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The colon and his students (serial 22)--Abstract thinking

22. Abstract is to be called the shape of the indistinct, the elephant of Nothingness, is to be said to be a trance--"Laozi Dau Sutra" Colon walk into the classroom, the students immediately sat, into combat status. "If we are doing a play, then

The colon and his students (serial 3)--language selection

Language selection The ruler has short, inch--"The Chu Ci" The question mark feels that his problem has not been solved, asking: "In so many languages, only by popularity can you prioritize?" ” "Popularity is certainly not the only indicator. The

Colon and his students (serial 2)--first round of questions

First round questions The fear of the teacher is the fear of the truth--Preface The crowd looked at each other, after a silence began to whisper, apparently some are not accustomed to this teaching method-The notebook has not written two words,

The colon and his students (serial 7)--Object paradigm

Object Paradigm The people for your, the second, June for light--"Mencius Heart" After the short resting, the quotation mark eagerly asks: "The object-oriented paradigm should be a special kind of command, right?" ” "Object oriented?" "The colon

The colon and his students (serial 19)--Platform language

19. Platform language See its desire also, it will always consider its hateful also, see it can benefit also, will have to worry about its harm also--"Xunzi" The comma says: "Now it's time to go to Java." ” Colon: "The focus of the following is

The colon and his students (serial 15)--Data type

Data type According to the 劬, the law is the solid, the wind of the desolate country also--"Xun Yue's-shen" When the classroom calms down, the colon again says: "Before talking about dynamic languages, it's best to clarify the difference between

The colon and his students (serial 18)--System language

18. System language The height of the form of escape and God of labor, under the form of labor and God Yat-"Hong Chongming vegetable root Tan" Question mark busy ask: "You want to compare which mainstream language?" ” The colon answers: "Just

The colon and his students (serial 4)--Programming centroid

Programming centroid The speaker so care, proud and forget the words--"zhuangzi, Foreign things" The question mark first came out of the novel and asked, "just talked about low-level and intermediate languages, now should we talk about high-level

Colon and his students (serial 25)--Software strain

25. Software strain Latent its heart can view the world of the reason, will its heart can change the world--"Lu Kun Moan" As soon as the seventh lesson opened, the colon asked a question: "If you replace all private keywords in a Java program with

Colon and his students (serial 24)--Object encapsulation

24. Object Encapsulation Yin and Yang Geography two points, the hermit is yin----"Jade Marrow Sutra." "In Cantonese, there is a type of material and character Ah!" "Exclamation mark," this where is in the design software, is clearly in the design

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