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The Reflection Performance optimization of C # 3

Read Catalogue Begin Disadvantages of using delegate to optimize reflection Advantages of using delegate to optimize reflection Advantages of using CodeDom to optimize reflection How to use the CodeDom well?

Faster efficiency-The simplest code generator implementation

faster Efficiency-The simplest code generator implementation Why you need a code generator. When the work needs to copy and paste frequently to write the program, the better choice may be to write a code generator to generate the basic content,

Summary of optimization of reflection performance (II)

In the first two blogs, I introduced two methods to optimize reflection:1. Delegate: Delegate.2. CodeDOM: dynamic code generation.This is two completely different methods, and the performance gap is also large.Today's blog will focus on comparing

The dynamics of Java programming, part 3rd: Application Reflection--Reprint

In last month's article, I introduced the Java Reflection API and briefly described some of its basic features. I also examined the performance of reflection and gave some guidelines at the end of the article to tell the reader when to use

The dynamics of Java programming, part 8th: Replacing reflection with code generation--Reprint

Now that you've seen how to use the Javassist and BCEL frameworks for classworking (see a previous set of articles in this series), I'll show you an actual classworking application. This application replaces reflection with classes generated by the

The. NET programmers who have worked for five years talk about application reflection, dynamic compilation, and code generator.

I have been working for many years. the representatives of the net practical school, without too many empty theories, only talk about practical skills, and combine technologies, knowledge, and tools to make more changes to their own lives and

. Net Code Generator

From: tsingsunli's blog 1. Code Smith The most famous foreign businessCodeGeneratorHttp:// 2. mygeneratoe The most famous free code generator in ChinaHttp:// 3. Dynamic

Net Code Generator

1. Code Smith The most famous foreign businessCodeGeneratorHttp:// 2. mygeneratoe The most famous free code generator in

. Netorm Framework Design (using abstraction and Polymorphism to implement a non-reflection green ORM framework)

Recently, I have been busy with the basic library construction of new companies, and have accumulated some practical experience in system architecture, development framework, and quick development platform design and implementation. It is feasible

Introspection (reflection) in Python

This article mainly introduces the introspection (reflection) in Python. This article explains how to access object attributes, access object metadata, and determine object types, for more information about the objects and related concepts, see an

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