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Real-time control software design the first week of work-automotive ABS software system case study

Case analysis of automotive ABS software systemABS through the control action on the wheel brake sub-pump brake line pressure, so that the car in the emergency braking wheel will not hold, so that the car in emergency braking can still maintain a good direction stability.ABS system is generally installed on the basis of general braking system wheel speed sensor, electronic control unit, brake pressure regulator. When braking, through the analysis of t

Third time operation-real-time control software design

, the connector and so on the software tool, may embed the μc/Os the person to the development product. μc/Os has the characteristics of high execution efficiency, small footprint, good real-time performance and scalability, and the minimum kernel can be compiled to 2KB.   The μc/OS has been ported to almost all well-known CPUs. Strictly speaking, Uc/os-ii is jus

How to create real-time animation from 3DS MAX modeling to ogre

How to create real-time animation from 3DS MAX modeling to ogre 3DS MAX is a powerful and common modeling tool that allows you to easily create bone animations. Ogre is an open-source graphics engine that supports vertex blending in bone animation. It also provides the import of multiple models, and of course the 3DS

"Performance optimization" lazy, lazy loading, lazy animation---Update the DOM's view state in real-time based on the window scrolling event to indicate whether the specified visual area is in a defined and change callback

/* * Extended JQ prototype: lazy, lazy loading, lazy animation *---Update the view state of the DOM in real time based on the window scrolling event to indicate whether the specified viewable area is in the defined visual region and make a change callback * $jq. ViewChange ({top:100,bottom:100 , Change:function (status) {}})---Status: ' in '/' out ' * $jq. ViewCh

[JS Master's road] HTML5 Canvas Animation Tutorial-Get the current coordinates of your mouse in real time

explanation (save and restore)[JS Master Road] HTML5 Canvas Series Tutorial-pixel operation (inverse color, black and white, brightness, retro, mask, transparent)[JS Master Road] HTML5 Canvas Series Tutorial-linear gradient, radial gradient and shadow settings[JS Master's Road] HTML5 new timer requestanimationframe actual combat progress barThis article to do a simple real-time access to mouse coordinates,

"Translation" Nishikawa "experiment made by the game graphics""guilty GEAR xrd-sign-" in the realization of "real-time 3D graphics cartoon animation" Secret, previous (2)

strength of the line? Our Village:This village-style line to draw the thickness of the line of strength, is the design of UV map to add. Want to appear coarse line, on the Texutre line performance with the Texel, the corresponding polygon surface allocation of a larger, in the UV map up and down the work can be. This one.the village line, and the production process, the pre-feel will also be in the anime strokes outside the game graphics widely used. An example of setting the thickness of a dr

Real-time control software design first time job

#include #include #include #include using namespace Std;using namespace KDL;Class ABC{public:Char name[20];int m;Vector2 Point[3];ABC (){for (int i=0;im=0;}};int main (){Char i,j;Char a[3][20];Char b[6][10];Double c[6]={0,0,0,0,0,0};Char d[3][20];Char e[2][10];Double f[2];coutABC P;cin>>;cin>>p.m;Switch (p.m.){Case 1:{cin>>a[0];For (i=1;ifor (j=0,i++;jC[0]=atof (B[0]); C[1]=atof (b[1]);P.point[0]= (Vector2 (c[0],c[1));}BreakCase 2:{cin>>a[0];cin>>a[1];For (i=1;ifor (j=0,i++;jFor (i=1;ifor

"Real-time control software Design" first time programming job

Code:#include Results:"Real-time control software Design" first time programming job

mak_software_suite_v4.0 virtual Reality (VR) and real-time simulation software

large 3D model of real-time roaming, it supports a variety of 3D CAD models, thereby maximizing the possible use of 3D design features to achieve team design. Widely used in construction, engineering, construction and design fieldsnavisworks.jetstream.v5.2.3Silicon Graphics Products:Sgi. opengl.performer.v3.2.2 OpenGL Performer is a powerful API for generating real

Your own Linux software/instruction manual (real-time update)

configuration Files or the format of some files6 Games7 Conventions and protocols, such as Linux file system, network Description of protocol, ASCII code, etc.8 Administrative commands available to system administrators9 documents related to kernel7. Whatis =man-fSearch the Whatis database for complete words8.apropos =man-ksearch for a string of all pages9.infosimilar to man, you can view the online Help file in info page format for instructions with the Info page feature.10./usr/share/doc/Many

20170710l07-09-03 old boy Linux Operational training-sersync real-time synchronization software practical application Guide 07

Sersync pressure test in the next sectionThis section focuses on the pressure test text of the previous section to do a real stress testTest out exactly what the sersync pressure limit is.From 10 to 100 per second# Tree |wc-l #查看写了多少文件# uptime #查看负载Here is the test script#!/bin/shcount=100While TrueDoFor ((i=1;iDo/BIN/CP 10k.jpg/backup/test/$i/10k_echo $ (date) $RANDOM |md5sum |cut-c 1-8.jpgDoneSleep 1For ((i=1;iDo/BIN/CP 30k.jpg/backup/test/$i/10k_ec

Chat--Real-time communication software prototype design

Prototype Display address: section ChatPrototype design tool: Ink knifeOperating Environment: Android,web browser (chrome test)Android Download:Description: The product prototype is a frame design before the whole product is available, the prototype of the product is basically built on the frame structure, not attention to the beautification of the icon and the layout of the details.NeedBranch Chat, as the name implies, do our own real-

Sersync Real-time synchronization software

( Ai]o} ' u]wk%rz]fhit.png ' alt= "wkiom1vipygivxtnaadjnoja8uw677.jpg"/>To solve this problem, we configure a confing.xml for each directory (which is configured to produce a multi-instance configuration)650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 3del5ykg$y$ ([ys%) @EZF $S. png "alt=" wkiom1vip6gyilmkaahvvo_ocjc679.jpg "/> are Bbs_confxml.xml, Www_confxml.xml, Blog_confxml.xml configuration files are synchronized with different d

Real-time viewing of Zabbix monitoring via Android software Zax

Real-time viewing of Zabbix monitoring via Android software ZaxThis article turns to self- personal blog these days in learning , yesterday in google Play inadvertently saw a software that can be connected to get monitoring information in real

Self-made mysql master-slave replication (real-time) software implementation _ MySQL

Self-made mysql master-slave replication (real-time) software-implementation of the following is the main java implementation code: Specific Design Reference Self-made mysql master-slave replication (real-time) software -- imple

20170705l07-09-03 old boy Linux Operational training-sersync real-time synchronization software Practical application Guide-2

The next section continues to say SersyncThis section is about the actual experiment of Sersync.Installation of primary server Sersync, settingAnd then a synchronous demo.Let people know more about the principle of synchronous automation softwareIn which the real-time synchronization is explainedWhen the amount of synchronization is highThe client may not be able to update in

PS software operation out of sync real-time display solution

Computer before a few installed a system, PS not a few times, today with the discovery of not real-time display operation, but also need to point the Navigator that box to show, did not encounter this problem, the other machine did not remember the settings, do not know how to become such a, check the following information set as followsEdit---preferences---text---to fill in the 2 tick below650) this.width=

. NET Reverse: Patch A real-time log viewing software

My first reverse works, and share with you.A I like to implement log viewing software, official website: feeling and free as compared to the Logexpert, the biggest advantage is that high-score support is better, the UI is still very clear on the high split screen.Nonsense not much to say, the text begins.First, the environment Dnspy 4.5.1 (x64) De4dot 3.2.0 (x64) Snipaste ...?? Dnspy and De4dot are all e

Real-time control software design second week job

I. design of state machine for access control system of automobileState machine all states:Entry Gate sensor (two states): Ture False (denoted by ET and EF, respectively)Gate sensor (two states): Ture False (expressed in OT and of)Landing lever (two states): Up-down (indicated by up and DW, respectively)Traffic light (two states): Red Green (denoted by R and G respectively)External events received by the state machine:Car entry and Exit Access System area: Enter out (denoted by E and O, respecti

"Real-time control software" Fourth week operation

For an analysis of an ice hockey simulation software, first analyze what subsystems are needed:1. Human-Computer Interaction systemThe main function of this system is the graphical output, so that users can see the location of ice hockey and other content. and can receive some input information from people. 2. Game Strategy SystemThe game strategy calculates that if you hit the puck to get the best results, this part needs a more optimized algorithm.

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