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Report development instance-dynamic multi-level KPI drilling report (I), multi-level kpi

Report development instance-dynamic multi-level KPI drilling report (I), multi-level kpi In report projects, there are sometimes dynamic hierarchical reports that require hierarchical drilling, making development more difficult. This document describes how to develop the KPI report for all levels of departments for the rundry computing report. The initial status

How to Design KPI index of designer

material in PR, Can be used as an industry exchange of application resources ... The added value of the design is often weakened in KPIs. In fact, many friends and I have communicated, the design of the KPI should be how to play, but because I was beaten side, so I have a lot of specific methods may have obvious resentment of the woman plot, not too objective, also dare not casually said. Today let a friend to chase asked, I will talk about immature

Spring Festival will come, and to the performance of the year-end award of the time! Programmer Performance KPI How do you calculate this long history puzzle?

turns, this time got bad, in a few months will get a good, such performance evaluation basically is a mere formality, meaningless.In recent years, star companies such as Google have used a large-scale tool called OKR. OKR is the abbreviation for objectives and key Results, which represents the goal and key results. This sounds similar to KPIs, but they have an essential difference that is directional, and KPIs are generally broken down to be done by you. And OKR is what I want to do,

KPI Performance management

Kpi KPI Performance managementKey Performance Indicators performance indicators The peaceful process of the enterprise is the process that the laborer uses the labor tool to change dement. In the three basic factors of enterprise Production (labor force, implements, Dement), the labor force is the most important factor, the correct statistic, analysis, forecast productivity Index, it is important

Add KPI to report by Reporting Service

1. Use the background color to display the current KPI statusIn the table, right-click the cell that contains the [linetotal] field and select "text box attribute ". In "fill", type the following expression: = IIF (sum (Fields! Linetotal. Value)> = 30, "Transparent", IIF (sum (Fields! Linetotal. Value) For each cell whose line total value is less than 20, the background color is red. All values between 20 and 30 are displayed in yellow. values grea

Network Performance-KPI-KQI-QoS-QoE and ing relationship

Network Performance Network performance refers to the ability of the network or part of the network to provide inter-user communication mechanisms, and is the basis for ensuring QoE and QoS requirements. KPI Key Performance Indication (KPI)Key performance indicatorsIt is usually an important parameter that can be monitored and measured at the network layer. KQI KQI (Key Quality Indicators) isKey Qualit

Ipd kpi as needed

increase in product R D speed can be achieved through market operation as soon as possible to obtain product benefits, while also reducing additional risks arising from long R D cycles.I personally think that it is more appropriate to call IPD a product development model driven by investment income or ROI. Its advantage is to standardize and streamline the formation of product concepts, the topic of product benefits throughout the entire product R D lifecycle, as well as various teams.In man

Performance point-how to set KPI scoring methods and indicators

In the performance point server, KPI is one of the most frequently used tools. We use KPI to display a target value and actual value, and intuitively express whether it meets the goal in a simple figure. In performance point Server 2007, three scoring methods (scoring pattern) and three different interval partitioning methods (banding method) are provided ). This article describes how to use the scoring and

Report Development Example-dynamic multi-level KPI drillthrough report (II)

in the report development Instance-dynamic multi-level KPI drillthrough report (I) , we talk about the scenario where the dynamic hierarchy report needs to be drilled, and introduce the implementation method of Oracle complex SQL. This report is still used to find out how to develop a script + local file.The format and specific requirements of departmental KPI reports are described in (I). The difference is

sqlserver2005 KPI Display control development detailed

Note: This article was actually written a few days ago, but that is my first piece, write quite rough, a lot of things are not written in detail, just hastily provided the source of the download, see my As for the KPI features in sqlserver2005, I believe friends who have contacted Sqlserver2005 's bi platform have heard of it. And like the Data Mining Viewer, Microsoft only provides the display interface in the sqlserver2005 client, and does not pro

Using jquery to control SharePoint display-computing bar KPI and Tag Cloud

ArticleDirectory Calculation bar KPI Tag Cloud Calculation bar KPI Moss 2007 has the ability to create a KPI list, but must be an Enterprise Edition. For the purpose of project management, I need to track the status of some key milestones in a list and use red, green, and yellow lights to indicate the milestone status respectively. This status

[Ye Wei] KPI summary template: Why?

As a leader/manager, performing performance evaluation and interviews with subordinates in stages is an important way for team building and employee development. The regular KPI evaluation table provides some structured things for everyone, but it is just a 'point' and cannot be read '?! KPI interview, How to quickly and effectively report to the boss? How do I make a periodic summary? So as to determine

hdu5249---KPI (binary + Tree array)

Problem DescriptionAfter you work, KPIs are all you have. I have developed a service that has gained a lot of popularity. Billions of of requests are pushed to a large pipeline and the service pulls requests from the pipe header at the same time. Let's define each request to have an important value. My KPI is calculated by the intermediate value of the important value requested within the current pipeline. Now I'm going to give you a service record, a

Powerbi creating KPI reports from profiling data from the Scom database

Tag: Cloud Platform for Cloud computingI have a Microsoft private cloud environment, Windows Server R2 built the underlying virtualization platform, management is using the system Center R2, because Powerbi can do more advanced bi presentation, so here I will take advantage of this private cloud environment, Use Powerbi to access Scom's SQL database to create a report representation of a KPI:To achieve this KPI report, the presentation is divided into

HDU ACM 5249 kpi-> tree-shaped array + two-point

Analysis: Note that the queue holds the subscript in the sorted array. The tree array is also processed according to the subscript.#include HDU ACM 5249 kpi-> tree-shaped array + two-point

Video user behavior and recommendation system evaluation KPI-part

Problem KPI Is the number and ratio of users in the recommendation area significantly increased? Compare the number of users in the recommendation area and their proportions with those before. Are there significant differences in the use of recommendations for new and old users? Percentage of New and Old user recommendation zones in use by category, percentage of VV generated by new and old user recommendation zones by categ

How to: Use the SharePoint computing column to create your own KPI list)

From the efforts of the bear http://www.cnblogs.com/Bear-Study-Hard/archive/2012/06/12/2545961.html For more information about how to use "today" in a calculated column, see "Week" of bear (the column name in the calculation column uses today instead of the [] box), and then delete the today column. I used the company's network to view the application of this computing column on a blog outside of China. I need to flip the wall to see it in China. I really don't know what can be blocked ...... Sh

Hdoj 5249 KPI (treap)

) { if(O = =NULL) {o=NewNode (); o->ch[0] = o->ch[1] =NULL; o->value =x; o->key =rand (); } Else{ intD = (x 0:1); Insert (o-Ch[d], x); if(O->ch[d]->key > o->key) Rotate (o, D^1); } o-maintain ();}voidRemove (Node *o,intx) { intD = o->CMP (x); if(d = =-1) {Node*u =o; if(o->ch[0]! = NULL o->ch[1] !=NULL) { intD2 = (o->ch[0]->key > o->ch[1]->key?1:0); Rotate (o, D2); Remove (o-CH[D2], x); }Else{ if(o->ch[0] ==NULL) o= o->ch[1]; Elseo= o->ch[0]; Dele

Internet finance must know: BRD, Peer, MRD, the, LBS, PV, UV, KPI, MRD, VP, UED ....

Director) Md:marketing Director (Marketing Director) Om:operations Manager (Operations Manager) Pm:production Manager (production manager), Product manager, project Manager Bm:branch Manager (Department manager) Dm:district Manager (regional manager) Url:uniform resoure Locator (Unified resource Locator) Ued:user Experience Design (User experience Designer) Gmv:gross Merchandise Volume (Total merchandise transaction) Seo:search Engine optimization (search

Powerbi analyzing data and KPI presentation from a Lync or Skype for business database

the test environment has no data, all I do not show here, the basic and the above partition chart settings are similarNext Add noise monitoringSelecttop 10000 CONVERT (date,sessiontime) as [date], avg (callerrxagcnoiselevel) As[caller Noise], avg ( Calleerxagcnoiselevel) as [Callee Noise] Fromaudiostreamdetailview GROUP by CONVERT (date,sessiontime) Order Byconvert ( Date,sessiontime)LoadSelect a line chart with a date axis and a noise valueFinally, I'll analyze a video call. Send receive loss

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