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Using the friend chain platform "Grand" to enhance the network pulse

Friendship Link Platform believe that all the major webmaster know, regardless of the new station or old station have to friend chain exchange work, the author recently responsible for the company's website Friendship Exchange, before the hands also

Friend Alliance message push (i)

Recently the project intends to do push function, the last choice of Friends Alliance push, integration of the Friend League SDK, very convenient.The first step:First login to Friends union official website, the Registered Friend Alliance

Android Imitation micro-trust friend punctuate Zane Comment pop-up feature _android

Contribution/download Source: Https:// This article simply imitates the micro-letter friend Circle Point Zane Comment Pop-up box, the layout and so on details please ignore, emphatically realizes the pop-up box,

Based on JS how to achieve similar QQ friend Avatar hover when displaying the effect of information card (recommended) _javascript skills

First, the application scene The mouse hover pop-up div, and the mouse can not hide immediately after leaving, because this div also has the function entrance. Like what: When the mouse passes the friend avatar in the buddy list, the effect of

How to locate personal webmaster website

In this era of the internet there are more and more people want to invest in the network of Gold Rush, do the site is no doubt a lot of personal webmaster preferred. But today's era, success is not easy, if the site does not have a good positioning,

One person's website development

: This article mainly introduces a person's website development. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, you can refer to it. Preface: Some time ago, a friend was preparing to do education-related things. people in Shenzhen and big cities always

Friend Chain Exchange neglected metrics

Outside the chain in the webmaster industry in the name of the emperor, its importance to the construction of the Web site do not need to say more leaflets, stationmaster are very clear. And for the chain construction of many channels, the most

Google's PR value is more and more worthless when you change the friend chain can be directly ignored

We know that some time ago Google updated the site's PR value, I have several sites have benefited. Even the latest two months of the new station has soared to the PR3, I was really feeling ah. Think about three years ago, mixed to PR1 are very

Professional website How to judge the quality of the competitor's website?

Professional Website ConstructionAs a marketing site construction company's SEO staff, we do the most is the optimization of the site, that before we take over each project we are to their industry is not aware of the level of competition, then we

To the road in the brush machine to go rough friend-brush machine failure Solution

Brush machine has a certain risk, improper brush machine method may bring a lot of unnecessary trouble, such as failure to boot, boot, function failure and other consequences. So we should carefully brush the machine, try to avoid unscientific

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