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Photoshop portrait Post lighroom quick Edit tutorials Sharing

Give you users of Photoshop software to share a quick editing tutorial on portrait post Lighroom. Tutorial Sharing: White balance > Hue > Sharpening > Dark angle Processing If the above procedure is completed in 5 minutes, the approximate effect can be adjusted, and then if you want to revise it, if you like local light and dark, fixed red eye, special hue, and then slowly adjust, this teaching is mainly

Photoshop easy to pull up a little fresh landscape photography later tutorials to share

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the easy to pull out the small fresh scenery photography of the later tutorials. Tutorial Sharing: 1, the large light to delineate the focal lens The advantages of focusing lenses with large light: first, the fixed-focus lens is relatively lightweight, followed

Photoshop quick removal of extra chair tutorials in photos

stones to deepen the process, as shown below. This tutorial is basically over, and if you have any questions you can go to www.240ps.com to view the video tutorials. Finally fine-tune the details and so on, complete the final effect. Okay, the above information is small to give you photoshop this software users brought to the detailed

How Photoshop gives face quick spot removal and whitening tutorials

  How Photoshop gives face quick spot removal and whitening tutorials Original Final effect #p # 1, open the original material, press CTRL + J to copy the background layer, to the copy: Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur, the value is 4, determine the ALT key, add the layer mask, then set the foreground color to white, the selection Brush to

30 amazing Photoshop text effects tutorials

Tutorial Design a futuristic 2011 wallpaper Create an Rough Woody Text Effect with Wood Splinters Texture in Photoshop Use Google Sketchup and Photoshop to Create 3D Typography Create Gold Ornamental Text in Photoshop Quick Easy Candy Cane Text Create an awesome brok

70 tutorials for designing websites with Photoshop

effects. in this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a complete grunge home page design. we'll design the header, sidebar, body, footer, and style everything to work together in a heavily textured and worn design. A great tutorial which shows you how to create a great cool unique photoshop layout. This tutorial covers the key areas to focus on when creating a Web site design. this is a blog-style design, but the techniques and strategies used in

{Recommended} Top 40 Photoshop button Design Tutorials

Sep280 {Recommended} Top 40 Photoshop button Design Tutorials Using Photoshop to create a button is not difficult. But it is not easy to do well. And the overall style of the website, as well as the color and code. Through these tutorials, you only need simple selection, sh

WEBJX Collection of 20 wonderful web design Photoshop tutorials from abroad

If you are looking for a tutorial on how to draw a site effect map, you must not miss this post. Here we have collected 20 high-quality online tutorials for web design , learn quick and easy tips, and draw detailed, informative effects. These tutorials include various types of sites, mobile device sites, company sites,

Use Easy Sysprep v4 (ES4) to encapsulate Windows 7 tutorials

a certain advantage in this respect. However, it is not possible to say that ImageX must be better than Ghost,imagex can only run under PE, while Ghost is Dos/pe (but the newest Ghost12 has no DOS version), and ImageX needs more system resources than Ghost in backup and recovery. So choose which one, and also ask you to carefully consider.There is a workaround, first use ImageX to back up the system, and then delete the source system to restore the system just backed up, so it is equivalent to

Share 50 great Photoshop webpage background Design Tutorials

Abstract Background with Bokeh effect Luminescent Lines Abstract Background of Colored Bars Abstract Image Cool abstract background Easy Abstract Photoshop Tutorial Intense Solar Flare (Filter) Effect Create a fantastic background texture Abstract Airbrushing Windows Vista Aurora Effect Wallpaper Effect TRENDY BACKGROUND Digital Star Effect Mac-type background Signature Backgrounds Colourful

Getting Started with Photoshop Tutorial: Easy to use PS shortcut keys

custom set shortcut that conflicts with the default shortcut key, for example, "Flip canvas horizontally" You set to "Ctrl+m" (This is the Photoshop default "curve" shortcut), then you can click "Restore Changes" or click "Delete Shortcut" to cancel your previous settings, you can also click " Accept conflict "as shown in Figure 10. This "Flip canvas" shortcut key becomes your custom set "Ctrl+m", "curve" can no longer use it. Many usually do not use

IT Ninja Turtles: Photoshop Analysis 5 quick selection tools for beginners, and Ninja Turtles

small paint brush is used for the trunk part with obvious contour edges. You can also move and adjust the edge slider to smooth, remove, or harden the edge. After completing the preceding operations, click OK to save the changes. In addition, you can copy the selected area and paste it into a new background. V. color channel It is relatively easy to use the channel tool when selecting complex objects such as hair. First, click the channel panel. C

15 Quick Start learning Apple Swift programming language tutorials

giving you a swift starter manual and Quick reference. It covers most of the swift syntax on one page, allowing you to learn quickly. The tutorials above are also available for free download.8. Learn Swift in Y minutesSwift is a programming language for iOS and OS X development. It features powerful, secure and modern technology based. This tutorial will teach you all about Swift's language skills, includi

XML easy learning Manual (1) quick XML entry

processing SGML files, it simplifies transfer and sharing on the Web. 1. XML can be widely used in any place on the web; 2. XML can meet network utilization needs; 3. the application of XML will make programming simpler; 4. XML is easy to learn and create; 5. the XML code will be clear and easy to browse; Or abstract. Let's take a look at the strong advantages of XML in subsequent instance

Python Quick Tutorials

standard library 14 database (SQLITE3)The main difficulty of learning the Python standard library is that it requires a certain amount of basic knowledge in other areas. Refer to:Linux Concepts and SystemsThe following are network-related content in the Python standard library. Python has many applications in the web, whether as a server or as a crawler. Python's own syntax is simple, highly readable, and has powerful scripting capabilities. These allow Python developers to quickly develop exce

Use GIMP (Photoshop under Linux) for easy and free image processing

go to http://manual.gimp.or g/download. The second edition was followed by a printing press to publish the full Thousand-page handbook. Aside from this manual, there have also been a number of books with GIMP, one of which is New Riders out of the grokking the GIMP, the entire book has been released, you can download in http://gimp-savvy.com/BOOK/ 。  Attached 2:GIMP Resources GIMP official website http://www.gimp.org GIMP Handbook (Chinese pdf) http://docs.gimp.org/zh_CN.pdf

XML easy learning Manual (1) Quick Start to XML

. Let's take a look at the powerful advantages of XML in subsequent instance tutorials! 4. Is XML hard to learn? If you are interested in learning XML, you may ask: is XML difficult? What is the basis for learning XML? XML is very simple and easy to learn. If you are familiar with HTML, you will find that its documentation is very similar to HTML. See the same example document (Example 1 ): ? Xml version =

XML easy learning Manual (1): Quick Start to XML

. (Think about how many designer brain cells are broken by browser compatibility issues .) People have already begun to explore how to meet the needs of various applications on the network. SGML can be used, but SGML is too large, complex programming, so the final choice of "Weight Loss" SGML---XML as the next generation of Web application of data transmission and interaction tools.What are the advantages of using XML? Let's take a look at the W3C organization (XML standard setter) Description:X

Python Quick Tutorials

applications in the web, whether as a server or as a crawler. Python's own syntax is simple, highly readable, and has powerful scripting capabilities. These allow Python developers to quickly develop excellent network products. Python network 01 Raw python server Python Network python server evolution Python Web applications also require knowledge about network protocols. Refer to: Protocol ForestThe liberated Jiang GEDjango is one of Python's most representative network frameworks. With Django

More simple jquery tutorials easy Ajax with jquery Chinese version 1th/3 page _jquery

Ajax is changing web apps and bringing an unprecedented shock to desktop applications. But behind the hype, we should be aware that Ajax is just--(X) Html,javascript and XML--nothing new. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to simply add Ajax to your application, and teach you how to use a popular JavaScript library Jquey for AJAX development.1. What is Ajax You've probably heard of Ajax before, or at least used Ajax apps-like Gmail. Simply put, Ajax uses JavaScript to process data asynchronousl

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