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Upgrade Redmine 2.4 to Redmine 3.2:import database

After install Redmine 3.2, your may import the data from old version redmine to Redmine 3.2.1) Create A new clean database sudo mysql-u root-pdrop database redmine CREATE DATABASE redmine character SET UTF8; CREATE user ' redmine

How to install Redmine on centos-install Redmine on CentOS

Redmine depends on several packages. Mysql-current 5.7.17 ruby-current 2.8.18 Redmine-3.3.2 1. How to install and setup MySQL if MySQL exist, remove and upgrade it. Rpm-qa | grep MySQL rpm-e create MySQL group and user groupadd MySQL useradd-r-g MySQL mysql (R bec Ause MySQL is a system user, not a login user install MySQL wget

Install redmine on centos6

Author: JinData: 20140827System: centos release 6.5 (final) Refer:Http:// I. Preparations1. Update the systemYum updateReboot 2. Install the dependencies packagesYum-y install Vim zip unzip libyaml-devel zlib-devel curl-devel OpenSSL

Local upgrade and remote migration upgrade of redmine

Recently, the Director gave me a task asking me to migrate the redmine version 1.2.1 to another server and upgrade it to the latest version 2.3.1 redmine. If you have this requirement, you can view the document online. I am reading the document at At that time, I thought it was about migration. I didn't

The way to integrate Redmine and SVN into Nginx in a Linux system _nginx

Redmine: is a web-based project management software developed in Ruby. is based on the ROR framework development of a Cross-platform project management system, is the project management system of the Up-and-coming, is said to originate from the Ror version of Basecamp, supporting a variety of databases, in addition to and Dotproject functions roughly equivalent, there are many of their own unique functions, such as providing wikis, News stations, time

Redmine installation details, redmine details

Redmine installation details, redmine details 1. Linux: centos6.4 (32-bit)2. Gcc compiling environment. Use the make command to edit the file.Yum install gcc-c ++3. PCREPCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) is a Perl library, including a perl-Compatible Regular Expression Library. The http module of nginx uses pcre to parse regular expressions. Therefore, you need to install the pcre Library on linux.Y

Set up the redmine environment, mail service configuration, and LDAP configuration in centos5

(2) Enter mysqld_safe -- user = MySQL -- skip-grant-tables -- skip-Networking to enter the MySQL security mode. (3) Enter mysql-u root MySQL (4) Enter update user SET Password = PASSWORD ('000000') where user = 'root'; // set the password to 123456 for the root user (5) Enter flush privileges; // make the change take effect immediately. Then quit. At this point, we can enter MySQL again to enter MySQL normally. 4. Enter the MySQL database Enter us

CentOS5.5 build Redmine + SVN and integrate it into nginx

CentOS5.5 build Redmine + SVN and integrate it into nginx Redmine: A web-based project management software developed using Ruby. It is a cross-platform project management system developed based on the ROR framework. It is a rising star in the project management system. It is said that it comes from the ror version of Basecamp and supports multiple databases, in addition to the functions of DotProject, there

Configuring Redmine under CentOS, as well as mail configuration and optimization

first, the installation of Redmine premise requirements 1. Installing the Redmine Ruby Environment version requires: Redmine version supported Ruby versions Rails version used 3.3, current trunk Ruby 1.9.3, 2.0.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 Rails 4.2 3.2, 3.1 Ruby 1.9.3, 2.0.0, 2.1, 2.2 Rails 4.2 2.

Install and configure redmine in centos

and modify the PATH environment variable. This method takes effect only after the system is restarted. It can be set: PATH =. :/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/usr/local/ruby/bin: /usr/local/mysql/bin 4. install some libraries required for redmine running with gem Gem install rails {Optional Gem update -- system Gem install rake rack Gem install i18n Gem install RedCloth Gem install fas

Installing the agile plug-in for redmine (redmine burndown chart plugin for Agile Development)

N install redmine Install redmine on Linux platform (centos) CD to redmine root directory N install redmine plugins Http:// Follow the process above, and install the following plugins: Http:// Http://

Redmine installation Configuration

Redmine installation ConfigurationReference page**** Http://* {{: Good: Operations Center: System Group:

Redmine (WINDOW7) installation

To get started with ruby-related files, Redmine is based on the Ruby on Rails development.1, download Railsinstaller, I download the version is Railsinstaller-2.2.1.exe, corresponding to the official website: Railsinstaller greatly simplifies the installation of rails. In addition to Windows, there is an installation package under the imac.2, the download Wamp, integrates the apache,mysql,php, the use is very convenient. T

Build redmine project management software under Centos5.5

: // ruby-1.8.7-p334.tar.gzCdRuby-1.8.7-p334Make-j3Make install 3. Install rubygems, which should be similar to perl's moDuThis is what I understand. Wget rubygems-1.5.1.tgzCd rubygems-1.5.1/RubySetUp. rb 4. install some libraries required for redmine running with gemGem install railsGem

Redmine email notification configuration tutorial, redmine email notification

Redmine email notification configuration tutorial, redmine email notificationServer-side configuration email notification Delivery method has four main methods: Smtp Sendmail (used in this example) Async_smtp Async_sendmail My project uses the sendmail configuration method, that is, the server uses the sendmail service to send emails.Delivery_method: Modify the redmine

Install redmine 2.5.2 in centos

installed Ruby version: # ruby-V Ruby 2.1.2p95 (Revision 45877) [x86_64-linux] 2. decompress and install rubygems # Cd ~ /Tools # Tar zxvf rubygems-2.4.1.tgz # Cd rubygems-2.4.1 # Ruby setup. Rb View the installed rubygems version: # gem-V Reference result: 2.4.1 3. InstallationRails Because of the domestic network (You know), the intermittent connection of resource files stored in Amazon S3 on fails. So update the gem Source: # Gem sour

Install redmine on Ubuntu 14.04

The company wants to install the Project Management System and adopt redmine. The new company will do this small task. There are also several problems in the middle. To build redmine, there are many dependent packages, so I suggest using apt. Let's get started. First, upgrade the source Apt-Get update Apt-Get upgrade Update

Integration with redmine and integration with redmine

Integration with redmine and integration with redmine Redmine version 2.3.01. Open the rest web service2. jar dependency 3. Code Public class test {public static void main (String [] args) {// TODO Auto-generated method stub RedmineManager mgr = new RedmineManager ("http: // xxxxxx/redmine ", "kongxianghao", "12345678

Ubuntu 14.04 Installation Redmine

Company to install the project management system, the use of Redmine, the new I came to do this small task, midway also has several problems, build Redmine, his dependency pack a lot, so I suggest to use apt outfit, the following start.First upgrade the sourceApt-get UpdateUpdate completePS: (if the diagram is convenient, you can choose to install the lamp kit, this means that MySQL and Apache here do not i

Deployment of Redmine and SVN server

that the virtual machine completely exposed to the outside network, there is no need for port mapping, but feel that this is not safe.Now you can input this machine to Kimimochi IP access, this is a bit bad, the router opened, the address has changed, can not change every time to tell the small friends? This can apply for a free dynamic domain name, if changed, to update the dynamic domain name of the point on the line. If the TeamViewer with the use

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