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SQL pronunciation Test (search SQL-86 standard)

Tags: short put mysq based on. com official UNC other TorAccording to my observation, Chinese developers have created a unique SQL pronunciation:/' s?? kl/, not only nice, but also good to read, very good. But this year I began to do

Spring/hibernate improved SQL Logging with LOG4JDBC---reference

Tags: des c class Blog Code javaHibernate provides SQL logging out of the box, but such logging only shows prepared statements, and not the actual SQL que Ries sent to the database.It also does not log the execution time of each query, which are

PHP CI Framework Erection Error--only variable references should be returned by reference

Tags: des blog http io ar os sp for divSolution Referencehttp://www.rafalinux.com/La Búsqueda fue bastante infructuosa, y hasta hace un par de días, nadie respondióa un llamamiento en los foros de ellisl AB (el equipo creador de CodeIgniter). Varias

Elasticsearch.net use Tutorial (1) _ Practical Tips

This example for you to share the elasticsearch.net use of tutorials for your reference, the specific contents are as follows First go to the official website download Elasticsearch 2.3.4 installation package, after decompression, in the cmd command

Hibernate self-increment column save failed issue

Tags: style blog http java color useAuthor:hiuCorrection: Today (2014-07-07) only discovered the problem, I put @id in the entity class ID, @Id is the primary key, should be set in the entity class Keyjobno, the previous article may mislead everyone,

query conditions in SQL optimization and reduce the cost of hash join

The following statement is completely correct, but the cost is high, because Aeh, AEC, AC, ACSN several tables have millions of records, because of the use of hash connection, try to use the optimization index and many other ways, but due to too many

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