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Python calls OpenCV to implement camera motion detection [Raspberry Pi]

motion #counterlastuploaded =timestamp Motioncounter=0#Otherwise, the hostel is not occupied Else: Motioncounter=0#Check to see if the frames should is displayed to screen ifconf["Show_video"]: #Display the security feedCv2.imshow ("Security Feed", frame) key= Cv2.waitkey (1) 0xFF#if the ' Q ' key is pressed, break from the Lop ifKey = = Ord ("Q"): Break #clear the stream in preparation for the next

Raspberry Pi tossing-Infrared Detection

First, the previous figure: Accessories used: 1. Main Character: Raspberry Pi 2. secondary role: Infrared Detection 3. Miscellaneous: bread, DuPont wire, buzzer, led, resistor The infrared detection has three pins. The power supply at both ends and the signal output in the middle directly connect the signal to

Tutorial on installing Python and OpenCV on Raspberry Pi 2 or Raspberry Pi B +

PyImageSearch Gurus computer vision course. Our project will include home monitoring applications, such as motion detection and personnel tracking in the room. The following is a simple example of motion detection and tracking. at that time, I was making a call to move back and forth in the apartment.Install OpenCV an

Python and OpenCV installation tutorial on Raspberry Pi 2 or Raspberry Pi B +, pythonopencv

Python and OpenCV installation tutorial on Raspberry Pi 2 or Raspberry Pi B +, pythonopencv My Raspberry Pi 2 just arrived yesterday. This guy looks cute. This guy has a 4-core MHz processor and 1 GB memory. You know,

MQ-2 Smoke alarm system based on Raspberry Pi (Raspberry) platform and implementation of combined Zabbix monitoring (I.)

First, pre-preparationReach the goal:Using Rapberry Pi to drive MQ-2 smoke Alarm module, the information is collected and extracted, and then Zabbix monitoring system to collect and process information collected.1. Prepare the Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi) One2.MQ-2 Harmful ga

Use of common Raspberry Pi Peripheral Sensor tutorial (Turn)

distance of the obstacle. The Grove-ultrasonic Ranger has four pins, namely power supply, ground, signal pin, and one pin dangling. Connect the Raspberry Pi and module as follows: After checking out the code from GitHub, enter it in the Raspberry Pi terminal lxterminal:CD "Grove–ultrasonic Ranger"sudo python ultrason

Use of common Raspberry Pi peripheral sensor

, signal pin, and one pin dangling. Connect the Raspberry Pi and module as follows: After checking out the code from GitHub, enter it in the Raspberry Pi terminal lxterminal:CD "Grove–ultrasonic Ranger"sudo python ultrasonic.pyThe Raspberry

Raspberry Pi Getting Started notes

MenuconfigMake ZimageTest the compiled kernel imageThen use the Rpitools/mkimage/*.gz tool to convert the Zimage into kernel.imgTo compile the kernel module:Make modulesMake Modules_install Install_mod_path=/home/clbiao/rpi/linux-rpi-3.18.y/modulesInstall the new kernel: "To complete under Linux"Cd/mntmkdir SDB SDB1 SDB2Mount/dev/sdb2/mnt/sdb2Copy the kernel.img to the boot directory in the sdb2 of the SD card:CP ~/rpi/linux-rpi-3.18.y/kernel-new.img/mnt/sdb2/boot/To modify the boot script of t

Running on Raspberry Pi smart home prototype

Brief introductionA simple device for the control sensor of the terminalFeatures that can be implementedIt can realize real-time monitoring of Raspberry Pi terminal by mobile phone, camera gimbal manipulation, intrusion alarm, temperature detection, light control, automatic light control and other functions.Equipment picturesRunAll the hardware that needs to be u

Use Raspberry Pi to send push notifications to smartphones

Use Raspberry Pi to send push notifications to smartphones This project explains how to send push notifications from Raspberry Pi to iOS and Android devices. You only need to use a free push app. The main idea here is to use an electromagnetic sensor door to trigger information push events. When the electromagnetic doo

DIY A UAV Vision tracking system based on Raspberry Pi and Python

deployment are reflected in this, and the algorithm is copied directly to the Raspberry Pi to run debugging. Debugging process a little bit complex, the first effect is not good, patient adjustment, patience to change the algorithm, the effect will slowly come out.The effect of the motion let's look at the following content.third, follow -up demonstrationIndoor

Raspberry Pi led+ buzzer + sound sensor + IR module combination to create Voice/IR control LEDs

Yesterday made the control led, played the first, the rest of the feeling is very simple, here recordJust a couple of photos.Play the honey module only to find the law, generally this module, there will be three pins, VCC (3.3V or 5V power supply output PIN), GNC (for Gpio pin of GNC), out/(I/O) (corresponding to the gpio number of pins), if it is necessary to send information to the Raspberry Pi, This modu

Raspberry Pi Remote Control boat project plan

the remote control back ah, after all, is playing in the pool, remote control distance of 500 meters AH6.9g Steering Gear 2Key technology points------1. Respberry Pi Brushless motor control, at present, there is little information on the network, I experiment for 2 nights, basically found out the law of PWM brushless ESC2. Fp-v video scheme, this piece is also more headache, MJPEG plan feel very card, only a few frames a second,

Raspberry Pi Trolley (iii) Python control trolley

障碍时直行 if (in_left == GPIO.LOW): down() time.sleep(1) turn_right() time.sleep(1) n = n - 1 continue if (in_right == GPIO.LOW): down() time.sleep(1) turn_left() time.sleep(1) n = n - 1 continue if (in_right == GPIO.LOW in_left == GPIO.LOW): down() time.sleep(1) turn_right() //如果两侧都有障碍,就右转(个人喜好) time.sleep(1) n = n - 1 continuestop()

Raspberry Pi. Using node. js to create a job checker

FirstSome time ago, took a little time to do the number of children learning problems of the small programHomeDo a problem interface (topics are randomly generated every time, subtraction)To record a problem.Now the question is coming, how can we know at any time whether the homework is finished?It's too hard to refresh every time you open the title record page.So I made a Raspberry Pi + small LED light equ

Raspberry Pi (raspberrypi) installation aircrack-ng,reaver and WiFi hack tutorial [finishing]

(recommended)-l,–ignore-locks ignore locked state reported by the target APIgnore the locked status reported by the target AP-e,–eap-terminate terminate each WPS session with an EAP FAIL packetTerminates the WPS process whenever an EAP failure packet is received-n,–nack Target AP always sends a nack [Auto]Always send Nack to target AP, default auto-w,–win7 Mimic a Windows 7 registrar [False]Analog win7 registration, default offReference:Http://lok.me/a/1972.htmlHttp://bao3.blogspot.com/2013/05/

Raspberry Pi audio Configuration

Raspberry Pi has two audio output modes: hdmi and headphone interfaces. You can switch between the two modes at any time. If your HDMI monitor has a built-in speaker, the audio can be played through the HDMI interface. You can also switch to the headset interface to use the speaker of the headset or other headset interface to play the video. If your monitor requests support from the speaker, the sound is ou

OPENCV Self-study note 24. Raspberry Pi +opencv Read camera

Raspberry pi +opencv read camera Call the camera on the Raspberry Pi, read each frame in the video stream, and use the canny edge detection to extract the edges in each frame, the final effect is as follows: ReadVideo.cpp #include "opencv2/opencv.hpp" using namespace CV;

Raspberry Pi button interrupt realizes camera photo

() Camera.close () Gpio.output (G PIO. Low) def setup (): Gpio.setmode (GPIO). BOARD) # Numbers GPIOs by physical location Gpio.setup (Gpin, GPIO. # Set Green Led Pin mode to Output Gpio.setup (Rpin, GPIO). # Set Red Led Pin mode to Output Gpio.setup (GPIO). Out) Gpio.setup (Btnpin, GPIO. In, Pull_up_down=gpio. PUD_UP) # Set Btnpin ' s mode is input, and the pull-up-to-level (3.3V) Gpio.add_event_detect (Btnpin, GPIO. BOTH, Callback=detect, bouncetime=200) def Led (x): if x = = 0:gpio.ou

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