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Reactnative Learning-swipe to view pictures third-party components React-native-swiper

Swipe to view pictures third-party components: React-native-swiper, the current version is: 1.4.3, this version does not support Android.The following is a description of some of the use of the component, may summarize the incomplete, I hope we all together to improve.Official Document: Https://

React-native using Swiper not shown on Android

When using Swiper, it is found that under the Android machine, if the scrollable components (such as: Flatlist, Sectionlist,listview,scrollview, etc.) are used, Swiper will not display properly. Click to view original textSolution:Constructor (props) { super (props); This.state = { Listdata:testdata, onrefresh:false, swipershow:false, };} Componentdidmount () { setTimeout ((

React-native Getting Started Guide--4th react-native Layout Combat (ii)

里选用携程的App首页作为栗子,随不是严格的9宫格(比9宫格稍微难点...),但是可以很好的让我们练习flexbox.最后需要完成的结果如下:Ii. Breakdown of Content整个页面我们可以分为几个部分,大致如下: Head Picture Carousel 9 Gongge Bottom activity Third, the head navigation barBecause, the component is not yet spoken, here is just a brief introduction. It is easy to implement the head navigation bar in React-native, as long as you use the Navigatorios component. St

React Native mobile development practices-2-how to debug the React Native project-2-react

React Native mobile development practices-2-how to debug the React Native project-2-react In actual development, there is also an important factor that affects development efficiency: debugging. The use of Enable Live Debugger is introduced in Section 1.4.3. This section des

React native Pit (create the specified react-native version) _react-native

Create the specified react-native version Just began to learn react Native, a lot of do not understand, build the environment when encountered quite a lot of problems, has been tossing. I built the environment according to the react nat

My React Native Skill Tree Lighting Program のreact Native developing IDE selection and configuration

@author ASCE1885 's Github Weibo CSDNThis article starts with the InfoQ mobile technology public number: mobile development frontdue to potential commercial purposes, the full text reprint license is not open without permission, thank you! React Native for more than a year, many companies have online products or small range of test water, or a wide range of applications, many companies or developers i

React Native Project Common third-party components summary (i)

react-native-animatable Animation React-native-carousel Carousel React-native-countdown Countdown React-native-device-info Device Informatio

React native common third-party components--the most comprehensive in history

React Native Project Common third-party components summary: react-native-animatable Animation React-native-carousel Carousel React-native

React Native is a set of programming frameworks that use React to build Native apps

React Native is a set of programming frameworks that use React to build Native appsReact Native at first sightwhat is React Native?According to the official description,

[React Native Development] React Native porting nandroid Project

[React Native Development] React Native porting nandroid Project(1) Preface In the first three courses, we have explained the React Native For Android environment setup, IDE installation configuration, application running, and deb

(react-native study of Nine) Use of React-native-device-info:

Preface: As the name implies React-native-device-info this third party is to obtain equipment information. In fact, React-native have many similar third parties and are used in much the same way as in this case. As an example record, for students who need to learn: 1, initialize the project: Initialize a

React-native study Notes-the most detailed Windows version ever installed react native environment configuration

Reference: Native Chinese web: , installation JDK (best default installation path try not to change)Http:// (three environment v

React Native use React-native-image-picker library to achieve image upload function

React-native-image-picker is a third-party library that integrates the capabilities of cameras and albums because it is relatively simple to use and is loved by front-end developers. React-native-image-picker Use 1, first, install the plugin. NPM Install React-

React-native Getting Started Guide (vi) application of--JSX in React-native

React-native Getting Started GuideGitHub: React-native: Develop your native app with JavaScript, unleash the

(React-Native 7) Rn hybrid development -- the Activity directly references the React native component,

(React-Native 7) Rn hybrid development -- the Activity directly references the React native component,Introduction: During the hybrid development of Activity and ReactNative, we sometimes need to directly introduce the already written reactNative js component. In this case, we need to understand how the Activity Refere

(Android) React-native-splash-screen Practice-solve the problem of starting white screen after react-native packaged well

1. InstallationNPM I react-native-splash-screen--save orYarn Add React-native-splash-screen--save2. Automatic configurationReact-native link React-native-splash-screen or RNPM link

"React Native and Combat" book serial "ios Platform and React Native hybrid development"

This article is my published book "React Native and actual combat" serial sharing, the book by the mechanical Industry publishing house, the book detailed React Native framework underlying principles, React Native component layout

Android React-Native series (1) Zero-Infrastructure React-Native Development Environment

Android React-Native series (1) Zero-Infrastructure React-Native Development Environment I have heard of the well-known React-Native for a long time. (We don't know much about it here, because the company's business is not too bus

React Native Study notes (i) React native environment under MAC OS X

This paper introduces the construction process of react native environment under Mac OS x system.1. Environmental Requirements:1) MAC OS X operating system2) Xcode6.4 or later3) node.js4.0 or later4) Watchman and flow2. Installation process1) node. JS installation can download the latest version in node. JS's official website The node-v4.4.2.pkg version is downloaded here. Just double-c

React-native Demo (+)-react-native-icons Plugin

react-native-icons Download Run NPM install React-native-icons@latest--save at the root of the project and you will see the plugin in the Node_modules directory after the download is complete: Configuration Currently only supports iOS, so only the Xcode configuration: Import reactnativeicons.xcodeproj 1. Right-click on

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