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Spoon + robobench + jenkins automated continuous regression testing, robotiumjenkins

Spoon + robobench + jenkins automated continuous regression testing, robotiumjenkinsSignificance of Automated Testing: Not to mention it as a layman. Even those who are engaged in automated testing have such doubts as today or once. They have worked

Brief introduction of Agile software development

Because I read Xin Zou Teacher's "construction Method: Modern Software Engineering (second edition)", so the Agile software development has a relatively large interest. So I found some papers on the Internet, such as requirements Engineering and

Security methods and idempotent of HTTP

recently in the study of HTTP, see the security method of HTTP and idempotent part, not quite understand, especially "POST method is non-idempotent" do not understand, into the search information, found the following two valuable articles, special

An article on the software engineering Waterfall Model

Recently I want to create a C/S Project: C scan client register, package the required information into XML, and send it to the server through HTTP or Sockets (socket, the server receives the message through the web service and transmits it to the

Software Engineering-development using the Waterfall Model

If you like these articles, click here to subscribe to this blog Overview The waterfall model is not new. It appeared around 1970, but most developers only have a vague concept about the waterfall model. In essence, it is a software

Five marks of the open platform of the IP Video Monitoring System

Five marks of the open platform of the IP Video Monitoring SystemReprinted from: http://www.51afcn.com/news/dongtai/2012/0509/546.htmlUpdate: Source: Security Protection website has something to say (63 times) Research Reports on the IP Video

Using memcached to improve Java Enterprise Application performance: Architecture and Settings

Memcached was developed by Danga Interactive to enhance livejournal.com website performance. Memcached distributed architecture supports a wide range of social networking applications, Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia. In the next two sections of the

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