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WWW or no WWW is not the same! Fix with htaccess 301 redirect

This is an extremely important and yet simple to implement Seo tip about those "W's" you often see in a web address. this will seem basic to inform people, but it is shocking how often it is misunderstood, handled incorrectly, orOverlooked. If you MVC 3 301 permanent redirect without WWW domain name to domain with www

Friends who use and follow the new technology may already know that the Response.redirectpermanent () method has been added in 4.0 to achieve permanent redirection, and the effect of the method is clearly explained in the annotation:

Redirect a domain name without WWW to a domain name with WWW

Domain names without WWW and without WWW are not the same thing: the former is called the root domain name, and the latter is the second-level domain name of the former. For a long time, people have become accustomed to bringing WWW when visiting implement 301 redirect without www domain name to the domain name with www

Some friends may use the method of comparing benzene, add Response.redirectpermanent method under each Controller. The simpler approach is to add the following code to the Global.axax.cs: The code is as follows Copy Code

Apache will redirect without www domain 301 to the domain name with www _linux

Believe that a lot of webmaster friends have such problems appear. That is, the domain name with the WWW prefix and the top-level domain name without the WWW prefix are different. This problem is mainly due to the search engine for the top-level

The iis7 settings will redirect the domain name without www to the with WWW

After setting up a website in the IIS environment, many friends habitually bind domain names with or without WWW to a website. In this way, although both domain names can be accessed, however, the weight is easily dispersed, resulting in reduced

PHP with 301 redirect root domain to www domain name

PHP Implementation 301 Permanent Redirect the domain name without www to the domain name with www, that is, redirect to you only need to complete this function, the PHP code can be written like this:1PHP2 $the

Apache will redirect without www domain 301 to a domain name with www configuration method

#强制重定向到wwwRewriteengine onRewritecond%{http_host} ^[NC]Rewriterule ^ (. *) $$1 [l,r=301]#强制重定向到不带www的顶级域名Rewriteengine onRewritecond%{http_host}!^$ [NC]Rewriterule ^ (. *) $$1 [l,r=301]Apache

AMH panel configuration site 301 Jump www and no www domain name example

When we build the station will be based on their own habits with the www or without the WWW domain name as the main domain name, for this point is not too much of a strict requirement is to use WWW or non-www domain name, but in foreign sites to see

How to redirect a second-level domain to a primary domain

To increase the search engine friendliness of the website, a 301 redirection is made to the website today, Redirect to The solution is as follows:   Find the. htaccess file under the site

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