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Collection of more complete the origin of the Lantern Festival and Legends History _ Classic Net Pick

Lantern Festival Introduction: The Lunar New Year 15th, the Spring Festival just past, ushered in the Chinese Traditional festival-lantern festival. The first month is the lunar calendar, the ancients called the Night for "nights", so called the Lu

asp.net conversion of pinyin into Chinese characters

Index.aspx's homepageThis page is mainly used to submit data to the user. The code is as follows Copy Code <%@ Page language= "C #" autoeventwireup= "true" codefile= "Default.aspx.cs" inherits= "_default"%><! DOC

JS Chinese character sorting problem support in Chinese and English mixed row, compatible with various browsers, including Chrome_javascript skills

Specific technology 1. Using GB encoding and Unicode conversion 2. Array Association Ordering Note: GB code library address Http://demo.jb51.net/jslib/qswhGB2312.js Code (demo is very simple to write) Copy Code code as follows: <scrip

3,500 commonly used Chinese characters

Tags: A B 20 ding plant seven bu people into eight or nine a few son of force is the knife and three in the dry Toucay inch big Zhang and million on the small mouth towel mountain thousand begging Sichuan billion spoon Giufan and Xi pill, wide dead

Chinese name Stroke calculation (VBS script version) _vbs

Copy Code code as follows: ' Chinese name Stroke calculation (VBS script version) Dim Word,key Word=inputbox ("Please enter the text you want to calculate") If word= "" Then MsgBox "The demo is not to say you don't enter text?" Wscript.Quit

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