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Dirty Read | non-repeatability | Understanding of Magic reading and five types of transaction isolation levels defined by spring

The different transaction isolation levels in 5 are defined in spring.1. Isolation_default (This configuration is normally used in both cases)This is a Platfromtransactionmanager default isolation level that uses the default transaction isolation

Software Architecture Design-Reading Notes

# Post reading # a very practical architecture entry book. The content is profound and involves a wide range. It helps us establish an architectural design concept. After reading this book, I put my post feeling at the beginning. Below are detailed

In-depth MySQL User-Defined variables: Usage Details and use cases, mysql Usage Details

In-depth MySQL User-Defined variables: Usage Details and use cases, mysql Usage DetailsI. Preface In the previous work, I received several user feedback on the points missed in the super topic. After reading and analyzing the source code, it is

In-depth MySQL user-defined variables: Usage details and case studies of usage scenarios

First, prefaceIn the previous section of the work, there have been several times the super topic points missed the user feedback. Through the reading analysis of the source code, it is found that the problem is on the counter in the high concurrency

Program code reading skills

I. Necessity of code reading Reading other people's code as a developer is a common task. One is reading others' code when learning a new programming language is the best learning method, and the other is accumulating programming experience. If you

Unity3d shader pre-defined shader preprocessing macros

When you compile a shader program, Unity defines several preprocessing macros.Target platform SHADER_API_OPENGL-Desktop OpenGL SHADER_API_D3D9-Direct3D 9 SHADER_API_XBOX360-Xbox 360 SHADER_API_PS3-PlayStation 3

Delphi's component reading and writing mechanism

Delphi's component reading and writing mechanism (i.)I. Introduction to streaming objects (stream) and read-write objects (Filer)Object-based data management plays an important role in object-oriented programming. In Delphi, the way to support the

Apple Xcode help document reading guide

Transferred from: wanted to write such a thing, for a long time I found a lot of beginner's problem is not mastering the method of learning, so, Xcode so good SDK document there, for them also

Step 2 of kettle's User Defined Java Class, kettledefined

Step 2 of kettle's User Defined Java Class, kettledefinedZookeeper Step 2 of User Defined Java Class)   The "user-defined java class" step in kettle, also known as the UDJC step, is available in version 4.0 and has powerful functions and is

Apple Xcode help document reading guide

Structure of the Xcode documentFor example, when opened, the entire document interface has the left side bar and the right content area. The sidebar on the left allows you to select a different document library. Your Xcode in general there is a set

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