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< turn > Detailed DNS Common Records (top): DNS Series II

Tags: should expire address common Structure Task Blog Web Server windowdetailedDNSCommon Records of (top)in the previous blog post, we introduced the DNS server architecture, where we learned that if we want to register a domain name, then we must

Linux query DNS sample _c language

Dns.c Copy Code code as follows: /* * DNS Query Program on Linux * * author:ismdeep@live.com * * */ Header Files #include <stdio.h>//printf #include <string.h>//strlen #include <stdlib.h&gt

DNS principle and parsing process V

This article mainly refers to from: http://369369.blog.51cto.com/319630/812889 and made a small change What is DNS. Hosts on the internet, like humans, can be identified in a variety of ways. A host's identification method is to use its host name (h

Several ways to protect DNS servers summary _dns server

1. Using DNS Forwarders DNS forwarders are for other DNS servers The DNS server that completes the DNS query. The primary purpose of using DNS forwarders is to mitigate the pressure of DNS processing, to transfer query requests from DNS servers to

DNS protocol detailed

DNS is an application-level protocol, and DNS provides a mechanism for translating a human-readable hostname or domain name into a computer or network-readable digital address, making it possible for the wide application of the interconnection networ

Why is DNS-based global load balancing (GSLB) not working?

Label:Why DNS Based Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) doesn ' t work Pete Tenereillo 3/11/04 Copyright Tenereillo, Inc. 2004 PrefaceFred: Joe, I'm going to catch a flight, how long does it take from

The principle of DNS and its analytic process "wonderful anatomy"

Label:The principle of DNS and its analytic process "wonderful anatomy" 2012-03-21 17:23:10Tags: dig wireshark bind nslookup DNS original works, allow reprint, when reproduced please be sure to use hyperlinks in the form of the original source of

< turn > Detailed DNS Common records (bottom): DNS Series III

Tags: bit field Baidu win STR compute default Lookup Web server priorityIn the previous blog post we introduced several indispensable records in DNS servers, including a, NS, and SOA records. In this blog post we will continue to introduce several

Common attacks and precautions of DNS

Label:Common attacks and precautions of DNSTransfer from: http://www.williamlong.info/archives/3813.html Date: 2015-7-10With the gradual popularization of the network, network security has become a de facto focus on the Internet, which is related to

Installation and configuration of DNS (BIND) server for Linux operational operations

Tags: file handle relative path CDC receive sbin data notation Windows ASI"The main content of this blog post" Introduction to bind server (including Introduction to Client Tools Dig) Configuring forward parsing DNS servers

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