react native android reload

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React-native Development (i) Android environment deployment, Hello react-native

APK on your Android phone.Opening the app for the first time we need to set the address of the hot update by shaking the phone and shaking out the development menu. Click Dev SettingsDebuggingPhone and computer need to be on the same network, and fill in the address of the computer, the port number by default is 8081After clicking on the confirmation, we can go back to the page and click on the reload on t

(Android) React-native-splash-screen Practice-solve the problem of starting white screen after react-native packaged well

1. InstallationNPM I react-native-splash-screen--save orYarn Add React-native-splash-screen--save2. Automatic configurationReact-native link React-native-splash-screen or RNPM link

Android React-Native series (1) Zero-Infrastructure React-Native Development Environment

Android React-Native series (1) Zero-Infrastructure React-Native Development Environment I have heard of the well-known React-Native for a long time. (We don't know much about it here,

react-native--on Mac configuration react native Android development environment Drainage PIT summary

Configure React Native Android Development Environment Summary 1, uninstall Android Studio, execute the following command on the terminal (terminal): Rm-rf/applications/android\ RM-RF ~/library/preferences/androidstudio* RM ~/library/preferences/c

Android React Native uses Native modules

Android React Native uses Native modules Sometimes our App needs to access the platform API, And the React Native may not have the corresponding module packaging; or you need to reuse some Java code instead of implementing it a

Android native embedded React native detailed _android

1. The first integrated project directory I'm using it directly in the format of React-native Init project, which means that my Android project directory is in a directory with Node_modules. After we init the project, the project initialization is completed, at this time we can use the command react-

Android moved to React-native's Windows Android environment to build a crawl and a history of tears

Objective Recently, there are new projects, so long have not written a blog, and then all use leisure time to learn react-native. Because the employment environment of Android and iOS brings unprecedented impact to mobile development, so many partners have to find another way, and now the more popular Hybird and

Android React Native uses Native UI Components

Android React Native uses Native UI Components Android React Native has encapsulated several common Native components, such as ScrollView an

React Native Android Application layer in combat

"Craftsman Joshui Http:// without permission to reprint, please respect the author's labor results." Private Messages Contact Me "1 BackgroundIn the blink of a year, the last small goal of this year (React Native) seems to leave any trail to next year, React Native want to say love you not easy. W

React-Native series Android-Principles of communication between Native and Javascript (III)

React-Native series Android-Principles of communication between Native and Javascript (III) The previous two blogs have analyzed in detailNativeAndJavascriptThe communication process can meet the needs of most scenarios.NativeAndJavascriptBut there is still a sound situation. For exampleJavascriptReal-time retrieval o

Detailed explanation of native Development of React-native bridge Android,

Detailed explanation of native Development of React-native bridge Android, One day in the long history of RN development, I would like to introduce the ups and downs of Android native development. for a little white who does not u

"React Native and Combat" book serial "Configure IOS and Android development environment"

. Figure 5-8 Importing Android projects 3. After importing an Android project, Android Studio will automatically load the corresponding version of Gradle to build the project, which may take a long time depending on your network condition. After the project is automatically built, 5-9 is shown. Figure 5-9 Android St

Windows Android react native detailed installation configuration process

the device or press the menu key (the Bluestacks simulator presses the menus key on the keyboard, usually on the left side of the right ctrl or next to the left Windows key), you can open the Debug menu, click Dev Settings, and choose Debug Server host for device, Enter your 正在运行packager的那台电脑的局域网IP加:8081 (at the same time to ensure that the phone and computer in the same network segment, and no firewall block), and then press the back key to return, and then press the menu key, select

React Native calling native Android components

sethtml (WebView view, @Nullable String html) {LOG.E ("TAG", "sethtml");View.loaddata (HTML, "text/html; Charset=utf-8 "," UTF-8 ");}}As with native modules, native UI components also need to be registered to implement the reactpackage interface for WebView registration. Add this reactpackage to the Reactinstancemanager instance, in MainactivtyThen create a new Webview.js file on the JavaScript layer. Ente

Jpush-react-native Push function (Android article)

GitHub Original AddressAurora Push official supported React Native PluginInstallationNPM Install jpush-react-native--saveNPM install jcore-react-native--save # jpush-react-

Android React Native Development Environment setup --- Under windows, android --- windows

Android React Native Development Environment setup --- Under windows, android --- windows Environment Construction Environment building can refer to the RN official website, can also refer to the Chinese version: If you want to see the installation process of the ori

React native pictures saved to a local album (iOS Android)

React native pictures saved to a local album (iOS Android) one, requirements analysis 1,react native Save the network image to the album, iOS can be used with RN cameraroll perfect solution, but the Android side does not support t

React-native first Experience (Android)

This article mainly consists of two aspects, how to integrate the RN (React-native) project into the existing Android project starting from 0, as well as some pits we have encountered in the first RN's on-line project.To do the RN project for the first time, we chose to do a logical and relatively simple internal help center project for the transfer app. The enti

React native Android Simulator debug

run-android, it is best to restart the night God Simulator.Some blogs on the internet say that running the ADB command is run in the bin directory of the night God simulator, but if you have already configured the Platform-tools path under the Android directory in the environment variable, Run the ADB connect command directly in any directory that has ADB in addition to the night God Simulator or other sim

Build a Windows-based React Native development environment (for Android)

React native, which claims to be able to develop native apps for iOS and Android across platforms, is sure to become a trend. Just plan to develop a mobile app, and there is no corresponding development resources, decided to try their own groping.The first step is to build the development environment, the following is

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