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Keil how to generate the bin file "Keil How to generate a bin file"

The same shoes that used Keil know that now the Keil can be output by default. AXF debug files and the. Hex executable file that can be checked for output, there is no output option for the bin (binary) file. However, there are times when it is

I don't know the secret hidden from the Vista recycle bin.

In Windows Vista, many people only know that the recycle bin is a waste bin and spam files are placed. In fact, the recycle bin has other functions, but you are not good at discovering, next we will reveal the "secret" of the recycle bin under Vista

Create a Linux. Bin Installation File

A Linux Installation File Common Linux installation methods include tar, zip, GZ, rpm, Deb, and bin. We can simply divide it into three categories, 1. Package or compress the tar, zip, and GZ files. Generally, unzip the files, or decompress the

Some analysis of Linux system directory/bin/sbin/usr/bin/usr/sbin and/lib/usrlib

is actually the equivalent of reproduced./bin,/sbin,/usr/sbin,/usr/bin DirectoryThese directories are stored as commands, first distinguishing between/sbin and/bin:From the command function, the commands under/sbin belong to basic system commands,

How to set the recycle bin in linux and in linux

How to set the recycle bin in linux and in linux Modify user environment variables Vi ~ /. Comment out the alias of row 5th in bashrc # alias rm = 'rm-I 'and add the following content in the last line: mkdir-p ~ /. Trash alias rm = trash alias r =

An accident once again understand the difference between Linux/bin/sbin/usr/bin/usr/sbin

One: The accident processIn the company a quasi-production environment (fortunately is quasi-production) due to the company a service log level is not adjusted to error, resulting in a large number of logging to the/root directory (note that/root is

How to set up the Recycle Bin in Linux

Modify the user's environment variablesVI ~/. BASHRC Note the alias of line 5th #alias RM='rm-i'The last line adds the following content mkdir-P ~/. Trash alias RM=Trash alias R=Trash alias RL='ls ~/.trash'alias ur=undelfile Undelfile () {MV-I

Linux Bin file Authoring

A Linux installation fileLinux is a common installation for Tar,zip,gz,rpm,deb,bin and so on. We can simply divide into three categories,First: Packaging or Compressed Files Tar,zip,gz, general decompression can be, or after decompression run SH

MySQL master-slave (based on bin-log) and Mysql-proxy read/write separation

Three machines ready: (Master) (slave) (proxy)Make sure that MySQL (5.6.29) is installed on all three machinesMY.CNF ConfigurationMaster [MYSQLD1]basedir =/usr/localmysqldatadir =/data/mysqlport =

Python read-write and merge binary bin files

In the process of burning the program, you need to synthesize multiple binary bin files, and to specify the data segment address offset, the address between data segments to fill the default value of 0xFF. Because you don't want to do it manually,

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