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How to install Redmine on centos-install Redmine on CentOS

Redmine depends on several packages. Mysql-current 5.7.17 ruby-current 2.8.18 Redmine-3.3.2 1. How to install and setup MySQL if MySQL exist, remove and upgrade it. Rpm-qa | grep MySQL rpm-e create MySQL group and user groupadd MySQL useradd-r-g MySQL mysql (R bec Ause MySQL is a system user, not a login user install MySQL wget

Centos6.5 redmine installation configuration, centos6.5redmine

. Rvm install 1.9.3 [root@usvr-126 ~]# ruby -vruby 1.9.3p551 (2014-11-13 revision 48407) [x86_64-linux]6. Install rubygems Yum-y install rubygems 7. install apache support for redmine, which can be accessed through apache Gem install passengerPassenger-install-apache2-module After the command is executed, follow the prompts to configure http: vim /etc/httpd/conf.d/passenger.conf LoadModule passenger_m

Install redmine on centos6

Author: JinData: 20140827System: centos release 6.5 (final) Refer:Http:// I. Preparations1. Update the systemYum updateReboot 2. Install the dependencies packagesYum-y install Vim zip unzip libyaml-devel zlib-devel curl-devel OpenSSL-devel httpd-devel Apr-util-devel mysql-devel

Upgrade Redmine 2.4 to Redmine 3.2:import database

After install Redmine 3.2, your may import the data from old version redmine to Redmine 3.2.1) Create A new clean database sudo mysql-u root-pdrop database redmine CREATE DATABASE redmine character SET UTF8; CREATE user ' redmine

Redmine installation details, redmine details

Redmine installation details, redmine details 1. Linux: centos6.4 (32-bit)2. Gcc compiling environment. Use the make command to edit the file.Yum install gcc-c ++3. PCREPCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) is a Perl library, including a perl-Compatible Regular Expression Library. The http module of nginx uses pcre to parse regular expressions. Therefore, you need to install the pcre Library on linux.Y

One-click installation of Redmine in RHEL6.4

Bitnami Redmine Stack Select a folder [/opt/redmine-2.5.2-1]: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Create an Administrator Account Bitnami Redmine Stack admin user Creation Your real Name [User Name]: cl Email Address []: ??? @ Log on to the [user]: master Password:Confirm Password:-------------------

Set up the redmine environment, mail service configuration, and LDAP configuration in centos5

"%", it indicates that all machines are authorized, '123' indicates the Database Password flush privileges; If you find that remote access is still not available, it may be caused by the firewall. I am suffering from this problem for a long time. Run the following command: service iptables stop 6. Create a redmine Database This step is to prepare for the subsequent redmine Data Structure generation. cr

Install Redmine 10.04 and Apache2 in Ubuntu 2.0

Ubuntu 10.04 installs Redmine 2.0 and Apache2 with zero integration configuration. Note 1. Use Ruby 1.9 + Redmine 2.0. Some plug-ins may encounter problems during installation, for example: a. Scrum plug-in scrum-pm (redmine_sprints) [html] Error message: no such file to load -- dispatcher Exception class: LoadError Application root: /usr/share/redmine third-part

Building redmine-0.9.3

Redmine is really a good project management software, the company is now using the version is redmine-0.8.0, but some functions in this version can not be reflected, had to upgrade to the latest version of the redmine-0.9.3, online for a long time, finally, I found a real article. Below I will record it and share it with everybody:

Installing Redmine 2.5.2 under Windows is not a complete guide

environment and software that Redmine relies on.Can run Ruby operating system can run Redmine, according to the company, I found a server 2008 computer.Redmine's reliance on Ruby and Rails. For example, with:Redmine 2.5 version requires Rails with a version number 3.2 and above. Support for 1.8.7, 1.9.2, 1.9.3, 2.0.0, 2.1, and other versions of Ruby. Later I cho

Full text guide for redmine Installation

ArticleDirectory Installation preparation Installation and configuration I chose redmine because the Organization needed a set of project management software, mainly focusing on its open source, rich plug-ins, and Chinese support. I have not had much contact with ror and MySQL before. I have referenced a large number of articles on the Internet and encountered many twists and turns during

Build redmine project management software under Centos5.5

Redmine is a web-based project management software developed using Ruby. It organizes members, tasks (problems), documents, discussions, and various forms of resources in the form of projects, you are involved in updating tasks, documents, and other content to promote the progress of the project. At the same time, the system uses the time clue (Timeline) and various dynamic reports (Repor ). REdMine is a we

Installing the agile plug-in for redmine (redmine burndown chart plugin for Agile Development)

N install redmine Install redmine on Linux platform (centos) CD to redmine root directory N install redmine plugins Http:// Follow the process above, and install the following plugins: Http:// Http://

Redmine installation Configuration

Redmine installation ConfigurationReference page**** Http://* {{: Good: Operations Center: System Group:

Bitnami redmine Integrated SVN version control

configure mail support? [y/n]: Y----------------------------------------------------------------------------Configure SMTP settingsThis was required so your application can send notifications via email.Default Email provider:[1] GMail[2] CustomPlease select an option [1]: 2----------------------------------------------------------------------------Configure SMTP settingsThis data was stored in the application configuration files and could be visible

Redmine email notification configuration tutorial, redmine email notification

Redmine email notification configuration tutorial, redmine email notificationServer-side configuration email notification Delivery method has four main methods: Smtp Sendmail (used in this example) Async_smtp Async_sendmail My project uses the sendmail configuration method, that is, the server uses the sendmail service to send emails.Delivery_method: Modify the redmine

Install redmine 2.1.4 on centos

Centos install redmine 2.1.4 Redmine 2.1.4 Group_id = 1850 Ruby 1.8.7-p371 1.8.24 software environment 01 # install OpenSSL support environment 02yum install openssl openssl-dev03 04 # install Ruby05tar zxf ruby-1.8.7-p371.tar.gz06cd ruby

linux-centos6.5 One-click Installation Redmine

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- installation folder Please select a folder to install Bitnami Redmine stack Select a folder [/opt/redmine-3.3.0-0]: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Create an Administrator account Bitnami Redmine Stack Admin user created your

Integration with redmine and integration with redmine

Integration with redmine and integration with redmine Redmine version 2.3.01. Open the rest web service2. jar dependency 3. Code Public class test {public static void main (String [] args) {// TODO Auto-generated method stub RedmineManager mgr = new RedmineManager ("http: // xxxxxx/redmine ", "kongxianghao", "12345678

Set up PostgreSQL-based Redmine in Ubuntu9.10

I checked the required components for installing Redmine and planned to build the database on PostgreSQL. At the same time, I also looked for some ldquo for installing Redmine in Ubuntu; experience on rd I checked the required components for installing Redmine and planned to build the database on PostgreSQL. At the same time, I also looked for some ldquo for inst

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