registry aggregator

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LinkedIn Kafka paper

Document directory 1. Introduction 2. Related Work 3. Kafka architecture and design principles Kafka refer Http:// Http:// Http:

Spring Cloud Netflix overview and architecture design

Pring Cloud is a full-service framework for implementing microservices based on spring boot. He provides components such as configuration management, service discovery, circuit breakers, intelligent routing, micro-proxies, control buses, global

Let COM use. NET assembly

In addition to providing back-compatible,. NET Framework also supports forward compatibility, which is meant to be exposed. NET assembly is possible for COM utilization. Now let's see how we can get COM to leverage. NET assembly. Calling. NET

Eclipse rap deploy-for eclipse 3.5 + Tomcat

I checked on the Internet for a long time about the deployment of rap and got the same answer: Use the RAP provided by eclipse. demo. the feature plug-in is automatically generated, but an error always occurs after half a day: "An entry point named '

Prism 5.0 source code reading design mode

A large number of design patterns are used for applications built by prism or Prism. This article briefly lists the design patterns related to prism. Adapter mode: the prism library applies the adapter mode in region and IOC container.

A brief introduction to RSS processing in Python _python

RSS is an abbreviation that can be represented by a variety of extensions: "RDF Site Summary (RDF sites Summary)", "Really Simple Syndication (really simplicity Syndication)", "Rich Site Summary", It may also be expressed in other extensions. Behind

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