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Add your own drivers to the Linux kernel files, add your own Linux drivers, compile your own Linux driver methods and sample graphics

This article is done original, reproduced please specify the source, respect for the original.Writing this article, I refer to some blogs on the Internet:Http://bbs.chinaunix.net/thread-3634524-1-1.htmlHttp://www.bkjia.com/gjrj/800182.htmlAlso refer to the "Linux driver development in detail" 3.4 chapters, to achieve the establishment of their own drive directory.The driving example in this article is: Linux

How to use the device tree of linux drivers and how to use the device tree of linux drivers

How to use the device tree of linux drivers and how to use the device tree of linux drivers The Device Tree describes the hardware from the software perspective, and DTS is the Device Tree source file. DTC is responsible for converting DTS to DTB, and DTB is the binary form of DTS for machine use. The Device Tree is a

Linux device drivers (i) Introduction to device drivers

Control program.In addition, routing and address resolution are handled by the kernel. Loadable Modules The features provided by the Linux kernel can be extended at run time, that is, when the system is up and running, we can add or remove functionality from the kernel to the kernel.Code that can be added to the kernel at run time is called a "module."The Linux kernel supports several types o

Poll for linux drivers and poll for linux drivers

Poll for linux drivers and poll for linux driversPOLL operations 1. POLL execution process: Poll is a system call. Its kernel entry function is sys_poll. sys_poll calls do_sys_poll directly without any processing. The execution process of do_sys_poll can be divided into three parts: 1. Copy the input pollfd array to the kernel space. Because the copy operation is

How to write Linux device drivers _unix Linux

Linux is a variant of the UNIX operating system, and the principle and idea of writing a driver in Linux is similar to that of other Unix systems, but it is very different for drivers in DOS or window environments. Design the driver in the Linux environment, the thought is concise, the operation is convenient, the func

Reuse of Linux code and forced uninstallation of Linux drivers

(i) Reuse of Linux codereuse = static reuse (the code that will be reused is declared in the header file of other files) + dynamic reuse (using resources from another Linux driver, such as functions, variables, macros, etc.)1. Compilation is a Linux driver composed of multiple files (static reuse)For complex Linux

Linux Device Drivers chapter 14th Linux Equipment model

directory based on the name of the driver and the associated bus Get the lock inside the bus, then traverse all the devices registered with the bus and call the match function for those devices Remove Driver Call the Pci_unregister_driver function The function uses the DEVICE_DRIVER structure contained in the PCI_DRIVER structure as a parameter to invoke the driver core function Driver_unregister The Driver_unregister function clear

Detailed explanation of Linux drivers

Write a Linux driver1. Build Linux driver skeletonLinux kernel requires load and unload drivers when using driversLoad driver: Set up device file, allocate memory address space, etc. module_init function processing driver initializationUninstall drive: Delete device files, free memory address space, etc. module_exit function processing exitA C program file contai

Turn: How to Learn Linux device drivers in the face of constantly upgrading the kernel

Many Linux application developers and Linux Device Driver developers are excited and excited in the face of constantly upgrading linux kernels, GNU development tools, and various graphic libraries in Linux environments. I am excited that new software and tools provide me with more powerful functions. It is very tedious

Basic knowledge of Linux device drivers __linux

on any processor platform running Linux, running any graphical user interface (GUI) packages and appropriate applications on top of the Linux kernel. If the hardware designer decides to switch to the touchscreen controller AD7877, he or she will not need to provide information to the software team. Two devices are available drivers, although the device is differ

Sharing the Chinese version of essential Linux Device Drivers (HD)

Sina Weibo @ song Baohua Barry at @ micro disk share Prentice. Hall Press "essential. Linux. device. Drivers" Chinese version of the high definition electronic version "Baohua _essence linuxlinuxequipment driver development" http://t.cn/zYjS7sh Contents Chapter 1 Introduction 11.1 Evolution 11.2 GNU Copyleft 21.3 kernel.org 21.4 email list and Forum 31.5 Linux R

Linux kernel modules and drivers for authoring _unix Linux

Distory function*/ int Cleanup_module () { PRINTK ("I'll shut down myself in Kernerl mod/n)"; RETUTN 0; }Such an example is done. We also write a makefile example to fit our application in large program heavy applications. This is the content of the Makfile file. # A Makefile for a module cc=gcc modcflags:=-wall _dmodule-d_kernel_-dlinux HELLO.O Hello.c/usr/inculde? Linux/version.h CC $ (modcflags) 0c hello.c echo the module is Complie completely The

[Linux drivers] [Linux Driver] device driver Model related (i)--Sample code

); Device_create_file (my_dev, dev_attr_dev); return ret; } static void My_device_exit (void) { Device_unregister (my_dev); } Module_init (My_device_init); Module_exit (My_device_exit); [CPP]View Plaincopy #include #include #include #include #include Module_license ("Dual BSD/GPL"); extern struct Bus_type my_bus_type; static int my_probe (struct device *dev) { PRINTK ("Driver found device which my Driver can handle!\n"); ret

Introduction to Linux PCI device drivers (I)

To understand the Linux PCI device driver, first understand that the so-called Linux PCI device driver actually includesLinux PCI device drivers and Device Drivers. I do not know whether the reader understands this sentence. I think this sentence is very important. For drivers

[Linux drivers] [Linux Memory] DMA Learning Note One

int Dma_map_device (struct device *dev,struct scatterlist *sg, int nents,enum dma_data_directiondirection); There can be a relatively simple way to pre-allocate buffers in a Linux system, which is to synchronize the "mem=" parameter to reserve memory. For example, for a system with a memory of 64MB, passing the MEM=62MB command-line argument to it allowsThe top 2MB memory is reserved for use as IO memory, this 2MB memory can be statica

From 2.4 to 2.6: the impact of changes in the Linux kernel load module mechanism on device drivers

Introduction: from 2.4 to 2.6, the Linux kernel has greatly changed in terms of the module mechanism, device model, and some core APIs that can be loaded, device driver developers are faced with porting drivers from 2.4 to 2.6 kernels, or enabling drivers to support both 2.4 and 2.6 kernels... news nbsp Introduction: from 2.4 to 2.6, the

How to Write Linux LCD drivers

of the LCD controller. Specifically: Fill in a fbinfo Structure Use reigster_framebuffer (fbinfo *) to register the fbinfo structure to the kernel For the fbinfo structure, the most important thing is its fs_ops member. You need to implement interfaces in fs_ops for specific devices. Whether to use interrupt handling Memory Access If the video card does not have its own video memory, the system memory is allocated as the video memory. The graphics card comes with a vide

Add new drivers to the Linux kernel and add them to the Menuconfig menu __linux

) + + hello/When Config_hello is Y or M, the system can find the Hello-driven makefile. Under the linux-2.6.25 directory, make menuconfig, select the Hello Driver added by Dong item, such as M, under the device Drivers menu as module. Then save the configuration, execute make command, you can see the CC [M] drivers/hello/hello.o log, the Hello directory generate

Linux drivers: Count the number of words

The function of counting the number of words is encapsulated in the Linux driver. The Linux system maps each driver into a single file. These files are called device files or drive files and are stored in the/dev directory. The steps for writing a Linux driver are as follows:1. Build Linux drive skeleton (load and unlo

Sixth chapter writing Linux drivers

Linux-driven work and access is one of the highlights of Linux, and has been widely praised by the industry. The Linux system maps each driver into a single file. These files are called device files or drive files.To write a Linux driver:First step: Build Linux driver skelet

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