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Changes to the default time zone for PHP

This article mainly introduces the PHP default time zone changes, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to Each region has its own local time, and in the Internet and radio communication, time

Summary of time calculation methods in C #

These days to do a time data on the statistics of the page, found that some things are still relatively used, and now summarized as follows.DateTime dt = DateTime.Now; Current timeDateTime startweek = dt. AddDays (1-convert.toint32 (dt. 

50 interesting leisure websites

It is a good thing to have a choice, but it is also troublesome to have too many choices. We searched on the Internet and picked out 50 most useful and interesting websites. Today, the Internet is already a big business. Whether you want to buy a

The Daily Mail: anti-traditional web page design based on user experience

Author: spoon killer/product observer Focus on local design, mobile Internet, user experience, and design innovation, and study how to use the design method to link "technology-business-media ". There are design columns, TEDx speakers, author of

A bean-style book review in The Mythical man-month

The Mythical Man-Month is a milestone in The software industry. The author, Brooks, was a former IBM System/360 Project Manager, known as "father of S/360 ". In the book, he discusses in detail all aspects of the entire process of software projects,

Atomic operation (atomic operation) _c

Deeply analyze the realization principle of volatileIntroduction Synchronized and volatile play an important role in multithreaded concurrent programming, and volatile is a lightweight synchronized that ensures the "visibility" of shared variables

Pro git CN plus

Git-the stupid content tracker, A dummies content tracker. This is how Linus introduced git. Git is a version control tool for Linux kernel development. Unlike common version control tools such as CVS and subversion, it uses a distributed version

Go Pick "Five testers must have the advantages

The following list is one of the five most important benefits a tester must have:1. Continuous self-improvementSoftware Testers must continue to learn. The world of technology is not slow. It's changing in the blink of an eye. Today, we are talking

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