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Algorithm title: Maximum Rectangle _ algorithm in histogram and 0-1 matrix

A few days ago to see an algorithm topic, it looks very simple, that is, there is a rectangle composed of 0 and 1, and then find the rectangle of all elements are 1 of the largest rectangular rectangle, it seems quite simple at first, but I think

Minimum external rectangle

Source: Id = 619 & classid = 51 Solution report for the smallest rectangle (rec1) Author: FENG Hao time: 2007.10.11 document type/Source: NoI Journal Summary:A plane

[ACM] maximum rectangle, [ACM] rectangle

[ACM] maximum rectangle, [ACM] rectangleMaximum rectangle Problem Description Question No.: 3Question name: the largest rectangleTime Limit: 1.0 sMemory limit: 256.0 MBProblem description: Place n adjacent rectangles on the horizontal axis. The

(Daily algorithm) Leetcode--largest Rectangle in histogram (maximum solid rectangle)

Train of thought: if the time complexity requirement is O (n 2 ), the solution is more and better understanding. For example, you can traverse the column at the current I position, calculate the maximum rectangle ending with this I column, and then

A probe into the rectangle of rounded corners

Rounded Corners First of all, this tutorial can only be discussed as a topic, the focus of the discussion is caused by a problem, the following questions:Question: How do you create such a rectangular frame--two rounded corners, two right angles?

From the "Liskov replacement principle" and "Refused Bequest", we can see why the square cannot inherit the rectangle"

Suppose our current requirement is to implement a rectangle, So we wrote the code like this:Class Rectangle { Protected double width; Protected double height; Public double Width { Set {this. width = value ;} Get {return this. width ;} } Public

WPF uses Canvas to draw a variable rectangle and wpfcanvas to draw a rectangle.

WPF uses Canvas to draw a variable rectangle and wpfcanvas to draw a rectangle.1. Problems and Solutions Recently, a location verification function is required for the project. The general requirement is as follows: there is an image with some

An algorithm problem-to find the intersection rectangle of three rectangles.

The given rectangle is defined as follows:struct rect{ int// represents the upper-left horizontal coordinate of the rectangle int// represents the upper-left vertical coordinate of the rectangle int// indicates rectangle width int //

LSP principle-the square is not a rectangle

The rectangle has two attributes: length and width. There is also a way to set the length and width, and a way to calculate the area.As shown belowPrivate int length;Private int width;Public void setLength (int lenght ){This. length = lenght;}Public

Html5 Canvas painting tutorial (9)-draw a rectangle and a circle in the canvas

Comments: This article describes how to draw Rectangles and circles in a canvas. They are basic images. Of course, there are more than basic graphics, but in canvas, only rectangular and circular shapes do not need to be simulated using other

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