I, 2 );$ I ++;} Else$ Tmpstr. = substr ($ str, $ I, 1 );}Return $ tmpstr;}?> // Truncate the utf8 stringFunction utf8substr ($ str, $ from, $ len){Retu

Ask why, Json_decode turn uft-8 string, result is null

Excuse me, why, Json_decode to uft-8 string, the result is null? $str =isset ($_post["text"])? Filter_input (Input_post, "text", filter_sanitize_special_chars): ';print "$str =". $str. " \ n ";if (strlen ($STR) >0) {$str =mb_convert_encoding ($str, "GBK", "UTF-8");$jo =json_decode ($STR); Chinese, turn out to be null$msg _id= $jo->msg_id; There will be an error here.}Echo ';?> ------Solution-------------------- JSON format is not righ

Php supports gb2312, uft-8 Chinese and English character truncation function

Php supports gb2312, uft-8 Chinese and English character truncation function. Php Tutorial support gb2312, uft-8 Chinese and English character truncation function? Php intercepts the gb2312 Chinese string functionmysubstr ($ str, $ start, $ len) {$ tmps tutorial tr; $ strlen $ start + $ len; for ($ I php Tutorial supports gb2312, uft-8 Chinese and English charact

Basic series of qtp automated testing videos (complete)

Qtp automated test series video completed ...... Course Design, recording, and post-production are all my own. I hope this series of video tutorials can help you learn qtp! ------------------------------------------------- (Qtp automated testing SeriesVideo) Video release Update (30 sets have been updated ): ------------------------------------------------- Video

XMLHTTP Chinese Gbk,uft-8 garbled resolution method

Recently used DHTMLX tree, Chinese XML can not use, error, the whole system is gb2312, and DHTMLX only support UTF8, English is normal, Chinese error.The discovery is, microsoft.xmlhttp the reason, has found the above file. Here is a detailed example If the Stra = "SUBMIT1=SUBMITTEXT1=SCSDFSD", replace it with:Stra = "submit1=submittext1= Chinese";You will find that the things submitted to the wrong, ASP Request.Form ("Text1") can not get the value. I use Request.Binary

PHP supports gb2312,uft-8 in English character intercept function

PHP Tutorials Support Gb2312,uft-8 in English character intercept function The above two examples are integrated http://www.bkjia.com/PHPjc/632297.htmlwww.bkjia.comtruehttp://www.bkjia.com/PHPjc/632297. htmltecharticlephp Tutorial Support Gb2312,uft-8 in English character intercept function? PHP//Intercept gb2312 Chinese string function mysubstr ($str, $start, $len) {$tmps tutorial tr =; $s Trlen = $st

Unicode and uft-8, ascall

I have never figured out what the Unicode Character Set and uft-8 encoding are like in The ascall character set. Article I understand a little bit. Unicode (Computer) The most common standard character set after ASCII. ASCII is still the foundation of computer operation. However, there are too few. It cannot keep pace with the development of computer applications. Unicode is more powerful. The first 255 Unicode characters can be mapped to the ASCII t

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