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Opportunities for ICANN's new generic top-level domain

ICANN is pushing ahead with the new generic top-level domain name (gTLD) extension program, opening applications in the first quarter of 2010. ICANN will revise the application rules for the Internet's common top-level domain name by changing the rules of the newly-restricted new generic top-level

How to register a perfect quality domain name

through the International Domain Name Management Center ICANN certification, if this is not the case I suggest you or circumvent these domain registrars, Otherwise for a long time these domain name registrars have run away, how do you renew the domain name? and how to turn

How to register in a foreign domain?

website inquiry domain name, after I found has many people to leave a message or sends the mail to consult, today, I will introduce how uses the Foreign service to register the domain name. First, the premise condition To apply to a credit card, to be able to pay in dollars, recommend the use of China Merchants Bank credit card, support the international payment

Register the domain name at any time in front of others

First, how to query after the expiration of the domain name kicked out Recommended Search URL: 1. you can find the domain name you want to kick out in the last few days. (Note: Convert to Beijing time.) For example, 7-21 off the domain name, is actually in Beijing time 7-22 of the 2 o'clock in the morning-4 delete,. org type of

ASP. net mvc uses a second-level domain name to register an area

= "Index", id = urlparameter. optional}, null, new string [] {"HB. controllers. website "} // default parameter );} The first routes. Add is to use a fixed second-level domain name to register a region, The second routes. Add uses {area} as the second-level domain name. At last, routes. maproute is the default routing method. If the region is not

How to register for free using a virtual host and a two-level domain name building station

level domain name that you will register (seemingly this step is useless, just register the virtual host to fill in, behind also register binding two domain name) Fill in the description, carry out security verification, then click the Order button Host Account registra

How to use Microsoft Live Custom domains, register your own domain name Email _ website Application

I knew Ms Windows live had a custom domains service, specifically: If you have a domain name, Microsoft can provide free e-mail hosting services for your domain The day before yesterday, I accidentally wanted to apply for a domain name has been idle, so I would like to register a try, smooth finish, specia

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