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PostgreSQL Tutorial: configure: error: readline library not found

When you build a Postgresql test environment and encounter a problem during installation, execute configure The following error is reported during the process: configure: error: readline library not found. The colleague said that the system has been

The configure: error: readline library not found solution for installing postgreSQL and the entire pg Installation Process

 When installing postgreSQL, you may encounter a problem when executing configure The following error is reported: configure: error: readline library not found, but I installed it in the system. Readline package, 1. Environment Information 2.

"Original" LUA compilation found missing ReadLine library

Compile the LuaLua project, which used the lua-5.1 version of the source code, compile-time prompt missing ReadLine library, can not find readline/readline.h header files, etc.The discovery system actually has installed the ReadLine library but did

Ubuntu12.04 under postgresql-9.3.4 compile source error, no ReadLine library not found

1. Problem phenomenon:Download Link: and install after decompression (requires root permission)1 [email protected]:/opt/postgresql-9.3.4# tar-zxvf postgresql-9.3.4.tar.gz 2 [email

Installation PostgreSQL appears Configure:error:readline library not found workaround

To install ReadLine, Readline-dev the development package, or turn off the ReadLine feature using the--without-readline option.#yum install readline;#yum install Readline-dev;ReadLine is the command line editor, close, you can not edit the command

python2.7 Compiling and installing ReadLine

Python CentOS comes with a version of 2.6.6, some libraries do not support, the decision to compile the installation python2.7 After compiling, found the BACKSPACE key can not be used, checked a half day found that the ReadLine library is not

ARM platform cross-compiling for readline-6.3

Recently, we need to get a CLI command interface program. The initial assumption is that we need to support History commands, and the tab key command should be completed. After reading the relevant information, I went deep into Baidu! (Google is not

PostgreSQL Tutorial: configure: error: readlinelibrarynotfound

When a Postgresql test environment is set up and a problem occurs during installation, the following error is reported during configure execution: configure: error: readlinelibrary When you build a Postgresql test environment and encounter a problem

CentOS Compile and install Perl, Python, and problem solving __python

First, install Perl [Root@centos ~]# wget [Root@centos ~]# tar zxvf perl-5.16.0.tar.gz [Root@centos ~]# CD perl-5.16.0 [Root@centos perl-5.16.0]# mkdir-p/usr/local/perl[Root@centos perl-5.16.0]#

You can use the online ACM library in C # language.

You can use the online ACM library in C # language.The online Q & A library of Russian uural University is an online ACM library that can use C # language. If you are interested, try it.Problem 1000. A + B Problem is an entry, that is, simply

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