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Redis core-cluster management tool (Redis-sentinel)

transparent to clients. The following article systematically explains the principle of Redis-sentinel. I hope it will be useful to you. Source: Redis-sentinel is the monitoring and management, notification, and instance failure backup service of Redis instances. It is a

Visualization of the Redis database management tool Redis-desktop-manager initial use (graphic)

Tags: linu command visual console image Bubuko namespace manager appWhether you're installing Redis in Linux or Windows,How to properly download and install the Visual Redis Database management tool (Redis-desktop-manager) under Windows (detailed text) 1, for example, dou

Redis admin UI (redis web interface management tool)

. * 10.1 go to the/var/www/html directory. * 10.2 use VI to create an empty document and press insert to enter the editing mode * 10.3 save and exit View the 1.html file in the folder. * 10.4 when this file is downloaded to the current directory through wget to httpd, 1.html is applied for itself, so a. 1 is automatically added to the downloaded file name. If the download is successful, the apache service is successfully installed!3.6.3 configure boot Use the service

Redis web interface management tool

A friendly redis web interface management tool. Based on. NET. You can use mono to deploy it on Linux. below is my deployment on centos 5.7 + mono 2.10.8 + jexus 5.0.1: What is P = 381 Project address: Source code:

Redis's graphical interface management tool: Phpredisadmin

Most people know that Redis is a software used on a cache server, similar to Memcache, can store a huge amount of data, used in large-volume Web sites, chat records storage, etc., but unlike memcache:1, cache data can be persisted, there is no cache time limit2. Support More data types: String, list, set, sorted set, hash (reference:, similar to Memcache, the data will be in memory, so fast

Redis data recovery method, Redis-port tool synchronizes a self-built Redis Rdb file to a cloud database

Tags: keyword--synchronous loading targe out technology OSS based on1. The Redis recovery mechanism If only AOF is configured, the AOF file recovery data is loaded when the reboot is restarted; If both RDB and AOF are configured, the boot is only loaded with AOF file recovery data; If only the RDB is configured, startup is the load dump file to recover the data. 2. Recovering data from AoF1 Note the following configurationyesdir

Redis series five: Redis Key Management and Redis database management

Tags: width tor sele 5.5 start feature img CLU successOne, Redis Key Management 1 key RenameRename Oldkey newkey//formatRename Oldkey NewKey//If Oldkey exists before it is overwrittenSet name James; set name1 Mike//Data initializationRenamenx name name1//renaming fails only if NAME1 does not exist to rename2 return random keyRandomkey//Return random key3 keys ExpireExpire name:03 20//Key name:03 expires in

Redis Research (14th)-management tools, redis research tools

Redis Research (14th)-management tools, redis research toolsTo do well, you must first sharpen your tools. When using Redis, if you can effectively use various Redis management tools, it will greatly facilitate development and

Redis Cluster Synchronous Migration Method (II): implemented by Redis-migrate-tool

The Redis replication method described in the previous chapter has many steps and is prone to error. There are some open source tools on Git that also enable synchronous migration, with simple steps such as Redis-port,redis-migrate-tool tools. The experiment demo uses Redis-

5. Redis Monitoring Tool--redis Sentinel usage instructions and precautions

With the previous 4 notes, you have already learned about the basic concept and configuration of Redis, and this note highlights how to monitor the operation of Redis using the official Redis Sentinel tool. In addition, some considerations for sentinel use are discussed. 1. Redis

Redis Snapshot file Dump.rdb parsing tool--redis-rdb-tools

Parse Redis dump.rdb files, analyze memory and export data to JSONRdbtools is a parser for Redis's dump.rdb files. The parser generates events similar to the XML SAX parser, and is very efficient in memory wise.In addition, Rdbtools also provides utilities:Generate memory reports for data in all databases and keysConvert dump file to JSONCompare two dump files using the standard diff toolRdbtools is written in Python, although there are similar projec python redis-cli redis Management terminal

content, break Break except Exception asErr:Print(err) Sock.close ()defMakecmd (cmd): command= "*"Cmd=Cmd.split () command=Command+ Str(Len(CMD))+ '\ r \ n' forCinchCmd:command=Command+ ' $ ' + Str(Len(c))+ '\ r \ n' +C+ '\ r \ n' returnCommanddefHANDLERECV (recvdate): recvdate=Recvdate.decode ()ifRecvdate.startswith (' * '): Recvdate=recvdate[2:].strip ('\ r \ n') recvdate=Re.sub (' \$\d+\\R\\N ',"', recvdate)returnRecvdateif __name__ == ' __main__ ': Usage="

Redis Desktop Manager installation using the installation and graphical management tools of Redis

A Installation and startup of Redis (for example, Linux's Ubuntu version of the operating system) 1. Redis Download: $ wget 2. Unzip the file under the Redis folder: $ make3. Start Redis Service: $

Redis memory management code comment, redis memory management comment

Redis memory management code comment, redis memory management comment Zmalloc. h /* Zmalloc-total amount of allocated memory aware version of malloc () ** Copyright (c) 2009-2010, Salvatore Sanfilippo Zmalloc. c /* Zmalloc-total amount of allocated memory aware version of malloc () ** Copyright (c) 2009-2010, Salva

Redis Memory Analysis Tool-redis-rdb-tools

Redis-rdb-tools is a tool written by Python for analyzing Redis's rdb snapshot files, which can generate a JSON file from an RDB snapshot file or generate a report to analyze the usage details of Redis and compare two dump files using the standard diff tool. In short, it is a more practical

Redis data import tool optimization process summary, redis Data Import

Redis data import tool optimization process summary, redis Data ImportBackground of optimization of Redis data import tool Developed a Redis data import tool using C ++Import all table

Introduction to Redis and Web management interface

? Seesion can all be transferred to 2th Tomcat,redis, when deploying the Tomcat cluster, you have to refer to Redis about seesion sharing----------------------Project: This is the configuration of the Redis cache Tomcat, in the Tomcat/conf/context.xmlHost= "" #这是redis服务器的ip地址Port= "6379" #这里是

Redis-sentinel (Redis cluster monitoring management)

Implementations of Redis's highly available scenarios: master-Slave switching and virtual IP or clientStarting with Redis 2.8 to join the Sentinel mechanism to enable server-side master-slave switchover, but no virtual IP or client switching scheme has been realizedRedis-sentinel is an officially recommended high availability (HA) solution for RedisWhen using Redis for master-slave high-availability scenari

Redis Research (14)-management tools

工欲善其事, its prerequisite. When using Redis, if you can effectively utilize the various management tools of Redis, it will be much easier to develop and manage.First, REDIS-CLII believe you are already familiar with REDIS-CLI, as the command line client with

Redis: Desktop management Tools Redis-desktop-manager usage Guide

Directory (?) [+] Summary: A useful Redis desktop management tool, Support Command console operation, as well as common, query key,rename,delete and other operations. To download the software, please click on the link below, go to the download page and select the corresponding version: Https:// redisdesktop Desktop

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