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PostgreSQL Advantage, MySQL database itself is not very rich, trigger and stored process support is weak, Greenplum, AWS Redshift, etc. are based on PostgreSQL developed

interrelated SQL and so on. MySQL is more suitable for simple OLTP applications with business logic. For PostgreSQL, regardless of the business logic is simple or complex, OLTP or OLAP load, PostgreSQL can support, also have a very mature products, many well-known OLAP database products such as Greenplum, AWS Redshift, etc. are the base Developed in PostgreSQL. The query optimizer for PostgreSQL is very powerful, and for the three Table association m

AWS pushes the data warehouse service Redshift price only for TeradataIBMOracle

[CSDN report] Some time ago, an article was published on Gigaom: whatunbelievablenewservicesdoesAmazonhaveontap? Now we know at least one of them, Amazon's incredible new service, Redshift data warehouse service, points to Oracle, IBM, and Teradata. [CSDN report] Some time ago, an article on Gigaom was published: what unbelievable new services does Amazon have on tap? Now we know at least one of them, Amazon's incredible new service,

The constraint strategy of redshift

Official Document: Http:// does not provide uniqueness, primary foreign key constraints, but provides non-null constraintsIf the effect of a constraint needs to be used before the table is built, you need to ensure the legitimacy of the data itself.See also the CREATE syntax

Amazon Redshift Analytics Database features--essential or column storage

Tags: and redshift BSP Select HTTPS based solution Add tarAmazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data Warehouse that enables you to cost-effectively and easily analyze all your data with existing business intelligence tools. From a minimum of 0.25 USD per hour (without any obligation) up to $ (PB) per terabyte/TB/year, the cost is less than one-tenth of the traditional solution. Customers

SQL Universal optimization Scheme (where optimization, index optimization, paging optimization, transaction optimization, temporal table optimization)

SQL General optimization scheme:1. Using parameterized queries: Prevent SQL injection and precompile SQL commands for increased efficiency2. Remove unnecessary queries and search fields: In fact, in the actual application of the project, many of the query conditions are optional, can be avoided from the source of redundant functions as far as possible, this is the most simple and rough solution.3. Select the most efficient table name order: The databa

MySQL performance optimization----SQL statement optimization, index optimization, database structure optimization, System configuration optimization, server hardware optimization

Label: first, SQL statement optimization 1-1.mysql Slow Log 1). Slow log on mode and storage formatHow do I find the problematic SQL? Use MySQL slow logs to monitor efficiency issues with SQL Pre-preparation Mysql> Show variables like '%log_queri% '; +-------------------------------+-------+ | Variable_name | Value | +-------------------------------+-------+ | log_queries_not_using_indexes | OFF | +-------------------------------+---

Optimization 1-layout optimization, optimization 1-Layout Optimization

Optimization 1-layout optimization, optimization 1-Layout Optimization 1. Reduce the nested layout. You can delete useless controls at a level. If ViewGroup is selected, for example, RelativeLayout, if LinearLayout can be used in the layout, select the LineaLayout layout as much as possible. If FrameLayout can be used,

Web page performance optimization, cache optimization, load-time optimization, animation optimization

Tag: Range equals range browser jpeg padding splay Lin callCache optimizationPerformance optimization The first step is to manage the cache of the page and avoid repeatedly downloading resources. Otherwise, increase the server pressure, and torture the user's wallet.Browser caching mechanism Access the page, request various resources, and the browser checks to see if there is a cache locally. If so, check if the resource is out of date. W

Frontend Performance Optimization-mobile browser optimization policy and frontend Performance Optimization

Frontend Performance Optimization-mobile browser optimization policy and frontend Performance Optimization Summary: Front-end performance optimization is a very broad concept. The previous sections of this book also mention more or less some front-end optimization methods,

SQL optimization--Logical optimization--Non-SPJ optimization

1)group by group conversion (MySQL not supported ) ① group Operation Move Down GROUPBY operations may significantly reduce the number of relationship tuples, and if a relationship can be grouped before a connection between tables, it is likely to increase the efficiency of the connection. This optimization is done in advance of the grouping operation. The meaning of the move Down is that in the query tree, the grouping operatio

Turn cocos2d-x optimization (Texture rendering optimization, resource caching, memory optimization)

The overview includes the following 5 optimizations: Engine bottom-level optimization, texture optimization, rendering optimization, resource caching, and memory Optimization engine Optimization version 2.0 are optimized for the algorithm and more efficient than the 1.0 vers

Cocos2d-x optimization (texture rendering optimization, resource cache, memory optimization)

The following five optimizations are provided: Engine underlying optimization, texture optimization, rendering optimization, resource cache, and Memory Optimization engine optimization. Version 2.0 is later than version 1.0 inAlgorithmAnd higher efficiency. Version 2.0 uses

"mysql optimization topic" Optimization of the road advanced stage-table design and optimization (6)

Text: Table design and optimization (true technical text)Optimize ①: Create normalized tables to eliminate data redundancyDatabase paradigm is a database design method that ensures reasonable database structure, satisfies all kinds of query needs and avoids abnormal database operation. To meet the formal requirements of the table, called the normalization table, the paradigm was generated in the early 1970s, the general table design to meet the first

Small ant learns MySQL performance optimization (4)--sql and index optimization--specific optimization methods

Optimization of Max ()For example: Explain select Max (' Payment_date ') from payment; The number of rows that can be viewed to row is very much, which means that the entire table is scanned.Add an index to payment_date.CREATE INDEX Idx_payment on payment (' payment_date ');Execute SQL statement explain select MAX (' Payment_date ') from payment order by Payment_date; You can see that rows is null.Extra:select tables optinized away;Does not scan the e

MySQL Optimization-InnoDB Optimization-mysql Optimization-innodb

MySQL Optimization-InnoDB Optimization-mysql Optimization-innodb Learning Plans are easily interrupted, and persistence is not easy. We have recently held a meeting in the company. To adjust the business direction, we suggest learning NodeJS. I would have done a little before NodeJS, but I have not studied it in depth. The syntax of Node is basically the same as

Database optimization & amp; lt; 2 & amp; gt; SELECT optimization for SQL optimization-_ MySQL

Database optimization-SELECT optimization for SQL optimization-mysql internal optimization policy Database Bottlenecks often occur in query statements. when such problems occur, the general step is to check whether the correct index is used, You can use the explain SQL statement to check the corresponding fi

GG optimization-effective Page Optimization factors and invalid page optimization factors

NumberAnnotation of factor effective optimization factors1KeywordsKeywords in the URL first best, second, and so on, Chinese also useful2Keywords in the domain name3Title tags in the keyword not too long, 10-30 words within the best, do not use special characters, excessive optimization has penalties4Description tags in the same keyword not too long, within 100 words, over the

MySQL optimization-database optimization, SQL optimization

optimization scheme ( Viii. explain viewing index usage in SQLSince the index is important, but there is no index in the SQL execution process, this can be viewed using explain, using the method: Explain SELECT * FROM table_name; is to add explain before the SELECT statement.My local test explain SELECT * from w1000 where id = ' 0000c51e-0ede-4dc2-871a-78c1eebd0041 '; We can see tha

Performance Optimization: Layout Optimization and Performance Optimization Layout

(Reprinted) Layout Optimization for performance optimization and Performance Optimization Source: This article is the second article of Android Performance Optimization-layout optimization, which mainly introducesUse abstract

Live streaming weak network optimization strategy | live streaming SDK performance optimization practices, sdk Performance Optimization

Live streaming weak network optimization strategy | live streaming SDK performance optimization practices, sdk Performance OptimizationScenarios of weak Network Optimization After more than a year of rapid development, the online live broadcasting industry has developed a variety of methods. The earliest webcast was when the anchor sat in front of the PC and inst

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