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With both high reliability and low latency, Google intends to use the QUIC protocol instead of TCP/UDP

Big Google is quic to see if it can combine the advantages of both protocols, while achieving low latency and high reliability and applying them to higher-security protocols. This article is to introduce the QUIC protocol in detail. Speaking from

Without Google optical fiber, you can use its QUIC protocol to increase network speed.

Without Google optical fiber, you can use its QUIC protocol to increase network speed. Google said that its self-developed QUIC network protocol can speed up Web browsing. Google is planning to propose suggestions to the IETF standard organization

Two lines open go HTTP quic

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. QUIC, in short, is the use of UDP transmission protocol, according to Google's own report, speed can be increased by 30%. The main advantages are: 1. 快速建立链接(不用3次握手和TLS4

SPDY, HTTP/2, QUIC Protocol

1 SPDY protocol 1.1 Overview SPDY is the abbreviation of speedy, which is the pronunciation of speedy. The SPDY protocol has published four drafts: Version 1, version 2, version 3, and Version 3.1. Version 4 is currently in the trial phase, but has

Quic Brief Introduction

QUIC, the quick UDP Internet Connection, similar to SPDY, is also designed to be extended by Google on top of existing saved protocols and is designed to reduce network latency. Before I introduced Spdy information, spdy work in the application

Research Open source Quic project on Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS NGTCP2

Recently in the study of the Quic agreement, tried some Quic related open source projects, mainly C,c++,go and other languages written. Here is a record of my tossing ngtcp2 process. The basic idea is to refer to the project's readme on GitHub.

The compiling method of Libquic

From the GitHub, clone the latest version of the Libquic, placed under the specified folder directory, such as/root/webstream/quic/libquic-master under. # cd/root/webstream/quic/libquic-master # mkdir build/# CD build/ # CMake. # Make-j 4 The

Spice image compression algorithm related code logic flow

The following is reproduced http://blog.csdn.net/zhoujiaxq/article/details/11201893 content, is a simple introduction to the image algorithm processThe current spice image compression is mainly based on QUIC,GLZ and JPEG. Quic and Glz are lossless

Common network protocols in browsers

Common network protocols in browsers In fact, browsers need to deal with various network protocols to complete various WEB application functions. HTTP is only one of them. This article describes common network protocols in browsers and their

kvm& The basic concept and development of Libvirt

Guide Hello everyone, the theme of this Sholi sharing is kvm&libvirt basic concepts and development of the talk, the content of some messy loose, mainly based on their early collation of notes and practical sentiment, some content is inevitably

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