rebuild index in mysql

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MySQL index Operations Command (CREATE INDEX, rebuild index, query index, delete index)

1. CREATE index The creation of the index can be done in the CREATE TABLE statement, or you can add indexes to the table separately with the CREATE INDEX or ALTER TABLE. The following command statements show how to create a primary key index

Principles and optimization of database Indexing __ Index

This article mainly originates from the Internet mainstream article, just according to the individual understanding slightly makes the integration, behind has the reference link. I. Summary This paper takes the MySQL database as the research object

MySQL Full-text index

First, how to set?Click {full-Text search} at the end to set the full-text index, different MySQL version names may be different.Second, set the conditions1. The storage engine for the table is MyISAM, and the default storage engine InnoDB does not

Summary of MYSQ Index operation commands (create, rebuild, query, and delete index commands) _mysql

In the examples listed below, ' table_name ' represents the data table name, ' Index_name ' represents the index name, and the column list represents the field list (for example: ' id ', ' order_id '). 1. CREATE index The creation of the index can

Word summary: Learn MySQL optimization principle (GO)

This article transferred from: HTTPS://WWW.TUICOOL.COM/WX/2EMBFMQObjectiveTalking about MySQL query optimization, I believe you have a collection of artifice: You cannot use SELECT *, do not use null fields, reasonably create an index, select the

Apache + Mysql + PHP

Apache + Mysql + PHP reproduced from: DedeCMS deployment -- how to deploy Apache + Mysql + PHP (LAMP )?1. Linux OS: Linux OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (Nahant Update 6) 2.

Using full-text indexing in MySQL (fulltext index)

Using full-text indexing in MySQL (fulltext index)A useful feature of MySQL is the ability to find text using full-text indexing (fulltext index). Currently only valid when using the MyISAM type table (MyISAM is the default table type, and if you

Database index: What do you need to know?

1. Database Data Storage 1.1 file: Once a database is created, two files are generated: DataBaseName. mdf: master file, which is the final place where data in the database is stored. DataBaseName. ldf: a log file, a series of log records generated

Summary of high-performance mysql learning Notes

(Architecture and history)Mysql logical architectureIf you have a structural diagram of how Mysql components work together in your mind, this will help us understand the Mysql server.Mysql logical architectureThe upper-layer connection/thread

MySQL Full text search tips _php Tutorial

MySQL Reference Manual for version 4.1.0-alpha. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.8 MySQL Full Text Search When 3.23.23, MySQL began to support full-text indexing and searching. Full-text

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