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What is the relationship between software management and software development documents? From CSDN)

relationship between documents and the software development process is similar to the relationship between management and technology in projects: In the past, some people have argued about the more important management and technology issues. In my opinion, too much attention to technology will lead to excessive human factors in the development process and the lo

What is software quality? The relationship between it and software reliability is described.

In a nutshell, software quality is "the degree to which software is consistent with the need for explicit and implicit definitions." Specifically, software quality is the degree to which the software complies with clearly described functional and performance requirements, the development standards clearly described in

Release a customer relationship management software and financial management system software!

CRM Customer Relationship Management system function introduction in: Softid = 31889Financial management system software functions in: Softid = 31890 Log on to the customer relationship management system at If the username is "admin" and the password is

The relationship between the selection of life cycle model and software quality of software development

The software development lifecycle refers to the entire period of time when a software product begins to consider its concept and the delivery of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. Generally include: concept phase, requirements phase, design phase, implementation phase, test phase, installation phase, and delivery phase. These stages can overlap and can be iterative at execut

Software viewpoint-relationship between business and technology from the horizontal and vertical fields

At present, most management software companies in China have several categories, some pull orders by relationship, one by one, technology is not important to them, and relationship is always the first. Some companies focus on user needs and thoroughly understand user services. These companies are very concerned about their businesses, that is, they are ranked fir

Relationship between UML diagram and software development process

documents, it can be based on the actual situation, actual needs, flexibility, and appropriate UML diagrams. To sum up, for the relationship between the macro soft work document and the UML diagram, it is necessary for us to understand the functions and objectives of the document and the corresponding document of the UML diagram before we draw a picture, there is also a relationship with the

3rd relationship between software testing and quality assurance

processes in the process, and the target is software products (including phased products). That is, testing is the test of software products, it is a technical task. Testing is often considered the most important means of quality control. However, over time, the boundaries between software quality assurance and software

Relationship between software humanized design and technical content

To better elaborate the relationship between software humanized design and technical content, I personally think that we should start from the purpose of developing software. The software we refer to here should be commercial software for the majority of users, the developme

Relationship between architecture design and software design

Relationship between architecture design and software design 1. Architecture Design: Architecture Design is a series of Abstract Software Architecture models that guide large-scale software system design.The software architecture can also break down the system into correspo

[8024] relationship between product management and software development

This article is excerpted from Revelation: Building users' favorite products.A book and author's blogAnd published in programmer magazine 11Year 05By Marty CaganHe is a product management expert with world reputation. He once served as vice president of Wangjing and eBay.Senior Vice President of product management and design. TranslatedShiyin tribeThe original article is too long. I will repeat it several times. This time I will pick a topic that many developers will be interested in-the

[Note] 4. Relationship between software scale and development

Preface:Anyone who knows about engineering projects in other fields other than the software field, such as chemical engineering and ships, should know that the scale of the project is expanded, and other corresponding labor costs and process computing are involved, the engineering cycle is not linear. More often, you will find that sometimes the scientific theoretical systems applicable to small projects and big projects are different. Judging from

The relationship between 64-bit and 32-bit in operating system and application software

it turns out). The details are divided into the following categories: 1.64-bit (traditional mode/IA32 mode) is not activated. That is, no 64 operating systems are installed for the machine, and only 32-bit operating systems are used. The CPU will only work in pure 32-bit mode, and the hardware and instructions mentioned in the second section are blocked off. (These are the 32-bit mode and the 16-bit program-compliant instructions, which are not detailed here.) ) 1.1. Real mode 1.2. Virtual

The relationship between a non-operating system and hardware, driver, and application software with an operating system

1. The relationship between hardware, driver and application software without operating systemIn the absence of an operating system, the device-driven interface is delivered directly to the application software engineer, and the application does not span any levelThe device-driven interface is accessed directly.2. When there is an operating system, the

Three elements that affect quality: technology, process, organization. What is the relationship between them? How did they affect the quality of the software?

ProcessFrom planning to the implementation of the strategy, the process is guided by this way of thinking the software development, and the process from the successful experience, can guide the project less detours, thereby improving the quality of software, not only that, the process also on the project cost and schedule control has a great helpTechnologyIncluding the analysis technology, design technology

Simple Relationship between software engineering, UML, and design patterns

I learned software engineering some time ago. The software engineering is divided into two major modules. Process-oriented Object-oriented Management Process The next step is UML learning. This is a further supplement to software engineering and a design for some class diagrams and deployment diagrams in the design. Then I learned the design mode

The relationship between Linux device driver and the whole hardware and software system

In addition to network devices, character devices and block devices are mapped to file system files and directories through the file system's APIOpen (), close, write (), read (), and other accessible character devices and block devices.A block device is more complex than a character device, where a disk/flash file system, such as Ext3, is first created, and these filesThe system defines the organization of files and directories on the storage media.The application can use the Linux system call

Relationship between router hardware and operating system software

The router system is a combination of hardware and software. The hardware can be an ARM kernel, MIPS kernel, PPC, or Intel CPU. This core part is equivalent to the CPU of the PC we use. A pc generally only needs one Nic, but the router needs multiple NICs. Currently, most PC NICs are connected to the CPU bus through the PCI bus, and all data exchange needs to be processed by the CPU. However, in the design of vro, NICs are generally directly connected

[Program life] talking about the relationship between the transformation of ideology and programmers -- Thoughts on using the latest software

Some time ago, I decided to switch my computer system from the old XP to Windows 7, so some of the daily software installed on Windows 7 was the latest, such as vs2010, sql2008, and office2010, during this period of time, I found a problem that has been ignored by myself: Sometimes it's not enough for old things. Maybe new things can be better done, which can help you greatly improve your work efficiency, but won't try it! The reason for

Relationship between software and certificates

I encountered a certificate issue today. Symptom: A software used by the Customs Department must be connected to the Internet. However, the problem is that only the administrator can log on to the software. If another user with the administrator privilege is used, the software cannot be used either. the error message "cannot connect to the server" is displaye

The relationship between software and philosophy and literature

Many people engaged in software design love literature, and I am one of them.In fact, you will find thatCodeHow similar the architecture software is to the novels with texts.It is not accidental that the book design patterns begins with an example of Shakespeare's dramatic model.In essence, the design model comes from the dual conception of architecture and novels. Now, I have uploaded a philosophy.Article

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