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MySQL Learning (iii)-subqueries (where, from, exists) and connection queries (left JOIN, right join, INNER join, union join)

Label:Similarly, using the goods table to practice subqueries, the table structure is as follows:All data (cat_id associated with category.cat_id):Category table:Mingoods (test when connecting queries)First, sub-query 1,where sub-query: The result

Discussion on how to build Mysql proxy read-write separation under UBUNTU10 _mysql

One, Mysql-proxy Base MySQL Proxy is a simple program between your client side and the MySQL server side that can monitor, analyze, or change their communications. It uses flexible, unrestricted, common uses including load balancing, failure, query

MySQL queries using explain's explanation

Label:Excerpt from: http://www.jb51.net/article/33736.htmWith the help of explain, you know when to add an index to the table to use the index to find records and make the select run faster.If some problems arise due to improper use of the index,

MySQL pressure test Tool sysbench installation test detailed

If you are evaluating the pressure of a MySQL database, you can use Sysbench to test The concrete operation out, installs the Sysbench tool first, installs the operation as follows: Installation Environment CentOS Release 5.4 (Final)MySQL 5.1.40 m

How is queries used? Summarize queries Instance usage

This article mainly introduces the MySQL log settings and viewing methods, the need for friends can refer to the following MySQL logs: error log:-log-err query log:-log slow query log:-log-slow-queries update log:- Log-update binary log:-log-bin by

MySQL master-slave copy read/write separation

Tags: mysql master and slave MySQL read and write separationMySQL master-slave copy read/write separationI. Overview of MySQL read and write separationAs the most widely used free database in the world, MySQL believes that all engineers engaged in

MySQL Learning-queries/Sub-queries/connection queries/federated queries

Tags: mysql subquery connection Query federated queryDatabase query set two database tables The first table, user, consists of: user_id username Age Sex 1 Alps1992 22

Examples of non-cached queries for buffered and unbuffered queries and PDO in MySQL

MySQL Buffered and unbuffered queries Today we are going to talk about the advanced function of MySQL query cache, that is, query cache and query non-cache! Cause: (Memory overflow warning) PHP Fatal error:allowed Memory size of 268 435 456 bytes

[Go] Learn from Facebook and enable the asynchronous implementation of MySQL queries through the association Process

Label:From: The asynchronous implementation of MySQL query via the co-processObjectiveRecently studied Ben Linders's speech and learned that Facebook's MySQL query can be asynchronous to improve performance. Because Facebook was implemented earlier,

MySQL read-write separation (mysql-proxy)

Tags: des blog http io os using AR strong forMysql-proxy is a simple program that is located between your client side and the MySQL server to monitor, analyze, or change their communications. It is flexible, unlimited, and common uses include: load

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