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Discussion on software project management

Preliminary contact with the "Software Engineering" This course, in my opinion: The project is a very challenging, in the agreed time, the entire project team can meet the needs of users and software basic specifications of the situation, the

[Reprint] Gradually build enterprise DevOps ability

When the software industry enters the era of the Internet, the market for the delivery of software products and services put forward higher requirements: not only to quickly realize the demand, but also to quickly release on-line, and must ensure

Brief introduction of Agile software development

Because I read Xin Zou Teacher's "construction Method: Modern Software Engineering (second edition)", so the Agile software development has a relatively large interest. So I found some papers on the Internet, such as requirements Engineering and

SAAS Series 6: SaaS Model Analysis (I)

1 Introduction If we want more roses, we must plant more roses. ________ Yao Qun's selection of success incentive Maxim   SAASThe model is a new topic. Many concepts are still unclear, and the research content is complicated. Starting from the

40 good habits and behavioral ways for efficient programmers

Every good habit, the beginning will be corresponding to a dissenting sentence oh. 1 work "Out of the question, the first important thing is to identify the culprit and find that person." Once proven to be his fault, it is assured that such a

A front-end self-cultivation

Hope that many years later to see the teachings of the predecessors, can be closer and the distance between the predecessors---to struggle in the front of the road of their own ① reprinted from http://kb.cnblogs.com/page/545784/

Why and what is DevOps

Original Address article content Why DevOps What is DevOps The benefits of DevOps How can DevOps be implemented? Clarification on DevOps Resources Why DevOps There is a growing awareness that the traditional

Apple's latest file storage system in the eyes of a ZFS developer APFS

Objective:This article is translated from a blog post that was involved in ZFS file system development, now Delphix company CTO, Adam Levinso (Adam Leventhal): Apfs detailed (Apfs in Detail).The Apfs file system is the latest file system that Apple

A programmer, let's see what Software Configuration Management and automation build system are.

Today, I spent half a day at home and learned a few things: Software Configuration Management and automation build system.   Software Configuration Management, an open-source tool, is indeed quite a lot. The following LinksArticleThe description

L4 Operating System (L4/fiasco Introduction)

(From: http://oss.lzu.edu.cn/blog/article.php? Tid_583.html) While studying the operating system course, we have been talking about the microkernel, saying "the microkernel is the mainstream of the modern operating system" (for too long, I can't

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