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Razer launches cross game chat software Razer Comms

The current integration of software and hardware is also very obvious, do software contention out of the hardware, and do hardware is also busy out of the software. A hardware company known for its key mice, such as Razer, has also launched a network of communication software Razer Comms. This software is mainly for the player group, to the player has group chat function of instant communication, support t

The Thunder Snake Spirit Blade Game ultra-Extreme This hands-on demo

Razer the latest ultra-polar computer Razer Blade is like a wake-up call, and the message is "Look at me!" in the light of these ultra-thin notebook makers like Apple and Samsung. Here we will see Razer the latest game Super computer and MacBook Air is how light, how thin, how powerful, can in the eyes of consumers to establish what image and occupy a large mark

Lei Snake 17-inch game this blade Pro test

Razer Company as a world-renowned computer peripherals hardware manufacturers, its products can be said to be received by the vast number of gamers enthusiastic. However, Razer Company can not only be satisfied with peripheral products, in 2013 officially launched its Razer Blade Pro Ling-Edge Professional version of the game extremely. The 17-inch gaming notebo

2013 most notable notebooks of the first half

to carry without need, if you choose a heavy home Ben then the actual experience must be very poor. Conversely, if you are a student in the school results buy a thin and portable but poor performance of the ultra-polar book, the picture may be bad for you often send a blood. In addition, the purchase of notebooks also need to be adjusted according to the budget, in a limited budget to achieve the maximum satisfaction, or under the fixed requirements of the minimum cost is the two selected targe

Also talk about the mouse Logicool G9

IE3.0,The reason for IO1.1. RAZER has designed 450,900, and even 800 Won't be selected. FPS mouse is not user-friendly.We hope the driver can at least improve this. 5. The mouse surface is easily dirty. It seems that everyone's hands are not hygienic (they have no face in front of the girl ). 6. Drivers occupy system resources. Like the driver of Logitech, it not only occupies memory, but also reduces the game speed. Fortunately, it is not as obvious

ASP. net mvc 3 Preview 1 released)

When I got up early in the morning, I saw the comrades in the group talking about the mvc3 release. I was reading the introduction of Razer a few days ago. I said that I would like to add the default viewengine engine selection support in the new mvc3. MVC 3 P1 is Http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx? Familyid = cb42f741-8fb1-4f43-a5fa-812096f8d1e8 displaylang = en This document only supports vs2010 installation. Install the MVC2 f

ASP. net mvc 3 Preview 1 released

When I got up early in the morning, I saw the comrades in the group talking about the mvc3 release. I was reading the introduction of Razer a few days ago. I said that I would like to add the default viewengine engine selection support in the new mvc3. MVC 3 P1 is Http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx? Familyid = cb42f741-8fb1-4f43-a5fa-812096f8d1e8 displaylang = en This document only supports vs2010 installation. Install the MVC2 f

Use the drive Elf to put wings on your mouse

The current market of the mouse is mostly USB interface, we buy plug on the use, seems very good also no problem. But in fact, many brand mouse manufacturers have their own products equipped with a dedicated driver application package, these packages are not simple for the mouse installed on the driver, such as Logitech Microsoft, such as peripherals manufacturers also through the supporting applications to enable the mouse to achieve a lot of additional functions, such as the mouse button funct

Lei Snake Blade Pro Game What about this configuration

Lei Snake (Razer) released the 2016 new WIN10 game this blade Pro, configuration luxury, including the Intel sixth Daicouri I7-6700HQ processor, 17.3-inch 4K resolution display, 32GB DDR4 memory, maximum 2TB SSD solid-state hard disk storage, NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card, Thunderbolt 3.0 transmission interface, full-size mechanical keyboard. In addition, the Lei Snake Blade Pro is equipped with three USB 3.0 connectors, supports NVIDIA G-syn

10 Big Super Portable Notebook recommended

, excellent keyboard feel and nearly 8 hours of use time, is very impressive. Although the machine's 14-inch screen resolution is only 1366*768 pixels, but the 1.8GHz frequency of the Core i5 processor provides a strong performance, the overall performance is quite excellent. Razer Blade 14 inches Reference Price: USD 1999 (approx. 12271 RMB) The Razer Blade, with a 14-inch 1600*900 resolutio

List of mechanical keyboard brands

Before you know what brand of mechanical keyboard is good, let's take a look at the mainstream mechanical keyboard brand. Domestic common mechanical keyboard brands have Leibo, Internet Express, Plum, PLU and so on. Foreign mechanical Keyboard brand, there are well-known cherry, in addition, like Sai (Denmark), Razer (USA), Filco (Japan), Noppoo (United States), are mechanical keyboard enthusiasts well-known brands.   Top ten mechanical keyboard bran

I want to find a place like this.

C p u Intel Core 2 Duo e8300 (scattered) Jiuzhou Fengshen ice wing 6 Radiator Motherboard MSI p35 Neo2-FR Graphics xfx news 8800gt (PV-T88P-YHD5) Memory power 2 GB DDR2 800 + * 2 Hard drive Seagate 320g 7200.11 16 m (Serial Port/5-year box) Chassis TT matrix (vd2000bns) Power hangjia multi-core dh6 Keyboard Dell sk-8135 Razer purgatory snake Mouse pad rantopad h3 DVD pioneer DVR-215CH Display Dell sp2208wfp Speaker maobo Van Gogh fc361ii OS Ubuntu 8.1

Mvc1.0-> 2.0-> 3.0-> 4.0-> under ASP. NET

. Technical improvements: 1. controller improvement: allows you to add a filter to the globalfilters set to create a global filter. That is to say, it provides functions such as filter, before executing the action, the filter or listener of the converted character set is executed. vertical cutting technology is used. 2. JavaScript and Ajax improvements: A New JavaScript library is added. The Verification Assistant uses the jquery. Validate plug-in by default. 3. validationattribute class: I

Use KINECT2 as an input device for Oculus gaming applications

small, the stability of the bones is poor, seriously affect the experience-Razer Hydra: Can get the space position and rotation of both hands, plus the buttons on the two handles can also trigger some state switch, it seems to be a good solution. Disadvantage is that the position deviation is relatively large, it may be the problem of magnetic field interference-RealSense: Similar to leapmotion, but low accuracy, resulting in the identification of bo

Tragic shopping experience (Appendix: it is best not to buy 3 GB of Anchor)

tianmeishi. The watch was smashed under the basket and the knob was broken ..... the golden ring snake was bitten by a mouse. The line was very thin and it was useless. Although the previous left-click button was changed to double-click, it did not affect normal use. It was used with another left hand, and playing the game was not affected, this time it was good, and the death was directly declared. I gave it a depressing day that day. in front of it, he was bitten by the wire of NOKIA's origin

Mouse move too fast how to adjust?

Method One: Start-> Control Panel-> mouse-> pointer options If it's a razer-like mouse, then use the official drive to adjust. Method Two: Start-settings-Control Panel-Mouse (if another view is the printer and other hardware-mouse)-pointer options The first item can be adjusted to move speed Method Three: Point left bottom Corner "start"--select "Control Panel"--"printer and other Hardware" --"Mouse"--"pointer Options"--there is a slider that "cho

2014 Latest Computer Configuration recommended home/game configuration

, 24 inch monitor, 16:9 or 16:10 choice   Gao Configurationcpu:i5-3570k¥1610 Heat dissipation: Kyushu ¥200 of Frost Tower (alternative mining and thawing B81) Motherboard: Gigabyte z77x-ud3h¥1490 Memory: Chi qi ripjawsx ddr3-2133 4gx2¥570 Graphics card: Asus or his 270x¥1500 (n card to consider Asus 760¥2200) Hard drive: Seagate 2tb¥580 (SSD added) Chassis: Jayne Little Phantom or h2¥480 Power supply: Sea rhyme s12ii520¥440 (optional titanium ECO520 need to buy video card 6PIN switch wir

Share. NET Software Engineer Professional high-end network online training employment Course

the main combination of HTML5, Razer, uploadify, two-dimensional code and other technologies to achieve the recruitment of enterprises and job seekers information display and interaction;4. Of course, in addition, we also with the Times in the project to integrate the use of mobile phone site features, the project is based on Bootstrap and Jquerymobile mobile phone web technology, compatibility, and through the WEBAPI and the main station to achieve.

Mechanical keyboard What brand is good

mentioned 87 key keyboard, so-called 87 keys refers to only the keyboard area functional area, no keypad of the standard keyboard. Another standard keyboard with a keypad is usually 104 keys, the mechanical keyboard will add a lot of suitable for custom buttons, which we can see from the number of keys.  Brand Talk about what is inseparable from the brand There is no complicated relationship in the brand of mechanical keyboards, simple and direct rudeness, from the German Cherry Cherry cease

How to choose Mechanical keyboard type according to actual situation

If you want a mechanical keyboard, here are a few things to consider:1. Tap Feedback: You can easily use the mechanical keyboard when you are clearly feeling the impact of the switch, that is, the so-called percussion sense.2.PS/2 or USB: This slightly understand the computer's people know that the older keyboard and mouse are basically PS/2 interface, is now basically universal USB, so there is no need to be too tangled in this, anyway, the converter can also buy.3.NKRO (Key Rollover): Nkro, si

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