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Informatica Common Component Source Qualifier Create sq conversion

Label:You can configure Designer to create source qualifier conversions by default when you drag the source into the map, or you can manually create a source qualifier transformation.Default creation of Source qualifier conversionsYou can configure

Informatica Common Components Source Qualifier external joins

Label:You can use a source qualifier and an application source qualifier to convert an outer join that performs two sources in the same database. When PowerCenter executes an outer JOIN, it returns all rows from one of the source tables and the row

Informatica Common Components Source qualifier SQL Query

Label:The Source qualifier transformation provides SQL query options to overwrite the default query. You can enter the SQL statements that your source database supports. Before you enter the query, connect all the input and output ports that you

Informatica Common components source qualifier before and after the session SQL

Label:You can add pre-and post-session SQL commands to the Properties tab of the Source qualifier transformation. You may want to use pre-session SQL to write the time identification row to the source table at the beginning of the

Informatica Common component Source qualifier use sort port

Label:When using a sorted port, PowerCenter adds the port to the ORDER BY clause in the default query. PowerCenter Server adds the configured port number, starting at the top of the source qualifier conversion. You can use a sorted port to improve

Informatica Common Component Source qualifier join query

Label:Join source dataYou can use a Source qualifier transformation to join data from multiple relational tables. These tables must be accessible from the same instance or database server.When mapping uses related relational sources, you can join

Informatica Common Components Source Qualifier Distinct

Label:If you want PowerCenter to select unique values from the source, you can use the Select different option. For example, you can use this feature to extract unique customer identities from a table that lists total sales. Using the Select

Informatica Common Component Source qualifier User Defined Join

Label:User defined join:Entering a user-defined join is similar to entering a custom SQL query. However, you only need to enter the contents of the WHERE clause instead of the entire query.When you add a user-defined join, the Source qualifier

Backing up and restoring a database with a MySQL qualifier is more power than a SQL file

In the second edition of the high performance MySQL, the time comparison between the SQL file and the definition character file in the backup and restore was seen.Method file size Export time restore timeSQL Dump 727M 102s 600sDelimited dump 669M 86s

SQL Server Books Online: stored procedures and their creation

server| Create | Stored procedure stored procedures can make it much easier to manage the database and to display information about the database and its users. Stored procedures are precompiled collections of SQL statements and optional control flow

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