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"Bzoj" "1552" "Cerc2007" robotic sort/"3506" "CQOI2014" sorting picker

Label:Splay Discretization of +splay maintenance sequences ...All right, let's talk about some of the wrong points I've encountered in this problem:1. discretization2. Since the location of the number found must be greater than or equal to I,

"Bzoj" "1986" "Usaco 2004 DEC"/"POJ" "2373" zoned area irrigation

Label:dp/Monotone Queue optimization First of all, regardless of the cow's favorite interval, the DP equation is certainly more obvious: $ f[i]=min (f[k]) +1,i-2*b \leq K \leq i-2*a $ of course here the $i$ and $k$ are even ~ this should be

. Add a reverse method to the array by classification. For example: The element in the array is @ "AA", @ "BB

Label:-(Nsarray *) Invertedorder { 1. Copy the copy First Nsmutablearray *arr = [Nsmutablearray arraywitharray:self]; for (int i = 0; i < [arr count]/2; i++) { [Arr exchangeobjectatindex:i Withobjectatindex:[arr Count]-i-1

"Java EE Learning Day 71st" "Data acquisition system third Day" "Analysis answer entity" &quot

Label:I. Analytical answer entityAnalysis of the answer entity is mainly related to the design of the problem, the technical point is almost no. You first need to determine the format of the answer in order to finalize what attributes are required

"False" in Javascript, "0 value", "null", "Undefined" and "empty string"

Tags: style http io ar color os using SP JavaIn JavaScript, we are often exposed to the 5 more special objects mentioned in the topic-false,0, empty strings ,null , and undefined . These objects are easy to use, so you have to be careful when you

"10.3 In-school test" National Day seven days fun! "" "dp+ Combinatorial Math/tolerance" "SPFA multi-origin multi-endpoint + binary classification"

Tags: same ima different scan definition while BSP share picture MicrosoftThe first thought of violence DP is the number of days as a dimension so there is no way to optimize, matrix fast power is also $o (n^3) $ will explode.But there is no other

"Bzoj" "1855" "SCOI2010"/"Hdoj" "3401" stock trading

Label:dp/Monotone Queue optimization Puzzle: http://www.cnblogs.com/jianglangcaijin/p/3799736.htmlF[I][J] indicates that, after the end of the day, the maximum profit of J shares is left in hand:\[f[i][j]= \begin{cases} f[i-1][j] &

"Bzoj" "3697" drug-picking man's Path & "3127" "USACO2013 Open" Yin and Yang

Label:Point Division Treatment Orz HzwerIt's better to think of a point division. However in the program statistics here, I made two mistakes ...1. I am more foolish to think of: through the son to update the father, that is, the number of the

"Java EE Learning Day 77th" "Data acquisition system Nineth Day" "Using spring to implement the answer

Label:Previously said, if the amount of data to be stored in a database is relatively small, but one table stores more data, such as log table, it is necessary to consider the table storage; But what if the overall storage capacity of a database is

"Kruscal" "minimum Spanning Tree" "Block Tree" bzoj3732 Network

Tags: style blog color io ar for strong SP DivIt's basically the same as last year Noip a problem.After the smallest spanning tree, it becomes the most weighted edge on the path that asks for a connection to two points.Multiply LCA, profile or

"Bzoj" "1662"/"POJ" "3252" "Usaco 2006 Nov" Round number

Label:Digital DP Windy number on the previous questionPreprocessing to find a combination numberAnd then the same method, this time, is to record the number of 0 and 1 and then engageOrz Cxlove1 /************************************************

"Bzoj" "1901" "Zju2112" Dynamic rankings

Label:Fill a hole again.Dynamic maintenance interval K-Large (with single-point modification)First the naked interval K-Big we are using the "prefix and" thought, to achieve O (n) preprocessing, O (1) Find tree query, then if it is dynamic? We can

Dark Horse Programmer---C-base 4 "loop structure" "While loop" "Do While "for loop" "Break keyword" "Continue keyword"

Label:------Java Training, Android training, iOS training,. NET training, look forward to communicating with you! -------"Loop Structure"1 , circular structure Introduction:Loops are executing the same block of code again and again2. Several

"Bzoj" "3669" "NOI2014" magical Forest

Label:LCT Dynamic Maintenance MSTLCT Dynamic Maintenance MSTWe can enumerate a, and then find a path from 1 to n so that: the maximum value of B on this path is minimal. This path must be on MST ... So enumerate through all the edges and dynamically

"Bzoj" "1529" "POI2005" Ska piggy Banks

Label:I thought it was tarjan. However, 64MB space is not enough to save the original image and the new map after the indentation. So...... and check set = =Orz HzwerTarjan of MLE:1 /**************************************************************2

"Chinese remainder theorem" "Tolerant principle" "fast multiplication" "Number theory" HDU 5768 Lucky7

Label:Topic Links:http://acm.hdu.edu.cn/showproblem.php?pid=5768Main Topic :T set of data, the l~r satisfies: 1. is a multiple of 7, 2. The number of%pi!=ai for n primes.Topic Ideas:"Chinese remainder theorem" "Tolerant principle" "fast

"Bzoj" "3295" "CQOI2011" dynamic reverse order

Label:Tree Set Tree Orz ZYF god BenTurn Back the clock ... Reverse processing, change the deletion point to add, dynamic maintenance sequence.Because it is dynamic, to add a bit, so use a tree-like array, but also need to find in the sequence

"Bzoj" "1876" "SDOI2009" SUPERGCD

Label:High Precision +GCD Well...... Stripping GCD can actually count:\[GCD (A, b) = \begin{cases} A & b=0 \ 2*gcd (\frac{a}{2},\frac{b}{2}) & A\mod 2=0,b \mod 2=0 \ GCD (\frac{a}{2},b) & a\mod 2=0,b \mod 2=1 \ GCD (a,\frac{b}{2}) &

UOJ276 [Tsinghua Training 2016] Soda "Two-point answer" "Points Division" "Tree-like array"

Tags: ONS ace node Scan array main include print tinTopic Analysis:This kind of messy topic is a point of division, the answer is monotonous, so you can also answer two points.We consider whether the answer will be greater than or equal to a certain

"Bzoj" "2286" "SDOI2011" consumption war

Label:Virtual Tree + Tree DPOrz zyf ... Good god ...Build the virtual tree first by DFN sort, and then use a monotonous stack to maintain the current "chain", toward the Riga side ... Honestly, I haven't figured it out yet--Leave a hole ...Re reason:

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