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crisis 6, except for the ghost weeping 4 which had been played before, none of which had been played. this was bought at the previous Capcom special weekend. As a diaosi, you can only buy discount games. generally, a new game masterpiece requires 60 knives and Qaq. In the past few days, I opened a new trap and was playing Similar games are said to have In addition, console and host

I recently came into contact with a batch of games and felt a little bit

I have been a little busy recently. In fact, I am very busy with things, but I am very busy with things. Sorry ...... Recently, on the 11 th holiday, I have played some games. I have some feelings. If you are free today, Let's sum up. If you want to extend it later Let's start with the wind series. The biggest emotion is the core content of the game. The style ha

Ubuntu-based commercial edition Linspire6.0 released recently (figure)

Is the loading graph of Linspire6 release, which is in the KDE Desktop Environment. It is worth noting that Linspire6.0 is based on the Ubuntu release this time. The result of Linspire's cooperation with Microsoft -- Linspire6.0 was released recently. What is the fate of this Linux release that is full of commercial and restricted and non-free software? Let's take a look at its features. It is the Linspire6

TOP Best LINUX games released in 2016

, PCGamer, Giantbomb and others.With the "Amazing fan support", Superhot went through the Steam greenlight process during a single weekend thus Enab Ling Team expansion and remaking the prototype into a full-length video game.A Kickstarter Campaign was launched on could 14th,, that got funded within the first hours. The campaign raised over $250,000 from the community with 11,626 backers! Quite an achievement, isn ' t it?Superhot on Steam3. XCOM 2xcom:enemy Unknown, the original version of the g

NewsWatch: Movie tulinux will not be involved in PC games

Article title: Newswatch: UbuntuLinux won't be involved in PC games. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. According to foreign media reports, Gerry Carr, the product manager of Canonical, recently briefed reporters

Running Android games on your PC

Since running Google's Android phone, many friends have fantasized about running the Android operating system on a regular PC or Windows system, though many of the software are known to run the Android system. However, the period of fluency and practical degree is really not flattering. Recently, a much-watched software--bluestacks app player, claiming to be able to run the Android program smoothly on any

3 times faster than Chrome! The world's fastest PC browser released

3 times faster than Chrome! The world's fastest PC browser released Chrome has always been the only choice in terms of speed and stability. Recently, a browser claims to be "the fastest in the world" and is three times faster than Chrome.Most importantly, this browser comes from an existing browser company in China to travel to Maxthon ). Despite its early la

Three Kingdoms series games, special version of "Three Kingdoms-classic battle edition" released

originally intended to launch the second round of the game, but for some reason, coupled with occasional failure to study the development of the HTML5 game engine, it was delayed, the second release will wait for the next time. This series of games are updated with the update of the game engine. In the future, the engine upgrade may continue to launch step 3 and step 4. The chaos of the First yellow towel in the Three KingdomsRelease address: http://

Microsoft released xNa professional programming templates for games-extreme need for speed!

Recently, Microsoft released a professional programming template similar to the need for speeding-racinggame (which is better than the racinggame introduced a few days ago and an upgraded version of racinggame ), xNa beginners can easily build their own professional racing games. Unlike the original Star Wars template, racinggame is a complete professional racing

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