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23 Questions to know about the new ipod series

*480. The rear camera can take a 30fps 720P HD Audio video or 960x720 pixel static picture. 7. Is the new ipod Touch standard with the iphone 4 camera flash I'm sorry, no. 8. Does the front camera mean the ipod Touch supports FaceTime video calls True. This is one of the many features that the new ipod touch has launched to attract the most users. As long as

How does iPod touch5 jailbreak iOS8.1.1? IPod touch5 jailbreak iOS8.1.1 tutorial

Jailbreak preparation tool1. The anti-theft function must be disabled and2. The device lock password can also be canceled.Open the Taiji jailbreak tool1. Connect the iPod touch5 to the computer using the data cable2. Wait for the jailbreak tool to identify iPod touch5 and click start as shown in the figure. Note that there are several options below. We can select or choose to install the software.3. Waiting

What if Iphone/ipad/ipod lost? Iphone/ipad/ipod lost the way to find it

1, the equipment has opened the GPS service, landed before you landed in loses the equipment the Apple ID account number, the equipment in the boot state, the remote wipes off your handset the data and so on, has not been brushed, clicks the localization to be possible to find;2, there is a "look up my iphone";3, and mobile cellular data is open. Need to meet the above three conditions, and then you can open the icloud Web site on the computer, you can also set your lost equipment to be lost eq

Crazy DIY! Install Linux on iPod

Linux shadows can be seen on smartphones, handheld computers, portable devices, Apple computers, and mainframe/giant computers. iPod has the computer elements-storage devices, central processors, can she install Linux? The answer is yes. So why install Linux on the iPod? -- DIY spirit! Do it yourself! Isn't it true that if you like DIY, you don't want to try a distinctive personality? The

Fireworks Draw Exquisite Stereo ipod

Stereo Little Darling recently bought an ipod, all the time boasting the beautiful appearance of the ipod, the powerful function. In addition to the recent study of fireworks, she threatened to paint the beautiful ipod with FW, unfortunately, she is really "talents" Ah, this is not, finally came to me to help, it is ra

SanDisk breaks through iPod to build a music empire

compare to Apple, which has a 70% market share, Microsoft, its recent competitor, has only 3% of the market share. When competitors are busy adding Wi-Fi and the "shake to shuffle" function to their respective players, SanDisk is dedicated to streamlining those features, to highlight its price advantages. Sansa Clip released by SanDisk for Apple iPod shuffle is equipped with 1 display screen and 2 GB memor

Save Apple Music so the ipod Touch is resurrected

The casually revived ipod Touch, behind the hidden Apple how helpless? The Resurrection before death? or want to learn Lei Feng? Save the less-than-confident Apple Music. Maybe it was three years, users hungry ...650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" J6wtb4b6l31c_24.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1xwf3_sbamvaar10cthy-a463.jpg "/>Wen/Zhang ShulePublished in "Computer Application Digest" in late Au

RealPlayer11 easy to manage ipod usage tips

With ipod prices already approachable, more and more people are making the choice of ipods as their portable music players. But every time need itunes synchronization can realize the song add and delete, greatly increased the user operation difficulty. RealPlayer 11 In addition to the powerful video, music playback functions, another special feature is easy to implement the ipod and other portable mp3/mp4 o

The old 20 best ipod Tools

With the constant innovation, your trusty old ipod may not look so shiny anymore. But with the help of Third-party apps and tools, you'll find a lot of practical features you've never known before, and let your old ipod get a new facelift, not too far behind its descendants. Whether it's new or old, the following 20 ipod tools are available to maximize your

Code used to detect iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad devices

This Section detects iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad device types Code Share by cocoachina member qqn_pipi, post address Tid-20994.html # import Foundation/Foundation. h # import sys/utsname. h Enum {model_iphone_simulator this Section detects the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad device type code by cocoachina member "qqn_pipi" to share, post address

When will I buy a video iPod?

I have never caught a cold eye on the video functions of mobile devices, and I can't see clearly on the screen even with a big face.I have never understood how to watch a movie: do I not want to watch this movie? Otherwise, how can we achieve this "self-harm" approach,The artist's painstaking creations and time have been ruined together.I have been talking about Apple and confused myself like an "apple", so I have a dispute with my friends. In factI don't like "fan". I only want to ask if such a

IPod Touch online

Apple has fully upgraded the iPod production line. The most striking new product is undoubtedly the new iPod Touch. The iPhone with the phone function is removed from the iPhone, apple's vest is amazing. In addition to phone text messages, iPod Touch has all the functions of the iPhone. Its shape is a little shorter than that of the iPhone. The screen is the

Use the Apple ipod player in Linux

Article Title: Use the Apple ipod player in Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. 1. USB connection. USB connection simplifies the entire process. After connecting to a computer, the iPod will be treated as a USB flash drive. You only need to

Experience in ipod library development.

the requirements, I first went to find out how to obtain files in the ipod and their basic attributes, such as music files, their album names, singers, and covers. At that time, I found a blog on getting basic information about the ipod music file in the blog Park. I was excited to read it, and I also posted it to my blog so that I could read it at any time, in my blog, I called "ios getting music library

1 yuan to buy ipod auction network Leading 2011 new trend of online shopping

Online auction as a new thing just entering China is only just beginning, far from the mature abroad, how it develops in China, the future trend of development will be worth exploring. But after the author of the Days of observation and participation in the discovery, although most of the domestic auction net is copied foreign Swoopo website, nothing new, also lack of creativity, of course, we also found a few emerged local auction network, just a few months and show their own strength and the c

Using iPod On Debian is quite simple.

Using iPod On Debian is quite simple-the Linux Release Technology-Debian information. The following is a detailed description. I tried it on the old machine a long time ago. At that time, the ipod name appeared in the/media Directory, such as the ipod of ×××, however, after the gtkpod is started, it seems that you can't find/media/

IPod Touch 4 brush tutorial

IPod Touch 4 brush tutorial Finally, I had the money to buy the first Apple product: iPod Touch 4. I wanted to buy the iPhone 4S, but it didn't cost much. I bought it for development, iPod.In addition to phone calls, touch can be identical to the iPhone. Today, we will introduce how to flash the machine: Both Mac and windows can be flushed, because iTunes also has a Windows version. We want to downgrade

IPod wheel's absolute advantages

IPod wheel is the focus of IPOD promotion. From the practical experience, it can indeed take on such an important task. This innovative design not only surprises you when you touch it for the first time, but also greatly simplifies the use, especially when the fourth generation integrates the four touch keys, the functionality and ease of use increase, it completely surpasses the so-called single-handed op

Early iOS development: Playing iPod library music with audio

1. Summary In many music player applications, you can play the music in your own music player. This player is called iPod. music files are stored in the iPod library. This article describes how to play music in the iPod library through the music player that comes with the IOS system. 2. iOS development documentation: IPOD

IPod Touch generation 2.1 firmware (5fware) crack

updated later):Http://,1_2.1_5F137_Restore.ipsw? Downloadkey = 1221074676_f1587f2275884c69c110f79d3c4fd235 Http://,1_2.1_5F137_Restore.ipsw? Downloadkey = 1221074872_778bf90c4d980ca7b1cf3087310cfbc8 Http://

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