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Windows XP installation Xmanager connect the Linux redhat system via telnet service and install oracle10g

use your xmanager to connect to the Linux system, you need to choose a user name to enter the password into the Linux GUI, the graphical interface to open a terminal character interface execution/database/installxxx can't remember, find it yourself! Install oracle10g required configuration files and Linux packages are all in advance, or not let you install, if you cry father my Niang I don't careThis artic

How to install the Telnet Client

In the previous article, we have explained how to install the Telnet server. Here we will analyze the process of installing the Telnet client. First, let's take a look at the specific environment for running this operation. Install the T

Windows7 install Telnet client and server

The company bought Linux system, want me to realize the communication between Linux and Window System, learn from zero school, first learn to install Telnet client and server. Windows7 Telnet Installation and startup Telnet is a common remote login and management tool used

Install Oracle on RedHat Enterprise Client 5.3

1. Install RedHat Enterprise Client 5.3 Now the Redhat installation process has been very user-friendly, and the entire installation process is not too complicated. During the installation process, the most important thing to note is the Linux swap partition settings, usually between 1.5-2 times the physical memory. Fo

Install the Oracle 10g client in RedHat Linux 5.5

Client installation is quite simple: you only need to pay attention to the following instructions. NOTE: If it is installed on the same server as the server, replace the Oracle symbol with the client, and change the installation path accordingly. Version: Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux Release 5.5 Nahant Update2 Kernel Oracle Client Version: Oracle10.

CentOS Redhat Linux Install Oracle Client Note points

Label:1) installation files to be copied to local file system execution2) Although I do not know what LIBXMU is, but after installation, the associated package installed a lot, feel very worryYum Install libxmu.i6863) If you can't find a package, it's a good choice to use Yum search 4) You need to write Tnsnames.ora manually and configure the TNS_ADMIN environment variable. You can copy from a Windows machine, but be aware that EOL is going to be conv

Configure and use Telnet in Linux. RedHat As5

This has to be one of the more common support callthat I get. the telnet daemon is no longer usually installed by default, so people are surprised when their newly installed Linux system won't answer telnets. By the way, I am always careful to explain why Telnet isn' t there anymore; that they probably shoshould be thinking about ssh. but sometimes there are perfectly reasonable reasons: it's only going to

Enable FTP and Telnet services under RedHat, and enable root user logon to telnet

I am learning how to use the libcurl library. I want to test the FTP and telnet protocols in libcurl. However, for security reasons, the FTP and Telnet services in RedHat 5.3 are disabled by default. We need to enable it ourselves.(1) install xinetd Both FTP and telnet are

Configure and use Telnet in RedHat Linux 9

Configure and use Telnet in RedHat Linux 9 To configure the telnet service, follow these steps:   1. Install the Telnet package (usually two) 1. telnet-client (or

Configure ssh, telnet, and ftp services in redhat

this package, which is usually 3.5p1-6.) if no display is displayed or the display does not contain openssh-server-*, the SSH server software package is not installed, go to step 3. find the redhat 9.0 installation disc, and load the mount-t iso9660/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom drive in the optical drive. 4. find the directory where the SSH server software is located in the optical drive. Generally, under the/mnt/cdrom/Re

RedHat enable the Telnet Service

1. Use the RPM command to check whether the RPM package of telnet-server is installed. [Root @ localhost root] # rpm-Qa TelnetTelnet-0.17-25Telnet *. rpm is installed by default.[Root @ localhost root] # rpm-Qa telnet-ServerThe display is blank. Telnet *. rpm is not installed by default. 2. Install

Redhat to open the Telnet service.

First, use the RPM command to detect whether the Telnet,telnet-server RPM package is installed [root@localhost Root] #rpm-qa telnettelnet-0.17-25[root@localhost Root] #rpm-qa telnet-server Two. Install Telnet-server [root@localhost Root] #mount/mnt/cdrom[root@localhost Root]

RedHat Linux 9 telnet configuration and Use)

Http:// configure the telnet service, follow these steps: 1. Install the Telnet package (usually two) 1. telnet-client (or telnet). This package provides the

Configure ssh, telnet, and ftp services in redhat

. find the directory where the SSH server software is located in the optical drive. Generally, under the/mnt/cdrom/RedHat/RPMS/directory, You can first run cd to this directory and then use ls to view it, for example: ls openssh *, then install the rpm-ivh openssh-3.5p1-6 directly based on the specific display above (if the second step shows that the package is already installed, do not

You cannot use Telnet to enable the Telnet client in Windows 7.

Switch from: in Windows 7, Telnet cannot be used to enable the Telnet client. When the user needs to detect the opening and closing of local and remote host ports, he may think of using telnet, but he finds that Telnet cannot be used in Windows 7, and '

RedHat 6 Installing XRDP after implementing the Windows Telnet graphical interface

Vncserver start (Start only /etc/sysconfig/vncservers defined interface)let xrdp boot automatically:# vi/etc/rc.local Edit it, then add:/etc/xrdp/ startabove is RedHat 6 uses xrdp to Log on to Windows Remote Desktop, although Linux and Windows are not the same two systems, but RedHat 6 The power of this is its compatibility, so RedHat 6 can also log on to

About the settings of the Telnet Client

, as if you have opened the command prompt locally on the Telnet server. Only applications that are used with a command prompt and do not interact with the desktop or use a graphical user interface can be used for Telnet. Windows Server®2008 and Windows Vista®All operating system members include the Telnet client, but

Linux installation remove Telnet Server and client

Installing the Telnet packageTelnet-client (or Telnet), this package provides a Telnet client program;Telnet-server software package, this is the real Telnet server package.1, first det

Install Telnet under Linux

The following error occurs when Telnet is not installed in the Linux environment: [[Email protected] ~]# Telnet not found ... The solution requires the installation of the Telnet service, which uses Yum install, and can refer to

Configuring the Install Telnet service in Linux

Telnet is a popular protocol for logging on to a remote computer over the Internet. The Telnet Server package provides support for Telnet hosts. To communicate with another host through the Telnet protocol, you can use the name or Internet address format (such as to contact the host.

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