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Website traffic analysis is of great help to improve conversion rate

In the recent World Tourism Expo in London (Travel Market), industry experts gathered to discuss the impact of Web site traffic Analysis (web analytics) and seemingly trivial site observations and adjustments on the business. Cameron Jones, director

Starcraft 2 [Technical Analysis] Some Technical Features of Starcraft 2

I have always thought that post-processing technology will be reused by more and more games. The release of Starcraft 2 has proved this to some extent and moved the light and shadows to post-processing, this maximizes the flexibility of scene

1 billion times + message, 4 billion times + Total Request 丨 58 Help For example to see 58 typical technical framework evolution

1 billion times + message, 4 billion times + Total Request 丨 58 Help For example to see 58 typical technical framework Evolution Source: "Programmer" October 2015 period Author: Sun Xuan The author introduces: 58 Market Group System architect,

Kdj metric analysis usage highlights

Kdj Metrics The Random Index was first proposed by Dr. George Lane and is a very novel and practical technical analysis index. It was first used for the analysis of the futures market, it is widely used in the middle and short-term trend analysis

Understand the user's bounce rate better optimize the site promotion effect

For network marketing, invalid clicks and false clicks are the two predators that threaten the authenticity of advertising data. The former is a wrong click that does not bring any value to the advertiser, and the latter is a click generated by

Technical debt management and debt evaluation of Firefox/chromium

Now the software development is everywhere agile, everyone speaks only fast not broken era, who has time to think about code quality, design quality? Which one doesn't kill crowd from a bunch of code to implement another feature? A product can not

Web site Analysis

Web Analytics is a study of Web site visitor behavior. In the context of business applications, website analysis refers specifically to the use of information collected from a site to determine whether the site layout meets commercial objectives,

Server Architecture Analysis of well-known online games

Http://blog.csdn.net/sodme/archive/2004/12/12/213995.aspx Similar to QQ games, millions of concurrently online servers are added to favoritesAuthor: sodimethyl this Article Source: http://blog.csdn.net/sodmeCopyright Disclaimer: This article can be

Technical Points of SAAS

This articleArticleThis is a small document used in our development team. Since our company has no experience in Saas before, we have set up a group to explore the technology in this area. I am one of the members. This document will sort out the

Comparative analysis of common software development models

As with anything, software has its own process of gestation, birth, growth, maturation and decay, which is generally referred to as the "software life cycle". The software lifecycle is generally divided into 6 phases, namely planning, requirements

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