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There are still nearly 20 billion yuan invested by Wenzhou Real estate speculators in the stock market.

Cash in Stock Market China Securities News reporter contacted Yang Bo (not his real name ). Yang is a senior investor in Wenzhou. He has invested in real estate for many years. Besides Wenzhou, he has multiple properties in his local area, involving residential buildings, shops and other properties. Two months ag

The Internet transformation of the chain home, the real estate intermediary becomes the whole industry chain service provider

from last year Q1 peak of 7 billion dollars back to the current $ more than 3 billion, at the same time, easy to live in China's stock price trend and search for the basic similarity, now also fell to the peak of half the market value, in addition to the settlement of the surrender of the home to 58 of the same city, The Internet Property Information website, which has been booming in the last two years, has now been taken back to its original shape.

One of the comments on foreign real estate search engines

is very high for a real estate company in Helan, isn't it? It is estimated that people are not familiar with Alexa. If you want to use Alexa from your website, I can help you with the recommendation. It is said that by the end of this year, there will be more than real estate images on this website. "You can view ever

Real estate: Rising power comes from appreciation of the renminbi

Http:// The transaction amount for today's cities is 278.8 billion, a sharp increase of 53.54 billion compared to yesterday, with a margin of 23.8%, and a record turnover of historical days. The first four capital transactions are: Real estate sector, steel plate, electricity, nonferrous metals. The net i

Goldman Sachs recommends investors stay away from Chinese real estate developers

fell by 1.2% year on year, the first time since 2013. In recent months, the housing purchase restriction policy has been relaxed to stabilize the real estate market: most of the second-tier cities have successively relaxed or abolished the purchase restriction policy. In September 30, the central bank and the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a Notice to relax the housing mortgage loan policy, f

Efficient real estate agent information management software-description of functions of beebot

of the housing description; (2) Let the broker write the description of the house more logical and organized; (3) You can save the description to write the description of the houses in the same community at one time, increasing the efficiency. Image Watermark: (1) brand marketing for the company to increase the company's awareness; (2) prevent other company brokers from stealing their pictures; In addition, the small secretary automatically compresses the uploaded images to the specifications r

How to get stock real-time trading data

, 4.90,4.93,4.85,4.90,4.83,4.84,4.85,5637089,27390414.02,147400,4.84,123000,4.83,90200,4.82,103300,4.81,280200,4.80,37510,4 .85,34949,4.86,27899,4.87,31500,4.88,75400,4.89,2012-06-12,15:05:52 "; Format of the exponent "S_sh" + "000001" Stock code stock name 000001 Shanghai Composite 000002 A-share index 000003 B-Shares Index 000004 Industrial index 000005 Business Index 000006

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