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Solutions to 17 common problems of Apple Mac computer

, too? More often than not, solving a Mac problem may require you to identify a few simple steps, from the most obvious to the simplest: are your lines plugged into place? If it's too complicated for you to be, calm down, be cool, don't smash things, especially your Mac. Below, we'll introduce you to the 17 Mac FAQ Solutions

Summary of Solutions to Mac failures in view status validation (from:

An error occurred while verifying the view status Mac. If this application is hosted by a network farm or cluster, make sure that the machinekey configuration specifies the same validationkey and verification algorithm. Autogenerate cannot be used in a group. I have encountered this problem inexplicably. Below I have summarized some common solutions that can basically solve the problems encountered in Asp.n

Problems encountered in compiling Corefx on mac/linux/windows and their solutions

package ' MICR Osoft. Build.Mono.Debug '. Failed to restore MSBuild.This problem is due to the fact that the root certificate is not installed on Linux and the NuGet server cannot be accessed with HTTPS, and running the following command will solve the problem:Mozroots--import--syncThreeThe errors encountered in compiling Corefx on Windows are as follows (Visual Studio 2015 is installed on your computer):Corefx\src\common\src\system\sr.cs (19,67): Error CS0117: ' SR ' does not contain a definit

Teach you to configure ADB environment variables on your Mac!! Attach the ADB's inability to identify M2 solutions

, and if it is below that version number, you will need to manually add the device ID number.Under Linux and Mac, enter the following command in the terminal: mkdir ~/.android echo "0x2717" > ~/.android/adb_usb.ini Copy CodeThen restart the ADB sever process and enter the following command: ADB kill-server Copy CodeIn this way, the ADB can be identified. Teach you to c

Mac OS X encounters FileVault Encryption Exception Unable to upgrade system solutions

. Be sure to "unlock" before your disk is repaired and no eggs are used.5. Continue to encryptAfter the above operation is done, restart the computer and use the system disk inside the device to start. After booting to "system Preferences-security and privacy", you will find that "encryption paused" becomes "encrypting" or "optimizing".To be optimized (at least for a few hours, depending on your disk's storage status and device performance), you don't have to decrypt it to install El Capita

Common troubleshooting solutions for Mac Printers

There are a number of users who may have problems with the printer when they use the Mac. The small series has summed up two commonly used two printing methods, and has attached some very simple solution, if the user encounters these problems in the daily work, may try the small series to provide the method to solve. In life are generally mainly USB printers and enable Bonjour network printers, if you encounter some problems can try to provide

Linux/mac do not perform ~/.bash_profile, ~/.BASHRC solutions after installing OH-MY-ZSH

Tags: installation details note Target href requires direct Lin getAfter installing ZSH, the default startup execution script becomes ~/.ZSHRC.Workaround:Mac:Modify the ~/.ZSHRC file to add: Source ~/.bash_profile, source ~/.BASHRC; Note: Under Mac there will be a. zlogin file, which is the first to start, and then to. ZSHRCLinux:It is not recommended to directly copy the contents of the ~/.ZSHRC by Mac. No

Solutions to Chinese garbled characters in Java on mac

In the Terminal (Terminal. app) environment of Mac OSX in simplified Chinese, java and javac output various information such as syntax errors and array access out-of-bounds information in GBK-encoded Chinese by default.However, the Mac terminal's default encoding is UTF-8, so javac and java will output garbled characters without configuration.There are three solutio

Sublime Install plug-in failure scenario for one of the solutions for Mac

Today, when writing code with sublime2 need to install a plug-in so as usual command+shift+p input install package, the intention to install the results of the control:there is no packages Available for installation.So all kinds of Baidu is said to be because of IPV6 reason also say is because the company moved the reason anyway finally finally solved that can be. The steps to resolve are as followsFirst, get IP address can ping at the command line can also go to the online Pin

About OpenFire solutions that cannot start a service in Mac OS.

Recently began to become familiar with XMPP-based iOS small programming, where the configuration of the server encountered a little trouble, because of the choice of Openfire+spark server configuration scheme, OpenFire in the Mac OS10.10 a compatibility problem.Take the blogger's own computer's Java environment as an example, here is the workaround: jdk8u451. Make sure the JDK is properly installed on your computer2. Open the terminal and enter the fo

Mac using Maven to hit Android package, error: No android SDK path could be found. Solutions

Correction:Android_home=/applications/android/adt-bundle-mac-x86_64-20140321/sdkLaunchctl setenv android_home $ANDROID _home following information appears for the Android project running MVN compile:No Android SDK path could be found. Configure it in the POM using Workaround:Edit/etc/launchd.conf, if not, add the following information:[Plain]View Plaincopy bixiaopengdeimac:~ bixiaopen

Solutions for Mac Android Studio Update SDK

Try this to solve the difficulties of accessing Google servers in ChinaLaunch Android SDK Manager, open the main interface, select "tools", "options...", pop up the "Android SDK manager-settings" window;In the Android SDK manager-settings window, fill in port"and 80 in the"http proxy server"and"http proxy input boxes, and select "force c2>https:// ... Sources to be fetched using/ http ..." check box. Click the "close" button to close the "Android SDK manager-settings" wind

"Mac OS X Configuration IntelliJ idea + Tomcat solutions for permissions Issues"

The error message that appears is as follows:PM 9:11:27 all files is up-to-datePM 9:11:27 all files is up-to-datePM 9:11:27 Error Running Tomcat 8.0.18:cannot Run program "/users/horse_leo/documents/ Apache-tomcat-8.0.18/bin/ "(In Directory"/users/horse_leo/documents/apache-tomcat-8.0.18/bin "): error= Permission deniedThe main problem with the prompt is insufficient permissionsSolutionsOpen the terminal, enter the Tomcat\bin directory, and then execute chmod 777 *.shThe world is qu

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