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IPad Pro 10.5+apple Pencil's focus on literature reading and note-taking efficiency app review

conference recording the biggest bright spot --powerful recording note query function; the perfect fit for ipad Pro and Apple Pencil-optimized for Apple Pencil; Support split View-use "picture in picture" function to watch video while recording notes; multiple ways to automatically back up --dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and WebDAV (Nut cloud). Ps: Now 68, because the main te

Six big guesses analysis IPad Air Plus/ipad Pro What is

In addition to exposing the more details of Apple Watch and the new MacBook, we did not see the ipad Pro, which was rumored to have been reported before the press conference, and how much it was disappointing to see the ipad's new Apple powder. However, the inaccurate news is that Apple has postponed the launch of the ipad Pr

IPad Pro 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch which are good, performance comparison

Are you still struggling with 9.7-inch ipad Pro and 12.9-inch ipad Pro which is better? Which one is better for you? Take a look at the foreign well-known evaluation site AnandTech to bring to you about the two equipment evaluation bar! AnandTech released a 9.7-inch ipad

IPad Pro SmartKeyboard shortcut key usage tutorial

right of the cursor. Click multiple letters consecutively.Command C: copy contentCommand V: paste contentOn the Twitter client:Command 1: Enable Timeline (Timeline information stream)Command 2: enable MentionsCommand 3: Open messageCommand 8: Open ListsCommand N: New featureIn Apple Mail:Command R: Reply email Reply to an emailCommand Shift R: Replies to all Reply to allCommand Shift J: Mark as spamCommand Shift U: Mark as unreadCommand up and down arrow: move up and down in informationCommand

Can IPad Pro plug expansion cards?

Can the ipad Pro be plugged into an expansion card? The ipad Pro can not plug an expansion card. The ipad Pro thickness is 6.9 mm, 0.8 millimeters thicker than last year's ipad Air 2,

There are surprises and worries! IPad Pro into Apple launch breaking dot

The long-awaited ipad Pro finally showed up at Apple's autumn launch, as if it were the main character of the show. The configuration is also quite different from previous predictions, with a powerful a9x processor, a 2732x2048 12.9-inch screen, a 8 million-megapixel camera, Touch ID on it, a 10-hour battery life, and a very expensive 32GB version of the introductory edition of $799. , the 128GB version of

Without the cloud service, IPad Pro is just a paper press on the executive desk.

-resolution screen.Some people might say that senior management is a very high level of staff. However, their work is not as complex as information workers, software developers, or even data scientists.It is rumored that the ipad Pro has 4G of RAM, which is twice times higher than the previous high-end ipad (ipad Air 2

How can I retrieve my ipad pro lock screen password after I forget it?

The ipad Pro has 4 speakers, the volume is 3 times times the size of the ipad Air 2 and the battery lasts for 10 hours. IPad Pro to be officially released in November ipad Forgot Password Preparation work: A computer and ins

IPad Pro can't wake up how to do

Recently listed Apple IPad Pro has also been some of the recent netizen reflects a lot of problems, there are many ipad Pro users in the official Apple community, Reddit on the feedback, the ipad Pro appears unable to wake up the

Apple iPad Pro cannot wake up solution

According to the user's description, the problem is that the iPad Pro cannot wake up while using it. In fact, this problem occurs, previously, it appeared on the iPhone 6 S and iPhone 6 S Plus. It is reported that this situation may occur in iPad Pro running iOS 9.1, and the reason for this problem is hardware or s

How can I solve this problem when I connect my ipad pro to my computer?

1, our Windows 7 interface We click "Start"-"Control Panel"-"Management Tools"-"Services" then we click on open access to the service 2, if not entered we can also press "Win+r", in the Run box we enter "Services.msc" can also open the service 3, in the open System services we look for the "Apple Mobile Device" and "Bonjour service", we click on it to start Method Two Check your itunes version of the problem, because not the ipad

Tencent ipad reading app Tencent loves to see flaws in the details of the reading experience

Article Description: Tencent loves to fancy the details of the flaws. Tencent loves to see (icare) is Tencent's ipad-reading app, which integrates the top media content, creates a good reading experience on the ipad by reformatting it, and shares it with Tencent Weibo. But in its interaction and product fun

Self-made PDF file for ipad reading

format settings1. Text: Chinese imitation, font No. second.Individuals like imitation fonts. Chinese imitation fonts installed in the MS Office 2003 comes with, Ordinary imitation, XP and WIN7 also slightly different, XP system is imitation _2312, into the WIN7 under the "imitation", inconvenient document exchange. Font second, size suitable for 40+ above the elderly, or big enough.2. Margin: The left and right margins are set to around 1cm, and the margins keep word default settings, A4 format

"Pro Git" reading random Thoughts

Prior to versioning, I used most of the SVN, and I was just using some of the most common operations. Recently, many projects in the company have started to git, taking this opportunity, I plan to study the operation and principles of git, as well as the design ideas contained therein. Colleagues recommend a "Pro Git", read it feels good, here to share the thought of reading. Online

Pro * C ++: Notes for batch reading

When reading data in the cursor in Pro * C in batches, note: when reading data in the cursor in batches at the last time, the data is retrieved to hostarray, and sqlca. sqlcode is set to 1403 (no_data_found ). If you determine sqlca. sqlcode immediately after fetch, the last data may not be retrieved. The insurance method is to define the number of last read rec

"Pro Android Graphics" Fourth section of reading notes

Android procedural Animation:: XML, Concepts and optimizationProcedural Animation Concepts:tweens and Interpolators interpolator: Animation Data values:ranges and Pivot PointRange and Center point procedural Animation Transforms:rotate, scale, Translate scale:One Of them involves size rotation: translation:involves movement procedural Animation compositing:alpha blending procedural Animati

Pro git reading notes first knowledge of Git

[emailprotected]:path/to/repo.git .  each file in the working directory is either of these states: tracked or not tracked. tracked files are those that are included in version control, have their records in the last snapshot, and after a period of work they may be unmodified, modified, or put into staging area. All other files in the working directory other than the tracked files belong to the non-tracked files, which neither exist in the record of the last snapshot nor put in staging area. whe

[Git01] Pro git Chapter 3 branch Reading Notes

have not been merged. Because it also contains unmerged jobs, use git branch-D to delete them. In addition to this branch, failure occurs: $ git branch -d testingerror: The branch ‘testing‘ is not an ancestor of your current HEAD.However, if you firmly believe that you want to delete it, you can use the delete option in uppercase-D to force execution, for example $ git branch -D testing Next section: Let's take a look at the basic Git workflow types, detailed practices and advantages and disad

"Pro Android Graphics" second section of reading notes

higher visual quality level. More modern 4G networks claim-be between 3 and 6 mbits/s (3G networks deliver between-kbits/s and 1.5 mbits/s, so, O n average, these'll be 1.5 mbits/s and classified as a medium data pipe).Digital Video Files for android:resolution Density Targetsdpi:density Pixel ImageryFor digital video, this also includes different target bit rates, so-you can try to fit all of the different device s Creen densities and the different processing power capabilities of Single-core

Pro ASP. NET MVC 4, 4th edition Reading Note---part (1) DI

What I learned from Pro ASP 4 bookOpen source of ASP.Http:// Introduce new trends of web developmentnode. js, Ruby on Rails,2. Ninject1) Ninject is used to de-couple classed, which known as DI dependency Inject. It is a DI container.2) Adding Ninject to the Visual Studio ProjectOpen nuget->online-> Search for Ninject3) How to use Ninject to implement DIImplement Resolver1 usingSystem;2 usingSystem.Collections.Ge

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