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PHP Redis Learning Notes

1,connectDescription: The instance is connected to a redis.Parameters: Host:string,port:intReturn value: BOOL successfully returned: TRUE; failed return: FALSE $redis = new Redis ();$result = $redis->connect (' ', 6379);Var_dump

Redis key (Key) command _redis

The Redis key (Key) command command describes the Redis DEL command, which is used to delete key in key presence. The Redis Dump command serializes the given key and returns the serialized value. The Redis EXISTS command checks to see if a given key

PHP + Redis Basic operations

This article mainly introduces the PHP + Redis basic operation, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to String type operation The string is the most basic type of Redis, and the string type is binary

Summary of Redis cluster Building tutorial

This article to share the content is about the Redis cluster Construction Tutorial Summary, the content is very detailed, the need for friends can refer to, hope can help everyone. Objective This paper collects and collates the network text,

About Redis & the difference from Memcache

Redis is a high-performance, memory-based Key-value database.Features of ReidsRedis is essentially a key-value type of in-memory database, much like memcached, where the entire database is loaded in memory for operation, and the database data is

How PHP operates Redis instance sharing

String type operation The string is the most basic type of Redis, and the string type is binary safe. This means that a Redis string can contain any data. For example, JPG images or serialized objects $redis->set (' key ', ' TK '); $redis->set ('

Redis Learning Guide, redis

Redis Learning Guide, redis I. Introduction Redis is an open-source log-type database written in ansi c language that supports Network, memory persistence, and high-performance key-value. It also provides APIs in multiple languages. Speaking of

PHP using Redis instance to explain

Redis is an open source API that is written in ANSI C, supports the web, can be persisted in memory, key-value databases, and provides multiple languages. Redis supports data types such as String (string), list, Hash (dictionary), set (set), Sorted

A detailed description of the PHP operation Redis Step

This time for everyone to bring the PHP operation Redis steps in detail, PHP operation of the Redis note what, the following is the actual case, together to see. One, Redis connection and authentication Connection parameters: IP, port, connection

Redis beginners (1) -- Understanding Redis and redis beginners

Redis beginners (1) -- Understanding Redis and redis beginners The official Redis website defines Redis as "Redis is an open source, BSD licensed, advanced key-value cache and store". We can see that Redis is a key-value system, it can be used to

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