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Basic principle and characteristics of Crystal Oscillator

Basic principle and characteristics of Crystal Oscillator Generally, the crystal oscillator uses the capacitor three-end (kobiz) AC equivalent oscillator circuit of 1A. The actual crystal oscillator exchange equivalent circuit 1B, where CV is used

Operating principle of Crystal Oscillator

Crystal Oscillator-Basic overview Crystal Oscillator The crystal is called a crystal oscillator, which is used to generate the original clock frequency. This frequency is amplified or reduced by the frequency generator and becomes a variety of bus

Parameters of crystal oscillator and Crystal

1. Differences between crystal oscillator and Crystal Oscillator 1)Crystal OscillatorIt is short for the source crystal oscillator, also known as the oscillator. The English name is oscillator.CrystalsIt is short for passive crystal oscillator, also

About Crystal Oscillator

When comparing and selecting a crystal, the designer should consider the following 10 key parameters.1, the frequency range of the operating frequency crystal oscillator is generally between 1 and 70MHz. But there are also special low-frequency

Common sense concepts such as sound, audio sampling rate, and Sampling Accuracy

What is sound? Energy Wave, with frequency and amplitude, the frequency level is the tone, the amplitude size is the volume, the sampling rate is the frequency sampling, and the sampling accuracy is the amplitude sampling The frequency range

These high-end crystals are used in addition to the Ssp-t7-f crystal smart phones.

Temperature- compensated crystal and pressure-controlled temperature-compensated crystal oscillator is in the active crystal oscillator, is the highest precision, the lowest power consumption, jitter the smallest active crystal, precision is usually

PLL (Phase Locked Loop)

Basic components of the Phase-Locked LoopThe phase-locked loop (PLL) is a feedback control circuit ). The Phase-Locked Loop uses external input reference signals to control the frequency and phase of internal oscillating signals in the loop. Because

Timing F7 series clock problems: HSE mode configuration (Bypass mode, non-Bypass Mode)

From the perspective of clock source, there are two types of external clock (E) and internal clock (I ).From the perspective of clock rate, there are two types of high-speed clock (HS) and low-speed clock (LS ).In combination, there are four clock

Software and Hardware Design of Software GPS

From the system and macro perspectives, after the application layer is stripped off, the work completed by the GPS receiver can be divided into three parts: signal measurement, data receiving, and geometric calculus.   Receiving data refers to

What is the minimum single-chip microcomputer system?

{Tagshow (Event)} "> Minimum MCU {Tagshow (Event)} "> System, or minimum {Tagshow (Event)} "> An application system is a system that can work with a single-chip microcomputer consisting of the least components.For 51 series single-chip microcomputer,

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