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On quality Assurance

Label:All the development activities without quality assurance means are mostly not controllable, most of them have no long-term significance, and most of the norms will not really fall into the development process, and even the final delivery of

Several key aspects of process quality assurance PQA

Label:What is the scope of process quality assurance?Process Quality assurance refers to quality assurance that differs from testing, mainly for process and intermediate work products, in general, the process quality assurance in early years is

Quality assurance for Team projects

Label:Quality is a key point in project development, and only high-quality software products can make customers satisfied. The team set quality assurance to make the software development organized, so that the project can be delivered on time and

Some ideas about design quality assurance (DQA)

Business trip to China Yahoo, the style and Taobao is very different. And Yahoo a ratio, Taobao office environment is a market, noisy, everywhere are people, running in the aisles scurrying, in each conference room to win red. It's really different,

3.26 Day Sixth Homework, 10th chapter quality, 11 chapters manpower

Tags: project implementation basic principles quality Management Systems Engineering3.26 Days Sixth assignment, chapter 10th quality, Chapter 11 Manpower1. Basic principles of quality managementTo practical as the core of multi-requirements,

Quality control, human resource management

Tags: quality management, human resources management First, quality management     1, quality management principles?     1) with practical as the core of multiple requirements

Four main business lines in core value stream of product development (planning control line, quality assurance line, Budget cost line, engineering technology line)

Tags: research and innovation value chain value stream product development processBy Harvard Business School famous strategist Michael · Porter put forward the " Value chain analysis method ", aiming at value and profit, the enterprise inside and

My opinion on the quality assurance of software testing

Label:As the internet enters the era of open source. The market on the various products on the competition into a more serious challenge era. Each product concept like a miracle constantly flooded the market, divided the market. People are more

Software quality assurance and testing fifth week work

Label:The quality assurance work of softwareObjective:This week, as our team started the programming phase, the task modules that I made up with Zhang Chao's group were assigned to a browse article in the developer's module and a comment

Quality and risk management

Quality and risk management Summary The purpose of this paper is to compare the relationship between software quality and software risk management. The article first reviews the basic principles, technology, and their application in the process of

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