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Html_entity_decode will be in the database | Internet finance “ Savage growth ” Rests | &rdquo escape into ""

The Html_entity_decode () function converts an HTML entity to a character after a function call "; Echo html_entity_decode ($str, ent_quotes); echo" Echo html_entity_decode ($str, ent_noquotes);? > The browser will output: John & ' Adams ' John & '

Android development (1) Processing HTML tags (Android)

When obtaining network resources, it sometimes contains HTML tags such as: & amp; & rdquo; & ldquo; and so on., and decodes them into corresponding punctuation. String htmlstring = "I am & ldquo; Zhang Ze & rdquo ;"; String content = html.

Q: What is the difference between XML and HTML? _ HTML/Xhtml _ webpage Creation

Q: What is the difference between xml and html? Where are their differences? A: For the differences between XML and HTML, see www. w3c. orgMarkUpwww. w3c. orgXML & ldquo; Extensible Markup Language & rdquo; (XML) provides a method to describe

Open source Java cms-freecms2.3 Member Group Management

Original address: Http://javaz.cn/site/javaz/site_study/info/2015/24162.html?Project Address:http://www.freeteam.cn/Member Group ManagementThe membership group is divided into two categories, one is the experience member group and the other is the

Google HTML/CSS/JS Code Style Guide

JS version see: http://www.zhangxinxu.com/wordpress/2012/07/google-html-css-javascript-style-guides/Html/cssFix Version 2.1BackgroundThis document defines the authoring format and style rules for html/css. It is designed to improve collaboration and

PHP converts HTML into text.

In php, the built-in strip_tags function is provided for converting html to text, but sometimes this function is not enough. The following summarizes some user-defined functions for your reference. The most commonly used php function strip_tags

PHP converts HTML into text.

The most commonly used php function strip_tags The code is as follows:Copy code $ Mystr = Dozens of lines of HTML code are omitted here.SATO;$ Str = strip_tags ($ mystr );// Here, I have converted my HTML to TXT text. Haha, this function is

All XHTML labels have an ending tag _ HTML/Xhtml _ web page creation.

Original article connection: www. dudo. orgarticle. asp? One standard in the id253XHTML specification is & ldquo; each XHTML tag has an ending Mark & rdquo ;. For elements in HTML that do not contain end tags, add & ldquo; & rdquo; before the end to

Code for converting php html format to text format

There are many ways to convert html tags into plain text in php. For example, if php comes with the strip_tags function, it can directly convert html into plain text format, next, let's take a look at various conversion codes. Let's take a look at

Session errors in php

Session in php often has some strange problems. Many of these problems are minor details. it may be difficult for php beginners to find out the cause, today, we have collected almost all session problems Session in php often has some strange

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