range of floating point numbers

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Floating point numbers (IEEE 754)

Http://www.cnblogs.com/kingwolfofsky/archive/2011/07/21/2112299.html floating point numbers 1. What are floating point numbers In the process of computer system development, several methods have been proposed to express real numbers. Typically, for

Irregular floating-point numbers and regular floating-point numbers

This paper is derived from quantization, data type, overflow and underflow, and the floating-point number is considered as a quantization method of real field, and the difference between floating-point number, especially irregular floating-point

Fixed-point and floating-point numbers

At present, the parallel optimization of the CNN convolutional neural network on the hardware platform is studied, and the relevant knowledge needs to be mended. Transferred from: http://www.cnblogs.com/kevinq/p/4480563.html Reference: 1.http://www.

Detailed description of Floating Point Theory

Directory 1. What is a floating point number? 2. IEEE floating point number 3. Transformation between a real number and a floating point number 4. Special values 4.1. Nan 4.2. Infinite

Use the symbolic constants in the header file Cfloat to learn the range of table numbers for floating-point type data---gyy finishing

Use symbolic constants in header file Cfloat to learn the range of table numbers for floating-point type dataCfloat header file contains the length limit of the floating-point number of the systemThe symbolic constants in the header file Climits are

In-depth understanding of computer systems (2.7)---binary floating-point numbers, IEEE Standards (important)

This article reprinted address : http://www.cnblogs.com/zuoxiaolong/p/computer11.html2.6 We have a binary integer operation of the last battle, this LZ will join you into the floating point of the world, there is no unsigned, no complement, but

New features in the Java Math class--floating-point numbers

The Java™ Language Specification version 5th java.lang.Math adds java.lang.StrictMath 10 new methods, and Java 6 adds 10 more. The 1th part of this two-part series introduces a very meaningful new mathematical approach. It provides a function that

Equal comparison of Floating Point Numbers

Equal comparison of Floating Point Numbers Today, a buddy in the group -- Oh, to be exact, it should be a sister -- asked Python how to determine whether the decimal part of a floating point number is 0, the intention is to find a function with the

Storage Method of floating point and floating point in memory, floating point

Storage Method of floating point and floating point in memory, floating point First, let's talk about how to convert decimal places to binary decimal places. The computer doesn't even know the decimal data. He only knows 0 and 1. So, decimal decimal

PC reverse code Restoration Technology: first, the presentation of basic data types in memory. Floating Point and pointer addressing Formulas

Directory Code Restoration Technology I. Introduction code Restoration Ii. Data Type representation in code Restoration 1. Integer type 2. unsigned integer 3. signed integer 4. Floating Point Data Type 5.

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