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RedHat places a bet on OpenStack

In the past ten years, RHEL has made RedHat the dominant position in the enterprise-level Linux market. Ten years later, RedHat hopes to build an IaaS solution on OpenStack to realize the company's leapfrog development. RedHat is now focusing on cloud computing and plans to use it as the main driving force to support i

CEO of RedHat on VMware, OpenStack, and CentOS

CEO of RedHat on VMware, OpenStack, and CentOS RedHat has completed an acquisition to build an open-source stack that leads the hybrid data center, and its main competitor is VMware. The duel between RedHat and VMware remains to be observed, but Jim whitehust, CEO of RedHat,

Linux Advanced Tip: OpenStack Build and application under Redhat

similar to Amazon EC2 and S3 (Infrastructure as a service, IaaS). OpenStack consists of two main modules: Nova and Swift, the virtual server deployment and Business Computing module developed by NASA, which is a distributed cloud storage module developed by Rackspace, which can be used together or separately. OpenStack is an open source project, with the support of Rackspace and NASA, as well as the contri

OpenStack Construction and Application in RedHat Linux

OpenStack Construction and Application in RedHat Linux 1. Introduction to OpenStack OpenStack is a free software and open source code project jointly developed by NASA and Rackspace with Apache license authorization. OpenStack is a cloud platform management project. It is no

RedHat plans to launch enterprise-level OpenStack Products

RedHat plans to launch enterprise-level open source OpenStack software to host IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) deployment. The company has released an unsupported preview version, and the complete commercial version is expected to be released in early 2013. "From the RedHat perspective, we feel that the next version of Ope

CEO of RedHat expressed optimism about the benefits of OpenStack

targets for the next quarter and the year. For the third quarter, RedHat hopes that the guiding revenue could be between $0.5 billion million and $0.5 billion million, up 15% from the same period last year. For fiscal year 2016, Redhat's Annual Guidance target was $2 billion million, an increase of 14% compared with last year. Red Hat CFO Frank Calderoni pointed out at a conference call that the top 30 orders for Red Hat were about to exceed $1 milli

Linux Advanced Skills: openstack Construction and Application under redhat

(as a Service, IaaS) similar to Amazon EC2 and S3 ). OpenStack consists of two main modules: Nova and Swift. The former is the virtual server deployment and business computing module developed by NASA, and the latter is the distributed cloud storage module developed by Rackspace, which can be used together, it can also be used separately. OpenStack is an open-source project. In addition to the strong suppo

IBM and RedHat will join OpenStack

IBM and RedHat may soon join the OpenStack support camp, which will largely promote the development of this cloud open source code project. GigaOm first reported the news that IBM and RedHat will join the OpenStack team, but the news has not yet been confirmed by both companies and

OpenStack preview version released by RedHat

RedHat today announced the forthcoming version of RedHatOpenStack. OpenStack is a popular open-source IaaS solution. This version of RedHat supports the creation and management of private, public, and hybrid clouds. This version makes RedHat one step ahead of the industry and provides the only enterprise-level release

Redhat 6.3 openstack cinder installation Configuration

Redhat 6.3 openstack cinder installation configuration cinder configuration installation: 1) download source code2) pip install3) yum install scsi-target-utils4) yum install iscsi-initiator-utils.x86_64 (these two are equivalent to open-iscsi and tgt under ubuntu) 5) edit cinder config filenormally it except des: database config keystone access config volumes config message queue configalso ena

Application example of using RHCI to build redhat training environment

Before the operation, the face to find a large U disk (according to what to configure the practice of the environment) make U disk boot installation tools, I am here to prepare a 128G u disk. In addition, we need to download the following packages from the relevant network of Red Hat: * RHCIFOUNDATION-RHEL7-*.ICMF (manifest file) * Rhel-7.x-*-server-x86_64-dvd1.iso (RHEL 7.x DVD) * FOUNDATION-CONFIG-7.X-*.RPM (student/instructor rpm) * FOUNDATION0-CONFIG-7.X-*.RPM (instructor rpm) *

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